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Specialized technical assistance to the project management of the sectoral plan Geological repositories (SGT).

Invitation to tender : The services to be provided concerning two areas of work.

Working 1 (Subject Matter Expert 1):

Project management support and participation in the Sectoral Plan for Deep Geological Repositories Stage 3 and in the preparation of the general license applications and optional on the assessment by the authorities.

Project management support and active cooperation regarding when drafting the Memorandum of Understanding. The siting by Nagra.

Project management support and active participation in the drafting of the report of the reasons for the choice of location as part of the application documents for the general license applications.

Project management support and active participation in the definition of requirements and control of the necessary project work in the field of radioactive materials (for model inventory), the field work, the geological interpretation and synthesis, system planning, security analysis (long-term, operational) and the multi-criteria decision making.

Multi-point active participation in the work mentioned above and in the synthesis of the carried out safety comparison.

Optional support of project management and active participation in the regulatory review of the submitted documents and to answer questions of the various stakeholders.

Working 2 (Subject Matter Expert 2):

Project management support and cooperation in the development of cost studies and their assessment by the authorities as well as in the processing of questions about costs for the deep geological repository.

Project management support and active participation in the review of the cost study in 2016 by the authorities and their experts. This is optional for the cost study 2021st

Assisting in the development of methods, taking on tasks for information and data management, for processing and editing of information and data, validation of the information and data as well as quality assurance and reporting in the context of further development of the process for cost study.

surveys and analysis of documents of Nagra and other organizations, for example, as part of a benchmarking exercise.

Project management support for project documentation, quality verification and work on general project support.

Support of experts 1 during processing of the work area. 1

Note: With the support of the project management of administrative activities or the creation of documentation is desired reciprocal representation in both sectors.

Depending on the content of tenders reserves the right Nagra to split the project in multiple providers. The providers therefore have the opportunity to submit a bid on a work area.

Division into lots: No

Validity of the offer: 6 months from the date stated for receipt of tenders

Tender documents are available from: 01.08.2016 to 03.11.2016

Desired deadline for written questions: 02/05/2


Address : Hardstrasse 73, Postfach 280, 5430 Wettingen, Suisse

Country :Switzerland

Tender notice number : 868139

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2016-03-14

Tender documents : T31398508.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jan 8, 2016
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