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Speed Queen's SC80 is a durable laundry player.

Speed Queen's SC80 delivers the durability your long-term care laundry requires. However. the programmability of its MicroMaster2 Control also ensures you have the versatility to adapt your washing process to linen upgrades or changes in the future. The 80-lb capacity washer extractor's heavy-duty design is reflected in a durable, stainless steel cabinet as well as inner and outer tubs. That means they won't chip, corrode, pit, or crack with normal use. A Gamma A-frame provides a solid base to stand up to the rough demands of a busy long-term care facility's laundry. When combined with the MicroMaster2 control, the SC80 enables laundry operations to gain complete command of their processes--from water temperatures and rinses to variable speed extraction cycles. In fact, the system features 30 cycles with 11 steps per cycle. For more information, enter 63417 in the AdConnect box at

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Title Annotation:PRODUCT INSIGHT
Publication:Contemporary Long Term Care
Date:Apr 1, 2007
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