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Special issues of periodicals.

BELGEO (BELGIAN JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHY) v.3, 2007: Special issue: "Feminist Geographies Around the World." Publisher: La Societe Royale Belge de Geographie (SRBG), ISSN: 1377-2368.

Contents: "Gender and Geography: World Views and Practices," by M. D. Garcia-Ramon & J. Monk; "Challenging Contexts: Gender Studies and Geography in Anglophone African Countries," by M. Awumbila; "From Migration der Frau aus Berggebieten to Gender and Sustainable Development: Dynamics in the Field of Gender and Geography in Switzerland and in the German-speaking Context," by E. Buehler & K. Baechli; "Recent Feminist Research in U.S. Geography," by J. Cravey; "Gender Issues in French Geography," by D. Creton; "Engendering Spanish Geography," by F. Diaz-Cortes, M. D. Garcia-Ramon, & A. Ortiz-Guitart; "Gender and Geography: Developments in the United Kingdom, 1980-2006," by J. Little; "Gender Studies in the Gender-Blind Post-Socialist Geographies of East-Central Europe," by J. Timar; "Geography and Gender Studies: The Situation in Brazil and Argentina," by S. Veleda: da Silva & D. Lan; "Placing 'Gender' in 'Geography' Across Southeast Asia," by B. S.A. Yeoh & S. Huang.

CURRENT SOCIOLOGY v.57, no.2, March 2009: Special issue: "New Connections: Towards a Gender-Inclusive Approach to Women's and Men's Health." Issue editors: Ellen Annandale & Elianne Riska. Publisher: Sage, for the International Sociological Association. ISSN: 0011-3921 (print), 1461-7064 (electronic). Available electronically to licensed users through Sage Journals Online.

Partial contents: "From Women's Health to Gender Mainstreaming and Back Again: Linking Feminist Agendas and New Governance in Healthcare," by Ellen Kuhlmann; "Men, Masculinities and Heart Disease: A Systematic Review of the Qualitative Literature," by Carol Emslie & Kate Hunt; "Gender, Sexuality and Embodiment: Access to and Experience of Healthcare by Same-Sex Attracted Women in Australia," by Jane Edwards & Helen van Roekel; "Men Who Have Sex with Men and Partner Notification in Ireland: Beyond Binary Dualisms of Gender and Healthcare," by Claire Coleman & Maria Lohan; "The Male Involvement Programme and Men's Sexual and Reproductive Health in Northern Namibia," by Pempelani Mufune; "Constructing Relatedness: Ethnicity, Gender and Third Party Assisted Conception in the UK," by Lorraine Culley & Nicky Hudson; "Private and Public Ageing in the UK: The Transition through the Menopause," by Karen D. Ballard, Mary Ann Elston, & Jonathan Gabe; "Finnish Commercial Web-Based Information on Male Menopause and Male Hormone Therapy," by Kirsi J. Vainionpaa.

INTERNATIONAL SMALL BUSINESS JOURNAL v.27, no.2 (April 2009): Special issue: "Exploring the Impact of Gender Upon Women's Business Ownership." Issue editors: Susan Marlow, Colette Henry, & Sara Carter. Publisher: Sage. ISSN: 0266-2426. Available electronically to licensed users through Wilson Web.

Partial contents: "Perceived Financial Barriers and the Start-up Decision: An Econometric Analysis of Gender Differences Using GEM Data [Global Entrepreneurship Monitor]," by Stephen Roper & Jonathan M. Scott; "Women Entrepreneurs: Jumping the Corporate Ship and Gaining New Wings," by Nicola Patterson & Sharon Mavin; "Female Entrepreneurial Networks and Networking Activity in Technology-based Ventures: An Exploratory Study," by Alison Hampton, Sarah Cooper, & Pauric Mcgowan; "Managing Maternity Fairly and Productively: Support for Small Employers," by Julia Rouse & Natalie Sappleton; "Women and Home-based Entrepreneurship: Evidence from the United Kingdom," by Piers Thompson, Dylan Jones-Evans, & Caleb Kwong.

JOURNAL OF THE EARLY REPUBLIC v.28, no.1, Spring 2008: Special section: "Women and Civil Society." Section editor: Caroline Winterer. Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press for the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic. ISSN: 1776-1861 (print), 0275-1275 (electronic). Available electronically to licensed users through EBSCOHost, JSTOR, and other vendors.

Contents of special section: "Women and Civil Society: Introduction," by Caroline Winterer; "Civil Society and the Public Woman," by Philip Gould; "Civilizing Selves: Public Structures and Private Lives in Mary Kelley's Learning to Stand and Speak," by Jeanne Boydston; "Politics and Civil Society: A Discussion of Mary Kelley's Learning to Stand and Speak," by Rosemarie Zagarri.

JOURNAL OF PREVENTION& INTERVENTION IN THE COMMUNITY v.35, no.2, 2008: Special issue: "Women, Depression, and the Struggle for Control over the Evaluation of Self-Worth." Issue editor: Peter Horvath. Publisher. Routledge. ISSN: 1085-2352 (print); 1540-7330 (electronic). Available electronically to licensed users through EBSCOHost or InformaWorld.

Partial contents: "Self-Silencing, Anger and Depressive Symptoms in Women: Implications for Prevention and Intervention," by Josephine Tan & Brooke Carfagnini; "Motivational Orientation, Expectancies, and Vulnerability for Depression in Women," by Peter Horvath et al.; "Exploring Perceptions of Alcohol Use as Self-Medication for Depression Among Women Receiving Community-Based Treatment for Alcohol Problems," by Catrina G. Brown & Sherry H. Stewarrt; "Depressive Symptoms, Gender, and Sexual Risk Behavior Among African-American Adolescents: Implications for Prevention and Intervention," by Keisha Carr Paxton & W. LaVome Robinson; "The Needs of Depressed Women: Perspectives of Family Physicians," by Janet M. Stoppard et al.; "Community Service Providers' Conceptualizations of the Needs and Services of Depressed Rural Women," by Mandy York & Peter Horvath.

SOCIAL AGENDA MAGAZINE no.18, 2008: "Women in Political Decision-Making." Publisher: European Commission on Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, . PDF of issue at Feature article: "Where are the Women in Politics? Despite huge progress in the area of gender equality, men still call the shots in the political world."
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Date:Sep 22, 2009
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