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Special needs student brings gun to school; Incident becomes teachable moment.

A special needs student recently brought a loaded gun to a middle school in Georgia but never planned to use it. "She did not have any malicious intent," said the principal of Dalton Middle School. "It becomes difficult when a student who has a different level of understanding does something like this. She just wanted to show her teacher something she had."

Shortly after discovering the gun, the special education teacher alerted the school resource officer (SRO). The student, who was said to have a good relationship with the teacher, showed off the gun in her book bag and said, "Lookey what I got."

The principal told the Dalton Daily Citizen that the teacher and the paraprofessional working in that classroom asked the student if they could have her book bag.

"From there the SRO took over and determined the gun was not chambered and there was no danger to anyone," the principal explained.

According to the police incident report, the magazine was loaded but there was no round chambered. No citations were issued or charges filed.

"We will certainly use this as a teaching moment to all our students that they have to be mindful of the policy regarding firearms," the principal said. "I can't think of our staff members being able to handle this situation any better. They did everything they needed to do in this kind of situation."

The gun was a semi-automatic handgun. A spokesperson with the Dalton Police Department said the student took the gun from the center console of her mother's car.

Source:, 8/19/15

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Date:Oct 1, 2015
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