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Special issues of periodicals.

ANNUAL REVIEW OF CRITICAL PSYCHOLOGY no.4 (2005): "Feminisms and Activisms." Issue editors: Alexandra Zavos, Barbara Biglia, Jude Clark, & Johanna Motzkau. Managing editor: Ian Parker (email: I.A.Parker@mmu. Publisher (beginning with publication of ARCP Online (open-access journal) in 2006; also providing online PDFs of previous print issues of ARCP): The Discourse Unit, "a trans-institutional collaborative centre, currently located at Manchester Metropolitan University, which supports a variety of qualitative and theoretical research projects contributing to the development of radical theory and practice"; website: .ISSN 1746-739X. Special issue at

Partial contents: "The Great Fresco Painting of the Italian Feminist Movement," by Sveva Magaraggia, Chiara Martucci & Francesca Pozzi; "It Takes Two: Glimpses of the Creative Youth Workshop Project of Thrace," by Anni Vassiliou & Tina Ligdopoulou; "Trafficking in Women," by GiotaTouloumi; "Contesting Femininity: Women in the Political Transition in Venezuela," by Isabel Rodriguez Mora; "Family Resistances: Women, War and the Family in the African Great Lakes," by Ingrid Palmary; "On Conflict, Gender and Nationalism in Cypriot Society: Beliefs and Contradictions," by Vassiliki Katrivanou; "Images of Women and Drugs," by Ilana Mountian; "Sonic Cyborgs? Engendering Dissonance and Resistance in Popular Music," by Nancy Bottner; "Exploring New Ways of Insubmission in Social Representation," by Grup de Lesbianes Feministes; "The Role of the Role: Women as Prisoners or Prisoners as Women?" by Faidra Papadimiotriou; "Women at the Margins: Me, Borderline Personality Disorder and Women at the Margins," by Clare Shaw; "Becoming a Psychologist: Professionalism, Feminism, Activism," by Jane Callaghan; "When Faith and Good Will Is Not Enough: Researcher Positions in Interactive Research with School Children," by Tina Jensen; "Housewives, Maids, Cleaning Ladies and Caregivers in General: Care in the Communication Continuum," by Precarias a la Deriva. Also included are poetry and "interrelating notes" (comments by contributors on the others' contributions).

JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY CHINA v.16, no.50, February 2007: Special section: "Colloquium on Women and Policy and Institutional Change in Rural China: Part II": "focuses on policies and institutions affecting geographies of gendered power in China." Colloquium editor: Sally Sargeson. ISSN: 1067-0564. Publisher: Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group. Available online to licensed users through Academic Search Elite, Informaworld Journals, ProQuest Research Library, and Corporate ResourceNet.

Partial contents: "Marriage Migration in China and East Asia," by Delia Davin; "Village to Distant Village: The Opportunities and Risks of Long-Distance Marriage Migration in Rural China," by Laurel Bossen; "Chinese Women in Rural-Urban Transition: Surrogate Brothers or Agents of Their Own Fate?" by Flemming Christiansen; "A Case Study on the Settlement of Rural Women Affected by Land Requisitioning in China," by Lou Peimin.

JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENT STUDIES v.43, no.2, February 2007: Special section: "Islam and Female Identity in the Middle East." ISSN: 1743-9140 (electronic), 0022-0388 (paper). Publisher: Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group. Available online to licensed users through Informaworld Journals and Ingenta Connect Routledge.

Partial contents: "Women, Wars, Citizenship, Migration, and Identity: Some Illustrations from the Middle East," by Haleh Afshar; "Women, Religion and the 'Afghan Education Movement' in Iran," by Homa Hoodfar; "Gender, Agency and Identity, the Case of Afghan Women in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran," by Elaheh Rostami-Povey; "Evaluating 35 Years of Green Revolution Technology in Villages of Bulandshahr District, Western UP, North India," by Kathleen Baker & Sarah Jewitt.

PROFESSIONAL GEOGRAPHER v.59, no.l, February 2007: Special section: "Focus: Feminism and Social Theory in Geography." Section editors: Karen Dias & Jennifer Blecha . ISSN: 1467-9272 (electronic), 0033-0124 (paper). Journal of the Association of American Geographers. Publisher: Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group. Available online to licensed users through Informaworld Journals and Wiley Interscience.


Partial contents: "Theorizing and Researching Intersectionality: A Challenge for Feminist Geography," by Gill Valentine; "Affecting Geospatial Technologies: Toward a Feminist Politics of Emotion," by Met- Po Kwan; "Feminist Geopolitics Revisited: Body Counts in Iraq," by Jennifer Hyndman; "On the Relationship Between Queer and Feminist Geographies," by Larry Knopp.

MATERIAL RELIGION: THE JOURNAL OF OBJECTS, ART AND BELIEF v.3, no.l, March 2007: Special issue: "Gendering Religious Objects." Issue editors: Roger Ivar Lohmann & Susan Starr Sered. ISSN: 1743-2200. Publisher: Berg. Available online to licensed users through Art Full Text and Academic Search Elite.

Partial contents: "Bottles Are Men, Glasses Are Woman: Religion, Gender, and Secular Objects," by Stewart Guthrie; "Gendered Substances and Objects in Ritual: An Australian Aboriginal Study," by Deborah Bird Rose; "House, Fire, Gender," by Bilinda Straight; "'Moveable Feast of Signs': Gender in Zar in Central Sudan," by Susan M. Kenyon; "A Ritual Garment, the Synagogue and Gender Questions," by Ayala Emmett; "Sound of a Woman: Drums, Gender, and Myth among the Asabano of Papua New Guinea," by Roger Ivar Lohmann; "Afterword--Gendering Religious Objects: Placing Them as Agents in Matrices of Power," by Janet Hoskins.

Compiled by JoAnne Lehman
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Date:Jan 1, 2009
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