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Manufacturer: Mission Archery, 608-269-2728:

Model: MX8-400

Safety Features: Forearm flange, automatic trigger safety, dry fire block

Weight (crossbow only): 6,9 pounds (advertised); 6.75 pounds (as tested)

Draw Weight: 200 175, 150, 125 pounds

Power Stroke: 14 inches

Cam System: X-Cam

Riser: Machined aluminum. RS Tread

Limbs: Split, Gordon Composite

String & Cable: Zebra Hybrid

Grip: Pistol, molded composite, soft touch rubber panels

Finish: Lost Como AT, Black Tactical, Lost Came Pink AT, White Como

Forearm: Molded composite, soft touch rubber panels, safety flange

Overall Length: 34 inches

Advertised Speed: 480 fps

Suggested Retail Price: 81,199 (crossbow only in lost Camo AT), 81,899 (with ACUdraw 50)

Comments: Lightweight, easy to cock and fun to shoot

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Publication:Petersen's Bowhunting
Date:Oct 1, 2014
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