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Spatial analysis of dengue fever.

The range of transmission of dengue fever (DF), one of the most prevalent arboviral diseases in the world, has increased in recent decades. A better understanding of DF transmission is needed in order to control the spread of this disease. Hu et al. (p. 260) examined the effects of socioecologic factors on the transmission of DF and assessed potential predictors of locally acquired and overseas-acquired cases of DF in Queensland, Australia. The authors obtained data on the number of notified DF cases by local government area (LGA) for 1 January 2002 to 31 December 2005, as well as data on weather and a socioeconomic index. A Bayesian spatial conditional autoregressive model was fitted at the LGA level to quantify the relationship between DF and socioecologic factors. For locally acquired DF, the authors estimate an increase of 6% with a 1-mm increase in average monthly rainfall and a 61% increase associated with a 1[degrees]C increase in average monthly maximum temperature between 2002 and 2005. Overseas-acquired DF cases increased by 1% in association with either a 1-mm increase in average monthly rainfall or a 1-unit increase in average socioeconomic index. The authors conclude that socioecological factors appear to influence the transmission of DF in Queensland, but different drivers may he responsible for locally acquired and overseas-acquired DF.
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Publication:Environmental Health Perspectives
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Date:Feb 1, 2012
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