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Specialized items makeup the midyear ammunition update.

Specialized Items Makeup the Midyear Ammunition Update

There have been several late-breaking metallic loadings announced by the ammo manufacturers and we've included those for your information.

Just breaking onto the scene are Winchester's quintet of Italian-made 12-guage loads, which were announced at the 1991 SHOT Show. Not immediately available then, they are here now. In general, these serve specialty purposes. Included are: 1) a Ranger Spreader load, 2) an International Sporting Clays load; 3) a Super-Speed paper-cased target round, 4) the "Thunderer" International trap loads, and 5) a high-quality "Black Diamond" target and hunting cartridge.

I have been patterning and chronographing the lot, and dealers might find the Ranger Spreader load of interest. It has an X-shaped divider/wad in the shotcup to help effect a quick scattering of the pellets plus a healthy velocity near 1,300 fps. These will make a full choke do about improved cylinder patterns.

The International Sporting Loads are 1 1/8 ounce lead shot charges devised for the game of F.I.T.A.S.C., which permits such ammo. Gun clubs which have International-style Sporting Clays will want to know about this item.

The Thunderer is a gold-packaged load intended for International (Olympic) trapshooting. It has the new 28-gram (one-ounce) load of nickel-plated shot.

The Black Diamond is a fashionable cartridge with a high, nickel-plated head, black tube, and 1 1/4 ounces of nickel-plated pellets. It is an extremely high-quality round, packed ten to the box at a premium price. The Super Speed papers I have are also offered in 10-round packaging with 1 1/4 ounces of lead shot.

Except for the Spreader and the Black Diamond, the specialty nature of these products makes them mainly interesting to dealers who service gun clubs. However, hunters who want quality plus nickel-plated shot will love the Black Diamonds.

Also beginning to appear is Reming-ton's deluxe turkey loading, the 4x6 Duplex which combines the power of 4s with the density of 6s for target-finding knockdown patterns. The pellets are copper-plated and buffered for snug clusters. These are in 2 1/4-ounce 10-gauge and 2-ounce 12-gauge persuasions.

Another new turkey load concept comes from Fiocchi. The samples which recently reached me have 1 3/4 ounces of nickel-plated shot over a 4 1/2 dram equivalent powder charge. This should be a faster-than-usual turkey loading, and with the nickel-plated pellets holding tight patterns can be a hard hitter.

Fiocchi, by the way, is currently distributing its own 1-piece plastic shotshell wad for the Fiocchi plastic target hulls. This has an overpowder cup designed for good gas sealing in those cylindrical hulls, and data is printed on each bag of 500 wads. While these wads are being injection molded stateside, Fiocchi is bringing in bags of nickel-plated shot from Cervo (pronounced Chair-vo) of Italy for reloaders.

Fiocchi, which purchased Cervo in the fall of 1990, is importing the Cervo rifled 12-gauge slug in 1- and 1 1/4-ounce weights. These have only yesterday come into my den, and I have not had a chance to try them. But they are hollow-pointed slugs with their own attached base wad, and Fiocchi claims excellent accuracy plus surprisingly high velocities.

Word from ACTIV Industries, Inc., says the company is about to announce a new, premium-grade slug load this summer, but no detailed information was offered. We'll all have to wait and see about that one.

In the field of metallics, Remington is slowly bringing on its new line of "Extended Range" centerfire ammo, and Winchester is adding to the "Supreme" line. I recently tested the Winchester Supreme loads in 7mm Remington Magnum with 139-grain pointed soft points for excellent big-game accuracy through random rifles (normally 1 1/2-inch groups or slightly less.

For those who don't like noise when plinking, Winchester is offering a subsonic .22 rimfire made in Australia.

Federal has decided not to be left in the dust and has added the .40 S&W and 10mm in the American Eagle line. Billed as a practice/match round, they hold a 180-gr. high-antimony lead bullet leaving the barrel at 985 fps for the .40 and 1,030 fps for the 10mm. Federal has also decided to change the packaging in their entire line of American Eagle Ammunition and will make the centerfire rifle and pistol line match the shotshell and rimfire boxes with the familiar red, white and blue design.

Perhaps the most aggressive moves by any maker of metallics at this point is Speer, which has brought out the economy cased "Blazer" line in .45 (Long) Colt, .40 S&W, and versions of the 10mm Auto. Fresh over the transom are some 200-grain TMJ Blazers featuring a muzzle velocity of just 1,050 fps (5-inch test barrel). This is intended for competition and informal target practice.

Also beginning to appear from Speer, but in brass cases rather than Blazer (aluminum) hulls are commercial loadings for the .41 Action Express (The .50 Action Express, also soon to be available, is still in need of a pistol!). These are packaged in the Lawman vein, 25 rounds per plastic box.

The most unusual load of all is Eldorado Cartridge Company's special edition commemorative round celebrating William B. Ruger Sr.'s 75th birthday. The executives at Ruger planned the nickel-plated .30-06 rounds, headstamped "W B Ruger 30-06," for a surprise presentation to the founder. The presentation took place at the dinner preceding the dedication ceremony at the Cody Firearms Museum. The rounds will be sold twenty to the box in special packaging, and their sale will benefit various charities.

In general, then, the midyear arrivals have been specialized loads. That's not all bad, of course, as the world of sport shooting has also been becoming so specialized, and dealers will undoubtedly do better if they understand how to match the load to the game.

Ace Ammunition 401
Action Ammo 402
A-Square Co. 404
Black Hills Ammunition 405
Blount, Inc. SED 406
Bull-X Hardcast Bullets 407
C.P. Bullets 409
Cor-Bon Bullets 410
Federal Cartridge Co. 411
Fiocchi of America, Inc. 412
Jack First Dist. 413
Genco 414
Glaser Safety Slug, Inc. 415
Hornady Mfg. Co. 416
M&D Munitions 417
Old Western Scrounger 418
PMC/Eldorado Cartridge 419
Remington Arms Co. 420
3-D Ammuntion 421
Weber Ammunition 422
Winchester-Olin Corp. 423

PHOTO : Winchester-Olin has captured a wide selection of foreign-made ammunition for their line. They even have a sub-sonic .22 LR round from Australia.

PHOTO : Fiocchi has nickel-plated turkey loads (top) and Cervo rifled slug loads in both 1-and 1 1/4-ounce loadings.

PHOTO : Remington's E.R. line of ammunition, first shown at the 1990 Remington Seminar, has proven to be an able performer and a welcome addition to the line.

PHOTO : 40 S&W may prove to be the most successful new cartridge of the 90s. The 180-grain PHP clocks about 1,000 fps.

PHOTO : Federal's expansion of the American Eagle line now includes .40 Smith & Wesson and 10mm loadings. All of Federal's American Eagle ammo is packaged in the distinctive Eagle motif boxes.

PHOTO : Bill Ruger's empoyees commissioned the first product sold with the Ruger name not previously approved by William Batterman Ruger Sr. himself.

PHOTO : The .41 AE ammo will fill a void sorely needed by Action Express Shooters! The .41 AE is dwarfed by the .50 AE round at left.

PHOTO : Blazer ammo in 10mm loadings, the 180-grain PHP and 200-grain TMJ, have proved as popular as the 45 Colt 200-grain JHP on the right.
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