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Spectrometer Measures Bubble Size Distributions and Void Fractions.

Dynaflow, Inc. has enhanced the ABS Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer for the measurement of bubble size distributions and void fractions in gas/liquid mixtures. The unit can be used in a wide variety of applications wherever the information of the bubble population is needed, such as field, laboratory and industrial, in-vitro or in-vivo multi-phase flows in cavitation studies, oceanography, chemical and petroleum engineering, and biological media. The system's data acquisition and signal analysis algorithm performs measurements with significantly improved temporal (ms range) and frequency (sub kHz range) resolutions with improved accuracy. It is able to measure bubbles in non-traditional bubbly media such as biological tissue, mercury, food and fresh concrete. All improvements were subjected to rigorous testing and validation against optical measurements (high-speed photography and laser scattering) for a range of conditions and bubble sizes.

Dynaflow, Inc., 301-604-3688

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Title Annotation:Product News: SEPARATIONS & SPECTROSCOPY
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Apr 1, 2019
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