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Speaking of lugging, or knots to some.

Byline: Andrew Jackson Here's how I see things...

HAIRCUT SIR? ... HOW ABOUT A KIM JONG-UN FOR ALL YOU CHAPS? "His dad Kim Jong-il sported a cracker of a bouffant. You'd have expected to see his hair appearing in an episode of Starsky and Hutch in the mid-70s rather than astride the head of a tiny tyrant."

ow do you wear it? HLong at the back, short on the sides or a bit of a mop all over? Maybe you're the sort of person who takes good care of your hair, preening and crimping whenever the need arises.

I'm not I combed my hair the other day for the first time in two years.

I should point out that I have done other things to my hair in that period ie wash and dry it.

I have short hair and I have no need of giving my treasured locks a brushing.

In fact, I don't even own a comb or brush so had to pilfer my partner's in order to give the said barnet its biennial de-lugging.

Speaking of lugging, or knots to some, whatever happened to these irritations? When I was a nipper my hair was forever tangled and on Sunday (bath night) I remember being attacked with a comb and hoisted bodily from the bath as mum tackled my twisted hair with all the relish of a sergeant major readying himself to deal with an errant private.

One chap who presumably had little problems with his hair is Kim Jong-un.

The despotic tyrant who rules North Korea with a podgy iron fist is reported to have ordered all men to have their hair cut like him.

First up, he's got a proper do. There's a man who is no stranger to hairspray.

He sports a style - and I use that in the loosest possible sense of the word - which sees it shaved at the side and then sort of piled on the top of his head in a sort of short curtain style.

Basically, if you'd seen him at the Hacienda in Manchester in 1989 he wouldn't have looked out of place.

To be fair he comes from a family with a hereditary disposition for the unusual.

His dad Kim Jong-il sported a cracker of a bouffant. You'd have expected to see his hair appearing in an episode of Starsky and Hutch in the mid-70s rather than astride the head of a tiny tyrant.

Anyway, I digress.

It was widely reported recently that the current incumbent of the North Korea's biggest madman title ordered that all other chaps in the country have their hair chopped to look like his.

Then it was said that a trial (not one of those where people are put to death) had been taking place in Pyongyang where it was only men in the capital who must subscribe to the hairdo diktat.

Subsequently it was stated that the order only applied to students.

Can you imagine all students over here sporting a Cameron? As previously stated I'm no hair purist, but even my distressed locks are in a better state than the top of some of the heads I've seen bobbing around on campuses.

But is it true about North Korea? Well, maybe not according to people in the country.

One foreigner said that in his experience recently, North Korean men had the same hair they always had neat and tidy.

But back in 2005, the government took issue with long-haired chaps, describing them as unhygienic anti-socialist fools.

They were told to wear their hair in the "socialist style" (go to the barbers and ask for that.) People who didn't adhere-uere named and shamed by the government!

So it appears rather than being true the latest rumours from Pyongyang may just be a lot of hot (h)air.


Kim Jong-un (top |picture) whose hairstyle might be expected to start a trend in North Korea, and here a comparison with is dad Kim Jong-il (above) and grandad Kim Il-sung (left), who was North Korean leader from 1948 to 1994
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Date:Apr 2, 2014
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