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Special issues of periodicals.

CRITICAL ASIAN STUDIES v.36, no.2, June 2004: "Crafting Genders: Asian Women Making Decisions." Issue eds.: Hillary Crane & Kathy Nadeau. ISSN: 1467-2715 (print), 1472-6033 (online). Published by Routledge Journals, Taylor & Francis. For subscription and single-copy information, see Content also available online to licensed users through Ingenta.

Partial contents: "Aspiring to Craft Modern Gendered Selves," by Sarah Soh; "'Women Will Keep the Household,'" by Pilapa Esara; "Alienation and Labor Export in the Context of Globalization," by Ligaya Lindio-McGovern; "Choosing Between Life and Love," by Shansan Du; "Resisting Marriage and Renouncing Womanhood," by Hillary Crane; "'We Women Aren't Free to Die,'" by Chitra Sankaran & Chng Huang Hoon.

HIGHER EDUCATION QUARTERLY v.56, no.4, October 2002: "Special Issue on Women in Higher Education." Issue ed.: Rosalind Pritchard. ISSN: 0951-5224. Published by the Society for Research into Higher Education in conjunction with Blackwell Publishing. For subscription and single-issue purchases, see Contents also available online to licensed users through Blackwell-Synergy.

Partial contents: "The Opening of Higher Education to Women in Nineteenth Century England: 'Unexpected Revolution' or Inevitable Change?" by Deirdre Raftery; "Female Academics in a Knowledge Production Society," by Erica Halvorsen; "Women in Science, Engineering and Technology: A Review of the Issues," by Diane Bebbington; "Women, Academia and Identity: Constructions of Equal Opportunities in the 'New Managerialism'--A Case of 'Lipstick on the Gorilla'?" by Wendy Saunderson; "Academia as a Profession and the Hierarchy of the Sexes: Paths out of Research in German Universities," by Beate Krais; "Globalisation and the Restructuring of Higher Education for New Knowledge Economies: New Dangers or Old Habits Troubling Gender Equity Work in Universities?" by Jill Blackmore.

HISPANIC AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW v.81, nos.3-4, Aug.-Nov. 2001: "Gender and Sexuality in Latin America." Issue ed.: Gilbert M. Joseph. ISSN: 0018-2168. Contents available to licensed users through Academic Search Elite, Ingenta, JSTOR, ProQuest, and Project Muse. Also available as a book with the same title: 350p., pap., ISBN 0-8223-6498-0, $20.00. Duke University Press, PO Box 90660, Durham, NC 27708-0660; phone: (919) 687-3600; fax: (919) 688-4574; website:

Partial contents: "The History of Gender in the Historiography of Latin America," by Sueann Caulfield; "Writing the History of Women and Gender in Twentieth-Century Chile," by Thomas Miller Klubock; "From 'La Mujer Esclava' to 'La Mujer Limon': Anarchism and the Politics of Sexuality in Early Twentieth-Century Chile," by Elizabeth Quay Hutchison; "Charity, Rights, and Entitlement: Gender, Labor, and Welfare in Early Twentieth-Century Chile," by Karin Alejandra Rosemblatt; "Good Wives and Unfaithful Men: Gender Negotiations and Sexual Conflicts in the Chilean Agrarian Reform, 1964-1973," by Heidi Tinsman; "'El Chalequero' or the Mexican Jack the Ripper: The Meanings of Sexual Violence in Turn-of-the-Century Mexico City," by Pablo Piccato; "'She neither Respected nor Obeyed Anyone': Inmates and Psychiatrists Debate Gender and Class at the General Insane Asylum La Castaneda, Mexico, 1910-1930," by Cristina Rivera-Garza; "The Complicated Terrain of Latin American Homosexuality," by Martin Nesvig.

JOURNAL OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY v.89, no.3, Summer 2004: "New Directions in African American Women's History." Issue ed.: Francille Rusan Wilson. ISSN: 0022-2922. For subscription and single-issue information, contact Sylvia Y. Cyrus-Albritton, Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Howard University, CB Powell Building, 525 Bryant Street, Suite C142, Washington, DC 20059; phone: (202) 865-0053; fax: (202) 265-7920; email:; website: Contents also available online to licensed users through Academic Search Elite and ProQuest Research Library.

Partial contents: "Thinking Locally, Acting Globally: The International Agenda of African American Clubwomen, 1880-1940," by Michelle Reif; "A Generation of Women Activists: African American Female Educators in Harlem, 1930-1950," by Lauri Johnson; "Black Women Historians from the Late 19th Century to the Dawning of the Civil Rights Movement," by Pero Gaglo Dagbovie; "Essay Review I: African American Women, Civil Rights, and Black Power," by June O. Patton; "Essay Review II: Black and White Women Historians Together?" by Francille Rusan Wilson.

JOURNAL OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR IN THE SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT v.7, nos.3/4, 2003: "Women and Girls in the Social Environment: Behavioral Perspectives." Issue ed.: Nancy J. Smyth. ISSN: 1091-1359. Also published (2003) as a book with the same title: ISBN 0-7890-2220-6, $59.95; pap., ISBN 0-7890-2221-4, $34.95). The Haworth Social Work Practice Press (an imprint of The Haworth Press, Inc.), 10 Alice St. Binghamton, NY 13904; phone: (800) 429-6784 or (607) 722-5857; fax: (800) 895-0582 or (607) 771-0012; email:; website:

Partial contents: "Social Support and Loss During Adolescence: How Different Are Teen Girls from Boys?" by Mimi V. Chapman; "Children's Psychological Response to Parental Victimization: How Do Girls and Boys Differ?" by Catherine N. Dulmus et al.; "Racial Differences in Neighborhood Disadvantage Among Childbearing Women in New York City: 1991-1992," by Kim D. Jaffee & Janet D. Perloff; "Exit from Poverty: How 'Welfare Mothers' Achieve Economic Viability," by Pamela A. Strother; "American Indian Women and Domestic Violence: The Lived Experience," by Sharon B. Murphy et al.; "Women with Disabilities and Experiences of Abuse," by Elizabeth P. Cramer et al.; "Caregiving Issues for Grandmothers Raising Their Grandchildren," by Deborah P. Waldrop.

JOURNAL OF THE INDIAN ANTHROPOLOGICAL SOCIETY v.37, no.3, November 2002: "Special Issue on Empowerment of Women." Ed.: Ajit K. Danda. ISSN: 0019-4387. For subscription or purchase information, contact Managing Editor, JIAS, 27, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Calcutta 700 016, INDIA.

Partial contents: "Religion, Modernity and Change: Mizo Women and the Paradox of Empowerment," by Bonita Aleaz; "Empowerment of Women: Some Disturbing Issues," by Dipali G. Danda; "How Poor Peasant Women of Jhargram Encountered a Group of University Teachers: The Narrative of a Recent Workshop," by Abhijit Guha; "Empowerment of Women: A Case Study in Kolkata," by Gayatri Bhattacharyya; "Women in Craft Production: A Case Study of Jari Embroidery in Bengal," by Sekh Rahim Mondal; "Religious Sects and Women in Bengali Society: A Preliminary Statement," by Mita Barman; "A Study on Gender Difference in Job Satisfaction in an Urban Setting," by Susmita Mukhopadhyay et al.
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Date:Sep 22, 2004
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