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ripple effect

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... are you excited to be working on the upcoming Workshop Video?

Yeah, you know what I am jest super psyched to he a part of it you know. I've always watched them (Workshop Video's) and now I get to he a part of one so I am psyched on that.

Most people I talk to mention, your and Daewons parts first and foremost when they reference the DVS Video. This was pretty much your first major company video part since City Stars and I am not sue how many people saw treat video. You had a really great part.

Not that many I don't think. (saw the City Stars video)

Well thank yen! Now I just have to make my Alien part a little hit better,

How do you go about making another significant video part? What's your strategy?

I don't really think about it tea much ... pretty much I am with a filmer everyday out skating and I pretty much just compile all the footage and when it comes time to be ever I just ...

Who do you film with? Greg? Brennan?

I hang out with Dario a lot you know so I usually film with him.

That's good it s certain you am going to be a significant part of this video.

That's the goal..

What do you do when you're not skating? Are you still working on cars?

Yeah, still working on cars bat since I bought a house it seems to have hit a slow point. I spent all my $ fixing up the house.

What kind of cars do you have?

Mostly Honda's. I like mostly Japanese cars. I have a couple Honda's.

You rebuild the motors and such right?

Yeah, those cars are really.. yea can't do anything with the stock motor. It's just tee slow. So if you have a Honda you have to swap out the motor, Se that's what we do, We swap them out and beef them up a little bit.

Do you have any monocycles?

I don't. I really want one. I know I will kill myself on one so I have restrained from getting one.

Do you think you are more likely to get hurt on a motorcycle than a skateboard?

They ere so dangerous from ether people being around on the road.

So you mean stout bike not dirt bike.

Yeah, I'm into street bikes.

You crashed on one at one point I remember, right?

Yeah it was maybe 3 years ago. I was riding my neighbor s dirt bike. We were taking the street to one of the trails and he kind of stopped and I was going and he pulled in front of me and I just went flying off that thing. That's probably the worst I have been hurt in my entire life.

How badly were you hurt?

I went to the hospital I thought I really hurt my back like maybe broke one of my vertebrae or something gently. I had road rash all over my body. It was definitely nee of the worst things that ever happened to me. I was sliding on the asphalt and I was wearing a helmet with a face shield and I was watching the asphalt sliding across the face shield. If I wasn't wearing a helmet I wouldn't be on the phone right new. I was probably going like 58(mph) and I fell off it onto my hack that's why I hurt my back. I was sliding for a while and then started somersaulting then finally stopped and like popped up onto feet cause I was so scared and stood up and checked myself and staring feeling dizzy and had to sit back down and was like uhhhhh oohhh.(sounds of agony) And it was en Easter; everyone was there; all my relatives were over. I walked in the door and I was bleeding everywhere; my mom overreacts really bad so I walked in and said, Mom don't flip out, I'm O.K." And she just started screaming,

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Date:Apr 1, 2006
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