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Special topic forum on innovation in business Networks from a supply chain perspective.

The domain of supply chain management offers new opportunities for creating competitive advantages. Innovation that leverages the supply chain is a strategic opportunity. But to access these opportunities and to win in a competitive landscape that is increasingly complex, a new mindset is required for understanding the global supply logistics, and communication networks of a business. Business innovations are rarely achieved within a single organization; instead, they are often created through interactions with other business partners. Business innovations may also transcend single company functions to involve other functions both within the focal company and in other organizations that the focal company partners with. Innovations in business networks also seem to be more dependent on cross disciplinary approaches. With the network as the frame of analysis, we seek to address complexities in the efforts to foster supply chain innovations.

The special topic forum invites submissions which contribute to the understanding of innovation in business networks from a supply chain perspective, and which challenge the present understanding of innovation both theoretically and empirically. Whether conceptual or empirical, contributions must be well grounded in theory and must provide clear implications for practice. Conceptual papers should also develop models and propositions for future research. Consistent with JSCM's editorial policy, we encourage empirical studies that employ surveys, laboratory experiments, case studies, secondary data, and/or other data sources.

Supply chain related business innovations can, for example, be related to business processes, information communication technology and business network structures. Examples of suitable topics include, but are not limited to:

* Drivers and barriers of innovations in business networks

* Innovative forms of relationship management

* Logistics and supply chain innovation

* Supply chain network structures and innovation

* Business models conducive for innovations in business networks

* Inter-organizational business process development

* Impact of information and communication technology on business innovations

* Open collaborative innovation

* Managing innovations in business networks

* Classification of logistics and supply chain innovation

* Performance implications of innovations in business networks


Manuscripts must conform to JSCM style guidelines and submission requirements. Early submissions are welcome, and the review process will be initiated as papers are received. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically via the Journal's online submission platform ( Please note in the cover letter that the submission is for the Special Topic Forum on Innovations in Business Networks from a Supply Chain Perspective,

Questions can be addressed to any of the guest editors:

Jan Stentoft Arlbjorn (

Antony Paulraj (

Roger Calantone (

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Author:Arlbjern, Jan Stentoft; Paulraj, Antony; Calantone, Roger
Publication:Journal of Supply Chain Management
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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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