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Sparkle and shine for festive frolics.

IT'S the party season and with it comes all those invites to festive frolics and New Year celebrations.

And, of course, you're going to want to look your best, whether you're simply down the pub after work with colleagues or at a black tie and ballgown bash.

Understated glamour isn't what the doctor ordered come Christmas so don't be afraid to sparkle and shine.

Here are our pick of the products you may want to try.

Indulge in some lotions and potions with seasonal ingredients

IT'S all very well filling our faces with delicious Christmas fare, but what about our neglected bodies?

This year beauty firms have cottoned on to the fact that girls love to pamper themselves over the festive season - and have added some fabulous seasonal ingredients to their lotions and potions.

So now you can get that Christmassy feel just by taking a shower!

We discover the best beauty buys on the market.

KORRES Vanilla Cinnamon Body Milk (pounds 9) is a natural body lotion and is perfect for getting you in the mood for the holiday season. As well as the festive scent this product is mineral oil free and enriched with active plant extracts so it's like a guilt-free indulgence.

Another seasonally-scented body goodie is the Korres Fig Pouch (pounds 22.50) which contains a gorgeous non-greasy body butter, a gentle but effective body scrub and a creamy shower gel which is rich in vitamin C and E. So what do figs smell like you ask?

Well it's a lovely juicy scent, which is more of an exotic floral type smell. Plus they come in their own clear, plastic bag so ideal for travelling with.

Korres products are available from John Lewis and IF you fancy adding a touch of sparkle to your beauty routine, the Bliss Snow Wonder Body Butter (pounds 24, is a fabulous product.

The baby blue-coloured tube contains really creamy moisturiser with just a hint of "glow" to give you smooth shimmery skin. It also contains antioxidant arctic berries, vitamins A and E and smells - there is no other way of describing it - of just-fallen snow!

A range of Bliss products is now available at Boots stores.

FOR a real Christmas beauty treat you can't beat Lush for some ingenious ideas and fab sounding names.

The Twinkle Ballistic (pounds 1.90) has a gorgeous smell (strawberry, vanilla, orange) and a slight subtle sparkle and was one of the store's best sellers last year. Or you could try the Christmas Party Ballistic (right) (pounds 2.40) is a strange orange colour but with a lovely fizzy orange smell, or the vanilla scented Mister Butterball Ballistic (pounds 1.95) a snowman-shaped ballistic which sheds tiny pieces of cocoa butter into the bathwater as it dissolves.

Available at the Lush store in the Lower Precinct, Coventry city centre.

IF you're still short of a Christmas present or two or just want to treat yourself, Philosophy is the range to head for.

Boasting product names like Cinnamon Buns Shampoo and Home for the Holidays, these gorgeously-packaged goodies are almost too good to give away.

The Cinnamon Buns 3-in-1 Shower Gel (pounds 14.50) has the mouth-watering scent of cinnamon, and - unlike other products which promise three different uses - this one actually delivers and is perfect as a shampoo, a shower gel and a bubble bath.

The Home for the Holidays set (pounds 22.50) comes in a great "house" box and contains a bottle of cinnamon buns, hot cocoa, and spiced apple cider 3-in-1s.

Along similar lines is the Memory Cranberry Set (pounds 18.50). Again, beautifully presented with a shampoo, a shower gel and a bubble bath which creates a luscious pink foam.

Philosophy products are available at John Lewis.

YOU can always rely on the Body Shop to come up with a festive range for Christmas.

Sweet Chestnut Shimmering Bath Bubbles and Body Butter (pounds 10 and pounds 12) is a sweet and spicy smelling bubble bath - with a touch of shimmer - and a very thick and creamy body butter. A fabulous duo - but the scent is rather strong so it may not be to everyone's taste.

There is also a Cranberry range, including a shower Gel (pounds 8) Soap (pounds 3) and Shimmer Lip Balm (pounds 5). The gel and soap have a lovely rich colour and are nicely packaged and smell very sweet and fruity.


Tesco Finest Shimmering Body Powder (pounds 6).

AT this price you can afford to splash it on all over! Or you could just opt for a subtile shimmer to bare shoulders to give your outfit that touch of pizzazz.

Flirtigo Body Moisturising Mist (pounds 6)

A real treat with a brand's signature scent, a mix of rose and bergamot with fruity and flowery undertones. Spray on liberally from the pump action bottle and rub in for smooth, softly scented skin.

Easy Glistening Dry Oil Body Gloss (pounds 6)

THIS is a lightly fragranced oil that you spray on which hits the skin with a cool splash and refreshing fizz. Smooth it across your skin for a silky sheen with a shimmer which catches the light and lasts all night. Great for party time.

Pretty Polly Love Legs Natural Tan Leg Bronzer

IT looks absolutely horrendous when it comes out of the tube but it gives an instant sunkissed finish - and it dries quickly too. Build up for a deeper colour or keep it soft and natural. It washes off with soap and water.

And for the finished look, and to really get that A-list glamour, try the Bronzed Leg Gloss, a solid stick which adds shimmer and creates a sexy glow. Again it just washes off.


Tesco Make-up Nail Collection in Meteor (pounds 6)

THIS iridescent threesome comes in pretty tones of purple, peach and pink and the colour dazzles for days - resisting chipping even through keyboard tapping and housework!

L'Oreal Resist & Shine 540 (pounds 5.54)

IN a shade of vibrant red that's perfect for dazzling during the party season, this nail varnish is easily applied and gives a really glossy finish. Or how about Revlon Nail Enamel in Blackberry (pounds 6.29), a rich glorious colour that screams party party.


FOR glamour on the go this cute little kit from Tesco's own Barbara Daly designed range is really useful - and a bargain at just pounds 8. It contains an eyeshadow trio in its own compact with mirror and applicator and there is even a sparkly lipgloss thrown in.

Collection 2000 Eye Shimmer Crayons - (pounds 2.99 each).

THESE come in great colours such as Bling, Ice Queen and Emerald City. And if you really want to sparkle, Glam Crystals (pounds 2.99) is a dazzling gel liner. And at these prices you can buy several looks at once.


IT turns out Tigi Bedhead don't just make hair products - they make fab make-up too. The Shine Junkie Lipgloss in Sorbet, Bronze, Beige (pounds 9 each) are tasty as well as glossy while the super vibrant Lip Crayon (pounds 9) is prettily packed, easy to apply and is a very strong colour! It's a little drying on the lips but it's easy to remove and perfect for a long night.

IF you just can't leave the house without a fist full of lipsticks, the Clarins Precious Colours Lip Palette (pounds 25) is your ideal party mate. The festive lip colours come in an stunning presentation box decorated with a large red jewel, and is part of the Clarins Christmas range. The set includes shimmery coral, rose pink, lilac pink and burnished copper shades. The downside is the colours don't stay in place for long enough, but with such impressive packaging, no-one will mind pulling the palette out to reapply!

IF you really want to give you lips a treat the Philosophy Powdered Sugar Cookie/Raspberry Sorbet Lip Shine (pounds 9 each) will not only leave your lips glossy but they also have a wonderful scent - and delicious taste. That's not always a good thing, as you will be constantly reapplying!


Smart Colour Temporary Spray (pounds 2.99)

DON'T leave you locks out when it comes to jazzing up your hairstyle for the festive season. This range offers colours such as passion plum, electric blue, intense red and emerald green or glitters in silver, gold or metallic. This funky product can found in Superdrug, Wilkinson and leading supermarkets).

AT the end of the night when you've dragged yourself in and thrown yourself on the sofa you may be in need of a little help.

Get a good night's sleep, then try out these products to give yourself a little lift and brighten you up enough to face the morning after the night before.

Ciate Beach Feet Foaming Lemon Sherbet Foot Soak (pounds 11.95, from is a tub of delicious-smelling grains which will give tired feet a zingy wake up call.

After a hard day at the office or a night on the town, a relaxing foot soak is just what you need and this zesty and fresh product is spot on. The grains bubble up really well in the water, so I you feel like you are soaking your feet in lemon sherbert.

Delightfully refreshing and it leaves toes tingling.

NOW your toes are awake, treat them to Lush Fair Trade Foot Lotion (pounds 6.50). This pink concoction (which is a bit odd as it's a minty cream) is made with cocoa butter and is perfect for comforting abused feet. It's made with spearmint and peppermint essential oils to relieve aches and make hot feet feel cool again, while arnica and marigold herbs take away weariness.

IF you simply need to soak yourself in a warm bath, the decadent Virgin Vie Emerald Bathing Collection (pounds 16.50, from is a lovely way to lie back and indulge yourself. The dark, lush green packaging looks as good as it performs.

The body creme, bath sparkle and body polish smell divine with echoes of patchouli, aniseed and clove bud.

Korres Party Survival Kit (pounds 18, is a great idea. The gold box of natural goodies includes moisturiser, eye cream, cleanser, body butter, shower gel and lemon refreshing chewing gum - everything you will need if you're caught short after a great night out!


GLAMOROUS... The festive season is the perfect opportunity to glam up and cover yourself in products that will make you dazzle.
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