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Special workshops round out Congress of Cities program events.

In addition to the concurrent track workshops that will be conducted, a series of special workshops will be presented dealing with issues of specific interest to elected officials. A description of some of those workshops follows.

Labor Law Mandates

A representative of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) will discuss two federal labor law mandates: the new Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). During this session, municipal elected officials will have the opportunity to raise implementation and application concerns with respect to municipal employers, and offer comments for inclusion in the final rule development process. The FMLA became effective August 5. There will also be an opportunity to discuss critical regulation revisions with respect to the salary and duties test and actions DOL should take until the disputed rules are revised.

Performance Auditing: Good Government

and Good Politics

Local elected officials and public managers increasingly interact with government auditors in all phases of the policy and budget processes. Many cities, counties, and special districts now have in-house audit units that regularly produce "performance audits," audit reports that are quite different than traditional financial preaudits and postaudits. Performance auditing is part of the trend towards sophistication in local government management practices.

A performance audit may be defined as "an independent examination for the purpose of reporting on the extent to which a government agency is faithfully, efficiently, and effectively carrying out the programs for which it is responsible." This session will introduce local elected officials to the concept of performance auditing, explain how it differs from traditional financial audits, and explain how to develop a performance audit function.

Accepting the Challenge:

Rebirth of America's Downtowns

For the first time in 20 years, the National League of Cities has provided downtown revitalization technical assistance to its members through a 10-city pilot project. Last year's Congress of Cities provided workshop participants with four pilot city examples. This year's 90-minute workshop will examine the experiences of the five most recent cities who participated in the pilot project, how each rejuvenated their downtowns, lessons they learned and what each city is doing to further their efforts. Dolores Palma of HyettPalma, Inc., will moderate this workshop. The five cities that will be presented are Dania, Fla. (pop. 13,024), Monroe, N.C. (pop. 16,127), Augusta, Maine (pop. 21,325), Overland Park, Kans. (pop. 111,790), and Elko, Nev. (pop. 8,800).

Powerfilled Thinking:

A Check Up From The Neck Up

This session will explore how to build better constituency relations through human engineering. Emphasis will be placed on attitude building, body language, handling adversity, mirroring and matching, telephone rapport and more.

Technology to Reduce Public Safety

Costs and Enhance Public Protection

Billions of dollars are spent each year by cities and towns to keep citizens safe from crime and fire. While hiring more police and firefighters is often the demand, technology rather than new hires may be the better decision. Progressive cities are using innovative technologies and multi-jurisdiction approaches to ensure that public safety resources are allocated wisely while trimming or maintaining current budget levels in the police and fire departments. Learn how you can do the same from those who are at the forefront of public safety innovation.

Municipal Finance - Political Issues

and Financial Innovations

Ethics in public finance as a mutual responsibility and changes being imposed via self regulation and by the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board will be the subject of this workshop. It will demonstrate how cities can deal with these issues and best meet their financial objectives. How to encourage, decipher and reward the flow of ideas and structures that make sense while avoiding mistakes and disasters will be addressed. Finally, the panel will discuss tight budgets, potential revenue sources, proprietary products, making sense of derivatives and structuring issues to match changing investor appetites.

Downtown Revitalization Clinics

NLC will conduct the Downtown Revitalization Clinics again this year at the Congress of Cities. The clinics will be offered from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday, December 3 and 4. These clinics will help answer local government officials' questions regarding downtown revitalization - from parking and promotion/marketing issues to downtown organizations and the role of city hall in revitalization efforts. Conducted by consultants Doyle Hyett and Dolores Palma, of HyettPalma, Inc., the clinics will be by appointment only and on a first come first served basis. Sign-up may be done on-site at the convention center. Each individual session will be 20 minutes. Due to time constraints, each interested community (i.e., one or more individuals from the same community) should sign up for only one time slot, with all individuals attenting that time slot.
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