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Spearheading multiple TV services: cable in Latin America.

in Latin America, the television landscape has been radically changed by the world's first privately-owned satellite: Pan Am


Since its june i988 launch, the PAS satellite controlled by Rene Anselmo's Alpha Lyracom (the former president of Spanish International TV Network in the U.S.), provided fresh impetus for cable television growth in Latin America. it is now estimated that in Latin America, cable passes some 4.5 million TVHH with the largest penetration in Antigua (50 per cent), Costa Rica and Panama, each with 30 per cent. Even though accurate figures are hard to come by, subscribers to cable TV, STV and DBS (dish antennas are called Venezuela's "national flower") could reach an

estimated i5 million people.

Some 14 Latin American countries are now wired for cable, with Brazil mostly involved with STV. Additionally, the marriage of cable and satellite has also given international programmers access to new TV markets. ESPN has a 24-hour sports TV service, HBO operates HBO Ole, a pay TV service, from Caracas, Venezuela and Turner's TNT Latin America beams programs on a 24-hour basis to ig Latin American countries reaching some 55 million TV households with a combination of cable, STV and broadcast TV.

Moreover, Mexico's Serna group is to launch Telemusica, a 24-hour satellite music video service and, from Italy, RAI is working on a QBS system for the Americas. Furthermore, from Argentina, Alberto Gonzales and Marcelo Bandiera have launched Space, another 24-hour pay-tv service aimed primarily at Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay, while Spain's RTVE has TVE Internacional-america in the blueprint stage. The idea is to cover North and Latin America, initially with 18 hours a day of Spanish programming. This is to be extended tO 24 hours

soon after.

Finally, The Carribean Satellite Network recently announced it will be operating 24-hour-a day TV programming in the Caribbean region. o
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Title Annotation:A World of Hispanic TV
Publication:Video Age International
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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