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Special Studies in Federal Tax Statistics: 2003.

The newest report in the IRS Methodology Report series, Special Studies in Federal Tax Statistics--2003, was recently published and includes selected papers presented at the 2003 Annual Meetings of the American Statistical Association held in San Francisco in August 2003. The report has been divided into four areas of interest: It begins with a group of three papers and a discussion presented in the same session under the topic, "Are the Rich Getting Richer and the Poor Getting Poorer?"; the second section includes a paper on survey methods; the third section presents five papers also presented in the same session on new developments in tax statistics and administrative records; and the final section contains a paper on survey nonresponse and imputation. Printed copies may be obtained by contacting SOI's Statistical Information Services office on (202) 874-0410. In addition, some of the papers may be accessed online at http://,,id=117846,00.html.
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Title Annotation:What's New
Publication:Statistics of Income. SOI Bulletin
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Date:Dec 22, 2003
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