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Special All-Star moments.

Mike Trout accomplished two special feats during the All-Star Game last July, when he became the first player to win the Midsummer Classic Most Valuable Player Award in two consecutive seasons, and when he led off the 2015 contest with a home run.

How many other players have won multiple All-Star Game MVP awards and how many other players led off the game with a home run?

Mike Trout became the fifth player to win multiple All-Star Game MVP awards, and the first to win the honor in back-to-back seasons. The others to win more than one are Willie Mays (1963, 1968), Steve Garvey (1974, 1978), Gary Carter (1981,1984) and Cal Ripken (1991,2001).

Leading off the All-Star Game with a home run has been done four times by the following players:

Jason Mitchell

Columbus, OH


Lou Boudreau, Indians   July 6, 1942    Mort Cooper, Cardinals
Willie Mays, Giants     July 13, 1965   Mill Pappas, Orioles
Joe Morgan, Reds        July 19, 1977   Jim Palmer, Oriol es
Mike Trout, Angels      July 14, 2015   Zack Greinke, Dodgers

PLAYER, TEAM            SITE

Lou Boudreau, Indians   Polo Grounds
Willie Mays, Giants     Metropolitan Stadium
Joe Morgan, Reds        Yankee Stadium
Mike Trout, Angels      Great American Ballpark
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