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Special Forces Soldier, Spy, Handgun, Drinking Session, Afghanistan 6 Dangerous Combination.

A special forces soldier believed to be from the Special Air Service Regiment or SASR had reportedly pointed a handgun to an Australian spy working for the Australian Secret Intelligence Service or ASIS during a drinking session in Afghanistan. The incident was revealed from the annual report of the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security, Dr Vivienne Thom.

According to her report, the incident involved "an allegedly inappropriate action by an officer of another Australian Government agency towards an ASIS officer." Back in April 2013, Thom started an investigation involving gun protocols observed by members of the ASIS. At the time, the Inspector had only found minor breaches of protocol. In concluding her investigation, she said that the ASIS in general "had handled the training in and use of weapons and self-defence technique well. However, by December, she uncovered the inappropriate behaviour between the soldier and the ASIS agent, saying that it displayed the soldier's lack of discipline. Moreover, the incident could also imply that the ASIS agent was also carrying a weapon with him even with the agency's policy that agents are prohibited from bringing a gun when drinking.

"A review of the incident confirmed that ASIS did not yet have adequate controls in place to provide assurance that a person with a blood alcohol content above zero would not be issued with or have carriage of a weapon," Thom underlined in the report. She emphasised that even there was no one hurt during the incident, there is an inherent danger if the same situation take place in the future.

ASIS is Australia's overseas secret HUMINT or human intelligence collection agency, the unit exlplained in its ( website . The agency's work involves protecting and promoting Australia's interest through rendering credible foreign intelligence services as need by the Government.

SASR on the other hand is a unit of the Australian Special Operations Command with members specially delegated after undergoing rigid training to missions that may have national and strategic consequences, as explained in their ( website . The unit has deep root from the Australian Z Special Unit and Independent Commando Companies who had fought during the World War II. Its past engagements engagement involved fighting in Borneo, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq; and peace enforcements in Rwanda, Somalia, Cambodia and East Timor.

Asked about its comment regarding the incident, Defence said it is not in the position to comment. "That issue is being investigated by that independent inspector-general and it's probably best to let them do their work and report in full detail when it's complete," assistant Minister for ( Defence Stuart Robert said .

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