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Specialized training of military parents.

If you have a child with special education or health needs, you know how important it is to stay informed. Luckily, military parents have a great resource available to help. The Specialized Training of Military Parents project is a parent training and information center funded by the Department of Education and dedicated to educating and training service members with children who have special education or health care needs.

The STOMP project assists military families by providing information, support and advice. It offers help in several ways:


* The project holds workshops and conferences at military locations around the world.

* The program is staffed by military parents who have raised children with special needs, and offers help on topics unique to military families with children with special needs.

* The project provides tips and assistance with everything from transferring your child's individualized education program due to a PCS to organizing your child's school records..

* Laws and services for children with special needs change from state to state, and some U.S. laws don't apply on installations overseas.

* Educators and service providers can use STOMP's services, but its main focus is helping military parents become better advocates for their children.

* The STOMP website has helpful links to laws and regulations that affect military families with children with special needs.


* You can connect to someone with first-hand knowledge of the challenges you may face, which can ease anxiety and help you realize you're not alone, on the STOMP site.

* The project provides advice or referrals for service members on an individual basis to help you handle issues specific to your child with special needs.

* The project's listserv helps military families connect worldwide and learn from each other.

* Parent education coordinators from STOMP can help you to start a local support group if one doesn't exist.

The training and communication skills you learn from STOMP can give you the confidence you need to advocate for your child within the military system and in the civilian community. Check out the STOMP website for more information.

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