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Specialty publications shouldn't be overlooked.

There's no arguing that general-interest publications deliver large numbers of influential readers that are crucial to any marketing/sales program. But there's another group of media that offers unusual potential for publicity: highly focused, tightly controlled, special interest publications.

While not often considered prime objectives for letters, calls and press releases, these lesser-known media can nevertheless pay significant dividends in expanding and enhancing a project's impact - especially in competitive times like these, when developers and sponsors need that all-important competitive edge.

Special-interest publications are newspapers, magazines and newsletters focusing on a narrow readership with a common interest: business, hobby, avocation, etc. These publications usually (but not always) have much smaller circulations than the general-interest media. But, properly used, they can bring your message to a prime audience directly involved with your product or service.

We have had good luck pitching such publications on behalf of our clients.

In one case - for a developer of a suburban waterfront community that attracts boat owners because it is located adjacent to a major manna and yacht club - we successfully interested a magazine devoted to yachting and power boating into doing a story on waterfront living. In another - for a community in the midst of horse farms - we placed a story on the developer donating an easement to a local riding club in a publication devoted to horse-owning and training.

In both cases, our clients received a number of inquiries from each magazine's readers and were able to add some eminently qualified names to their prime prospect list. In addition, reprints of the articles made excellent mailing pieces.

The possibilities in using "niche" media are enormous because there seems to be a specialty publication covering every base. For example, if you're developing a resort community, there are publications just for vacationers who prefer an alternative to hotels. If you feature a golf course as a prime amenity, you can reach golfing enthusiasts through their own publication.

Obviously, niche publications can only supplement an overall publicity program. But these ubiquitous media are important elements in publicizing projects and should not be downplayed because of a relatively small readership.

(CAHN Communications is a Teaneck, NJ-based public relations firm specializing in real estate.)
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Date:Jul 16, 1997
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