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Speak out.

The "Show Off" article in the August issue of California CPA was interesting. What about the other end of the market?

With the change in the requirements for the CPA, I submit that there is a whole new group of people entering the CPA world late in their years that most firms do not seem to know how to handle.

After 30 years in corporate accounting and finance (including a stint as a VP of finance of a public company) and about the same amount of time teaching accounting in the graduate and undergraduate classrooms, I decided to take the CPA exam and get my CPA designation. I would tell my students that "I am not a CPA, but I play one in the classroom."

More experienced people like myself are very capable of doing much of the basic and mid-level work in tax and audit with a minimum amount of further training. Since many of us are starting second careers as CPAs late by design or default, the partner track is generally out of the question. Continuity of income and a good working environment build loyalty that many younger associates fail to appreciate.

If the number of CPA candidates is in fact falling, the market will turn more to people like me who can add revenue to the firm without all the expense and politics of recruiting.


Newport Beach

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Title Annotation:News & Trends
Author:Anderson, Scott
Publication:California CPA
Date:Oct 1, 2006
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