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Spantel Retains Attention Group For PR and Market Development.

PRINCETON, N.J. -- With an eye on new growth based on the recent success they achieved in securing agreements to provide high-quality medical transcription services to four major medical center hospitals in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Arizona, Spantel has retained the services of The Attention Group, a high-tech and healthcare-oriented marketing and public relations agency. In this new role, Attention will help Spantel move to the next level of success in providing medical transcription technology to both large and small hospitals throughout the U.S.

"With the recent positive news of our Tucson and Syracuse deployments, and the acquisition of several prestigious medical center clients in New Jersey, we are positioned to better communicate our story to both large and small hospital markets, and to expand their awareness that HIM and hospital management executives think of us as one of the top alternative technology medical transcription firms in the world," said Spantel CEO Janak Pandit. "It is time for us to aggressively reach out to the marketplace via professional communications, to open doors for new customer acquisition, to enhance revenue and increase our status and stature in the medical transcription industry. To accomplish all of this, we have retained Attention to guide our public emergence into these critical market segments.

"Attention has a reputation for getting the word out and showcasing high tech healthcare companies with both the healthcare and the business media," Janak added. "Because of that expertise, Attention will use their innovative marketing programs to help us elevate our awareness both inside and outside of the hospital market."

The Attention Group has roots in healthcare public relations and marketing communications that go back to the late 70s, and the firm continues to stay at the forefront of innovation. "We strongly believe Spantel has a great story to tell - one sure to be of interest to the healthcare, high-tech and business media," Daryl Toor, CEO and Chief Awareness Officer of Attention explained. "We intend to bring that news to targeted publications in those fields - as well as to their decision-making readers. We intend to reach those key hospital leaders who'll be choosing Spantel's innovative services to meet their next-generation, fully-HIPAA-compliant medical transcription needs. We look forward to working with Spantel to ensure that hospitals are fully aware of their better solutions, and how those better solutions can impact hospital operations, quality patient care - and, significantly, hospital bottom lines."

About Attention

Attention and its partners have provided effective, high-quality PR and marketing communications services for some of the largest for-profit and non-profit hospital companies in the country - past and present - including HCA, Catholic Healthcare West, Tenant and Charter; as well as the former AMI, NME and Republic Health Corporation and a host of other free-standing and small-group hospitals. The principals launched WebMD, HealthWorld Online, Precyse Solutions, Cimtek Commerce,, Healthflash, SPI Technology and Wolff System Technology . Headquartered in Atlanta, with regional offices in Las Vegas, New York and Rhode Island, this innovative PR and marketing communications firm focuses on driving and supporting sales with on-target marketing that helps its clients get the word out and dominate their marketplace.

In addition to its BuzzBuilder(TM) publicity and investor relations programs, the firm - through its subsidiary - Attention offers Weblicity(R) Search Engine Marketing, MercuryMessages(R) email marketing, direct mail programs and Website design for clients through its network of marketing specialists with more than 60 years of combined experience. For more information, please visit, call (770) 777-9489 or email

About Spantel LLC

Spantel provides hospitals, MTSOs and large group medical practices with its well thought out Web-based transcription software, Hospital Direct - an entire workflow application of smart transcription solutions that addresses health information management's need for a full range of transcription workflow processing and job management needs.

Spantel's Hospital Direct features easy deployment, and is rated by its clients as the most comprehensive and well thought-out solution in the market. Besides all the standard features of toll free calling, workflow tracking, job control, reporting and MT management, many uniquely designed features makes Hospital Direct a stand out solution. Adding speech recognition to the offering makes Spantel the best partner for hospitals to achieve their goals in transcription. With years of maturity to the product, Spantel's Hospital Direct is currently being used - daily - by tens of thousands of physicians and transcriptionists.

For more information, please visit, call 732-821-1075 or email
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Date:Sep 21, 2006
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