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Special Partnership Helps Dealers Get On The Web.

Shooting Industry magazine and have formed a special partnership to help dealers tap into the Internet's "on-line gold mine." The Dealer Web Site Program will help retailers develop their own Web site and have it hosted by the vastly successful

"This joint venture with is tailor-made for our magazine," said Russ Thurman, editor Shooting Industry. "Our number one mission is to help dealers be successful. One of the keys to accomplishing this is being on the Internet and no one does the Internet better than"

Phil Reed, co-founder of Shooter's Online Services Inc., proposed the sponsorship program after considering several factors.

"First, we see Shooting Industry as the premier industry magazine," Reed said. "Second, we felt they could do the best job in helping us get the message out that the Web can be a profit center for dealers."

Through the program, dealers can be on the Web quickly, even those who have no experience on the Internet.

" has created a program that cuts through all the mystery of the Internet," said Randy Molde, who developed Shooting Industry's Web site and coordinates the Dealer Web Site Program for Publishers' Development Corp. "All a dealer has to do is sign onto, click on the 'Dealer Sites' link and follow the instructions. Within a short time, their shop will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's a way for a dealer to turn his store into an on-line gold mine."

The opportunity to be hosted by provides an incredible opportunity, according to Reed. "The community that Shooters has built on the Web attracts 2.4 million visitors a month!" Reed said. "In addition, we host nearly 1,000 shooting related sites, including most of the major firearms manufacturers.

"Also, a dealer who we host can have exposure on our,,, and, if he wishes. There's no extra charge for this service."

Visitors to a sponsored dealer Web site will also have easy access to the Web site of Shooting Industry and the sites of its sister publications, American Handgunner and GUNS Magazine.

"The access to these sites will create additional interest on the dealer sites and provide dealers with materials to help them sell merchandise," Reed said.

Dealers who already have Web sites, but aren't enjoying the tremendous exposure provided by can transfer their sites through the Dealer Web Program.

"For these dealers, nothing will change on their sites," said Reed. "However, they will see more traffic on their site. Everyone benefits."

The total cost to a dealer to have a Web site through the special program is, S19.95 per month.
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Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Oct 1, 2000
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