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Spearhead Innovations Introduces New Version of Product Acoustic Signature System ''PASS'' and GSA Availability; Enhanced Durability of Inspection Device Will Aid National Security and Public Safety Efforts.

WASHINGTON -- Spearhead Innovations, an emerging technologies software and systems developer, announces the availability of a new ruggedized version of their award winning Product Acoustic Signature System (PASS) product. PASS is the first non-intrusive acoustic inspection technology designed specifically for rapid inspection of sealed containers. Without opening containers, the handheld device rapidly identifies liquid and bulk-solid contents, the existence of contraband and hidden compartments, fill level, and dissimilar or incorrectly marked contents in containers ranging in size from liter bottles to tanker trucks.

PASS was developed to meet a growing worldwide demand for rapid inspection for both commercial and government sectors. The new durable PASS unit can withstand harsh weather conditions and around the clock operations in difficult environments, supporting the interrogation of hard to reach containers such as palletized barrels or hidden fuel tanks. The new unit also features a longer battery life and enhanced protection of the processing unit.

The PASS unit continues to be purchased and used in a variety of missions worldwide, including operations in over 13 countries. Recent sales include the City of Baltimore Fire Department. The unit can now be purchased off the GSA Federal Supply Schedule under contract number GS-07F-5897R.

Voted one of the Most Technologically Significant Products in the world by R&D Magazine, PASS launches ultrasonic sound waves into containers, analyzing and comparing the returned echoes with a database of known liquids and solid materials. In a matter of seconds, a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), displays the contents, eliminating valuable time and manpower needed to inspect sealed containers. In addition, information gathered by PASS can be downloaded to a personal computer for further analysis.

Rapid inspection of sealed containers such as shipping barrels, tanker trucks, and railroad tanker cars is a critical and vitally important task facing organizations charged with ensuring national security, maintaining public safety, and enforcing government policies. PASS is currently being used by international and national law enforcement and inspection organizations to support anti-drug, anti-terror, border security, and weapons inspection activities. A list of agencies and organizations that use PASS include: US Department of Homeland Security, US Army, US Air Force, US Department of Energy, and the United Nations.

Spearhead Innovations has a strong reputation and proven track record for developing and implementing innovative products that work in the real world. Spearhead also provides ongoing technology development services on longer term projects. For more information on PASS or to schedule a demonstration, please call 703.413.5090; email: or visit

About Spearhead Innovations

Spearhead Innovations, the technology division of MGB Ltd., designs, develops, deploys, and supports enterprise software solutions and handheld computer-based systems. Located in Arlington, VA, Spearhead Innovations specializes in the rapid development and delivery of unique, truly innovative products on time and on budget. The group has delivered products and services to commercial and government clients, including the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, and the United Nations. Information about Spearhead Innovations can be found at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 13, 2005
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