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Sparrow, Rebecca: Find Your Feet: the 8 things I wish I'd known before I left high school.

** SPARROW, Rebecca Find Your Feet: the 8 things I wish I'd known before I left high school UQP, 2013 138pp $14.95 pbk ISBN 9780702249624 SCIS 1622036


Sparrow's earlier book, Find Your Tribe, was a book of advice for teenagers, and so is this one. She takes a situation where school is at an end, and it is time for the leavers to consider just what is next for them. She points out that, although few students realise it, school is a protected environment, where misdemeanours are treated with consideration and support, where bad behaviour is tolerated and guided into positive channels, and a school boy or girl can get away with almost anything. Things are different in the harsher world of after school. If you don't go to classes at uni or Tafe, no one is going to chase after you, and you will fail. If you steal something you may be up before a judge. If you're late, you will get the sack.

Sparrow tells the truth about looking for work: simple advice such as looking clean, being prepared to make the coffee if you are starting work, volunteer, show an interest. This is all good advice, sensibly offered and written with wit.

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Author:Lees, Stella
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Date:Nov 1, 2013
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