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Design of Switched Quantizers and Speech Coding Based on Quasi-Logarithmic Compandor. Vucic, Nikola J.; Peric, Zoran H.; Petkovic, Goran M. Report Dec 1, 2018 3125
FPGA based speech recognition using dynamic MFCC. Virgin, A. Joe; Nidhyananthan, S. Selva Report Jun 1, 2017 2726
Professional dictation and transcription solution for Mac introduced by Philips. Brief article Jun 25, 2012 207
New technology for teaching voice science and pedagogy: the Madde Synthesizer (Svante Granqvist). Bozeman, Kenneth Mar 1, 2012 1613
TTS system for Devanagari script using Concatenative synthesis with (Marathi script-spoken in M. S., India). Bormane, D.S.; Shirbahadurkar, S.D. Report Jan 1, 2010 3464
One system, many languages: make sure complexity and costs don't stop projects. Shaked, Nava Sep 1, 2009 794
High-tech solutions for low vision. Cohen, Joyce Render; Katz, Evelyn Render Jun 22, 2009 584
Freedom in the field: speech is finding a home far outside the call center. Boretz, Adam Cover story May 1, 2009 3197
Speech Technology presents: customized self-service applications. Fugate, La Shawn Brief article May 1, 2009 194
A thing of beauty: spas and salons benefit from an IVR to confirm appointments. Boretz, Adam May 1, 2009 1147
Speech platform architecture: don't undersell the foundation of your reputation. Brown, Kevin Mar 1, 2009 645
I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that: Natural Language 2009: a speech odyssey. Boretz, Adam Cover story Mar 1, 2009 3177
IVR on the air at Dubai Airport: traffic volume mandates an automated system for flight information. Barkin, Eric Mar 1, 2009 1218
Speech analytics delivers the insight: the benefits reaped can be found across industries. Lawrence, Stephen Mar 1, 2009 624
Naturally, it's about customer experiences. Myron, David Editorial Mar 1, 2009 465
New tool assesses speech development. Feb 1, 2009 595
The creepiness factor: too much personalization in your IVR can lead to trouble. Yudkowsky, Moshe Oct 1, 2008 859
Are we there yet? The state of user experience in the speech community. Hura, Susan Apr 1, 2008 766
Blend art with science. Myron, David Editorial Apr 1, 2007 461
The art and science of war: U.S. forces in Iraq are stepping up field testing of speech translation devices. Klie, Leonard Cover story Apr 1, 2007 3125
Opus CAT scan gives good prognosis for self-service. Staton, Stephanie Mar 1, 2007 778
Integratable voice recognition. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 120
WinScribe launches enhancement product for its digital dictation offering. Brief Article Feb 12, 2004 125
Speak of the devil: is Osama bin Laden alive? Let's go to the tape. (Annotation). Koerner, Brendan I. Apr 1, 2003 982
Ground combat made easier. (Tech Talk). Foster, Sharon Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 139
Datamonitor issues predictions for voice recognition market. Brief Article Jul 12, 2002 107
Speech recognition to sort Holocaust tapes. (AI in the news). Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 106
Service delivery for postsecondary students with disabilities: a survey of assistive technology use across disabilities. Ofiesh, Nicole S.; Rice, Craig J.; Long, Ellen M.; Merchant, Deborah C.; Gajar, Anna H. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2002 5587
The Song of the Turtle. (Tech Forum). Castelluccio, Michael Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 959
Programs That Talk and Listen. (Tools of the Trade). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 131
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 6. (Tools of the Trade). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 287
PerSay's Orpheus 2.0 Speaker Verification Platform. (Tolls of the Trade). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 187
Toward conversational human-computer interaction. Allen, James F.; Byron, Donna K.; Dzikovska, Myroslava; Ferguson, George; Galescu, Lucian; Stent, Am Dec 22, 2001 6925
Avaya Leverages Boulder To Move Speech Rec Tech Mountain. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 124
The AIPS-98 Planning Competition. Long, Derek; Kautz, Henry; Selman, Bart; Bonet, Blai; Geffner, Hector; Koehler, Jana; Brenner, Micha Jun 22, 2000 14817
Integrated Technologies FOR Indexing Spoken Language. KUBALA, FRANCIS; COLBATH, SEAN; LIU, DABEN; SRIVASTAVA, AMIT; MAKHOUL, JOHN Feb 1, 2000 4493
Transcribing Broadcast News FOR Audio AND Video Indexing. Gauvain, Jean-Luc; Lamel, Lori; Adda, Gilles Feb 1, 2000 3774
JAPANESE BROADCAST NEWS TRANSCRIPTION AND INFORMATION EXTRACTION. Furui, Sadaoki; Ohtsuki, Katsutoshi; Zhang, Zhi-Peng Feb 1, 2000 1361
Parallel RAMs with Owned Global Memory and Deterministic Context-Free Language Recognition. DYMOND, PATRICK W.; RUZZO, WALTER L. Jan 1, 2000 16146
The Persuasiveness of Synthetic Speech versus Human Speech. Stern, Steven E.; Mullennix, John W.; Dyson, Corrie-lynn; Wilson, Stephen J. Dec 1, 1999 4243
Body BONANZA. Brief Article Oct 4, 1999 438
Cochlear Implants May Restore Hearing. Brief Article Aug 1, 1999 351
Programming as a discipline? Ward, Nigel Column Dec 1, 1997 1031
Protecting your voice. O'Leary, Stephanie Sep 1, 1997 862
Speech facilities for the reading disabled: using simple text-to-speech output and alternative mechanisms to tackle mountains of text. Friedlander, Carl Product/Service Evaluation Mar 1, 1997 1143
Something to talk about. Markowitz, Judith Sep 1, 1996 3927
Who's taking your calls? The latest in voice processing. Mayer, Kathy Jun 1, 1995 804
Effect of synthetic voice intelligibility on speech comprehension. Paris, Carol R.; Gilson, Richard D.; Thomas, Margaret H.; Silver, N. Clayton Jun 1, 1995 2990
Using natural language conventions in the user interface design of automatic speech recognition systems. Brems, Douglas J.; Rabin, Michael D.; Waggett, Jill L. Jun 1, 1995 8492
Making automated speech recognition work. Cohen, Eric E.; Beshers, Cliff Feb 1, 1995 3035
You are what you speak. Arbetter, Lisa Column Aug 1, 1994 730
Have you talked to your computer today? Van Horn-Christopher, Doris A. Cover Story Jun 22, 1994 1439
Speech for export. Peterson, Ivars Oct 16, 1993 1957
Talking to the tube. Rosenberg, Jim Jun 13, 1992 1457
Speaking to an understanding SPHINX. Peterson, I. Jun 4, 1988 804

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