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Speed control 'is not the answer' MOTORING: Drivers' group warns of dumbing down.

SATELLITE speed control will not make our roads safer, says leading drivers' group the Association of British Drivers.

It has condemned government moves to fit speed limiters to all cars in the UK as "unrealistic" and "simplistic."

The association believes that focusing solely on speeds is too simplistic and ignores the causes of most accidents.

Mark McArthur-Christie, the ABD's roads and traffic spokesman said: "Driver training and education, shown to be far more effective than even the most optimistic 'improvements' brought about by speed cameras, is ignored entirely, as are observation, anticipation, car control and hazard management.

"The factors involved in safe driving are far too complex to be reduced to the simplistic 'speed kills' formula."

"The key difference is between speeding and inappropriate speed. Speeding means exceeding a posted speed limit. Inappropriate speed means travelling too fast for the road conditions and is potentially lethal. However, current road safety policy is based almost entirely on the mistaken premise that exceeding posted speed limits causes accidents."

The ABD believes vehicle speed limiters will do little to improve accident rates and that cash should instead be spent on increasing driving' skill.

Mr McArthur-Christie said: "Sticking to a speed limit does not make a safe driver. A safe driver observes, anticipates, and plans - he or she doesn't just follow the car in front and stick to a posted limit. A speed limiter would do nothing for improving driver skill, it would simply dumb drivers down."
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Author:Smith, Stewart
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jan 14, 2000
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