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Spanish equipment & expertise.

A look at some of the hardware and services in opencast and underground coal and metalliferous mining offered to the industry internationally by Spanish companies.

ANMOPyC -- (Associacion Espanola De Fabricantes Exportadores De Maquinaria Pare Construccion Y Obras Publicas -- the Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Construction Machinery and Equipment for Public Works) founded in 1982, has around 50 manufacturing member companies, many of which make equipment used in opencast and underground mining, quarrying and mineral processing. Such companies include Industrias Leblan (jaw crushers, trommels, conveyors); Korota (hydraulic hammers); Llamada (drill and excavator components); M. Carrera (compressors); Pro-mining (winches and transportation systems); and Rodajes (buckets and rippers, etc). Other member companies such as TAIM-TFG and Guria are considered separately below.

In recent years ANMOPyC has organised trade delegations to such countries as Chile and Mexico -- an indication that its member companies are looking to increase exports farther afield. Currently, some 60% of exports by member companies go to Europe, particularly France and Portugal. Other potential markets now being targeted are Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

ANMOPyC, Avda, Cesar Augusto,5, esc 2a, 7o B, 50004 Zaragoza, Spain. Ph: +34 76 435650. Fx: 438303.

Circle RSC No 281

TAIM-TFG offers a wide range of equipment for mining -- particularly of coal -- which is sold within Spain and in other countries. Of special interest are two new products -- the model MT 45 roadheader and the Aterbi coal cutter.

In Spain, coal mining operations are often confronted by tricky geological problems and in consequence mechanisation is often difficult and its scope limited. TAIM-TFG, with long experience in the field, had managed to develop versatile and adaptable mining equipment suited to these conditions.

A recent ambitious undertaking has been development of a coal cutter capable of mining narrow (0.7-1.1 m), hard coal seams which cannot be tackled with conventional equipment. This cutter has been designed specifically for important coal resources in the El Bierzo (Leon) coal basin. The short machine has radio-controlled cutter commands and inside the cutting drums are planetary reducers to lessen the length of the cutter. Special attention has been paid to dust suppression by high-pressure water injection.

Essentially a compact, double-ended ranging drum shearer, the machine has a cutting power of 2 x 75 kW; speed of traverse 0-6 m/min; machine body length 2,200 mm; length between drum centres 3,690 mm; and a height of 550 mm. The double bidirectional drums have a diameter of 650 mm and length 650-800 mm. The Aterbi system thus meets the requirement for a compact coal cutter able to cope with rocks up to 40 Mpa.

TAIM's MT 45 roadheader has been developed for advancing coal mine roadways of small cross-section. It can be used in room-and-pillar mining and tunnelling work in general where the ground is not excessively hard. The machine's modular design facilitates quick assembly/disassembly when it is moved to different locations in the mine. The large crawler base allows working in soft ground conditions and all electrical equipment is flameproofed for use in gassy mines. Remote control is offered as an optional extra, as is an articulated bridge conveyor suspended from a monorail and attached to the rear of the Mt 45.

Total weight of the roadheader is 15.5 t and cutting head power 45 kW. The axial-type cutting head with a maximum dia. of 0.74 m and maximum cutting height of 3.5 m has a maximum cutting width of 5.1 m. The loading system is the gathering arm type with a minimum loading apron width of 2 m. TAIM also offers the roadheader to mining companies on a rental basis, subject to certain conditions.

TAIM-TFG, P.O. Box 358, 50080 Zaragoza, Spain. Ph: +34 76 500006.Fx: 500038.

Circle RSC No 282

IMISA is a prominent Spanish engineering company involved in major projects in the minerals extractive industry. Its forward-looking approach ensures implementation of the latest technology. Many installations have been undertaken in the bulk minerals and materials handling sectors including feeding, distribution and blending plants.

IMISA, Palacio Valdes, 1-10, 33002 Oviedo, Spain. Ph: +34 8 521 4580. Fx: 522 2598.

Circle RSC No 283

IMENOSA (Industrias Mecanicas Del Noroeste, S.A. -- part of the INI group, Spain's major industrial corporation) is a project engineering and management concern involved in production of machinery/steel structures and turnkey installations, backed up by supervision, servicing and technical assistance. Product lines embrace open pit mining machinery including bucket wheel excavators, stackers, reclaimers and conveyors for extraction, transportation and handling of coal, phosphates, bauxite and other minerals; bulk handling and stockpiling equipment in general; port minerals handling installations; and mineral processing plants.

IMENOSA, P.O. Box 397, 15480 Ferrol, Spain. Ph: +34 81 343011. Fx: 343258.

Circle RSC No 284

ENADIMSA (Empresa Nacional Adaro De Investigaciones Mineras, S.A.) -- also within the INI group -- is involved in geological exploration, prospecting and engineering investigations for the minerals extractive industries worldwide. It has particular strengths in such areas as geophysics, geomechanics and rock mechanics, mapping, industrial exploitation, mineral processing and environmental studies. Field studies are backed up by fully-equipped and modern laboratory facilities for assay and analysis of minerals and metals.

ENADIMSA, Doctor Esquerdo, 138, 28007 Madrid, Spain. Ph: +34 1 552 9900. Fx: 433 5916.

Circle RSC No 285

Union Espanola de Explosivos S.A. (U.E.E.) was founded 100 years ago with the merging of a group of small explosives producers in Spain. Currently, U.E.E. manufactures its wide variety of products in five different domestic plants and other facilities in Australia (ERT-Explosives Australia Pty Ltd) and Argentina (IQAES), and through its associates in Peru (MESUR) and Portugal (SPEL), thus placing the company among the leading group of world explosives producers.

Manufacture of explosives within Spain has paralleled the growth in the country's mining industry, providing all necessary requirements in the blasting field while keeping pace with and adopting the latest technological advances. The variety of explosives manufactured by U.E.E. encompasses different types of gelatins (Goma 2EC), emulsions (Riomex), water gels (Riogel), seismic and permissible explosives, shaped and presplitting charges and many other specialised products. All are available in different sizes and diameters ranging from 18 mm to 200 mm.

Ammonium nitrate (technical grade) is currently produced in the La Felguera facilities. Traditional Anfo and heavy Anfo are also made by U.E.E., and another line is all types of blasting accessories such as fuse caps, electric detonators (regular and permissible), safety fuses, boosters and a full range of detonating cord ranging from 1.5 to 100 g/m including its MS delays. All U.E.E. products are recognized worldwide and meet the highest quality standards.

Technical back-up is also provided by the company to assist users in solving blasting-related problems and thereby increase productivity. Special attention is given to specific problems through Rio Blast S.A., a wholly-owned subsidiary consulting company, well-versed in explosives usage and mining engineering. Blasting design of underground and opencast excavations and fragmentation studies are two areas of Rio Blast's expertise.

Explosive seismology is also covered: state-of-the-art instrumentation and analysis has been fully developed in-house by Rio Blast. The RB-1300 and RB-1400 seisomographs are designed to meet European and world standards. Environmental effects such as ground vibration and air overpressure monitoring are also dealt with. A blasting software package (Blastert) is offered.

UEE -- Explosivos, Claudio Coello, 124, 28006 Madrid, Spain. Ph: +34 1 563 5847. Fx: 563 3938.

Circle RSC No 286

The Alfa caplamp was developed by Suministros Adaro, S.A. to comply with European standard EN 50.033 and the Spanish UNE 22.530/85 thus meeting the requirements for use in fiery mines. Drawing on over 30 years of experience in manufacturing lighting equipment for mines, together with new technology as regards battery power storage, has resulted in a caplamp design offering optimum performance. Made entirely of tough thermoplastic resins, the Alfa caplamp is maintenance-free, robust, light in weight (use of Ni-Cd cells in the battery pack gives a lamp said to weigh 0.5 kg less than any other model currently in use); and the lamp's geometry and dimensions have been very carefully considered, so that it fits perfectly on the user's waist. Complementary with the lamps is a 14-station battery charger based on the established Adaro charging module, which can be added to according to the user's needs and which gives electronically timed and regulated charging for each lamp.

The Alfa's main features are: nominal voltage of battery pack 6 V; nominal wattage of main bulb 4 W halogenous; auxiliary bulb nominal wattage 2.4 W; weight of complete caplamp 1.8 kg; weight of battery pack 1.45 kg; and weight of headpiece 0.35 kg.

Suministros Adaro S.A., Marques de San Esteban, 15, 33206 Gijon, Spain. Ph: +34 85 347805. Fx: 358378.

Circle RSC No 287

Filter Tecnic Espanola S.A. was originally founded in 1909 under a different name (Batlle Soles y Cia., S.A.), and offers a number of products for the mining/mineral processing sector -- particularly in dewatering applications -- including rotary vacuum filters, diaphragm pumps and automatic filter presses for both the domestic and international markets. The company's filter presses are said to require minimal wash water and give cakes at 10-30% less moisture that other filter presses. Other products in wide use in the mineral extractive sector are continuous rotating vacuum filters.

Filter Tecnic Espanola S.A., C, Creu, num. 2, bis - 11, 17002 Gerona, Spain. Ph: +34 972 208158. Fx: 210854.

Circle RSC No 288

Herminsa can fabricate any type of pick or cutter for mining applications, made to the highest quality standards. Heat-treated steel alloys are used, and tungsten carbide bits can be supplied in special grades according to requirements. Herminsa also offers technical assistance and specialised advice on the design and application of mining tools, picks and cutters for use on roadheaders, continuous miners, shearers and similar equipment.

Herramientas de Mineria, S.A., Avda. de Pinoa (Denac), Zamudio (Vizcaya), Spain. Ph: +34 452 0356. Telex: 34175.

Circle RSC No 289

Precismeca specialises in rollers, idlers and supporting structures for belt conveying systems. Rollers are offered in a variety of diameters and configurations: both these and conveyor supporting structures are robustly made for long life under tough conditions.

Precismeca, Avda. Menendez Pelayo, 2, Madrid, Spain. Ph: +91 435 1180. Fx: 4350706.

Circle RSC No 290

Gomy specialises in replacement parts for slurry pumps used on tough duties in mining and mineral processing, particularly where transportation of highly abrasive slurries is involved. Pump components such as impellers, lining and volutes/casing fabricated in tough elastomers with good abrasion-resistance properties can be manufactured for virtually any make of slurry pump and of any dimensions. Gomy also claims that its products are very attractive, price-wise, in comparison with competitive products.

Gomy, Manufacturas del Caucho, S.A., Avda. de la Concordia, s/n, 36700 Tuy (Pontevedra), Spain. Ph: +34 986 600000. Fx: 601786.

Circle RSC No 291

Bandas, S.A. manufactures reinforced steel belt conveyors with widths in all standard qualities up to 2,200 mm. Non-standard belts and belt covers of various designs are also offered. The combination of textile and steel cable construction results in a belt specially fabricated to have considerable crush resistance plus the flexibility required. It is thus able to resist tears and cuts in rugged mining applications and can also be used in applications where resistance to heat is necessary. The flexibility of the belting enables use of smaller diameter rollers than are normally installed with conventional belts. Bandas S.A. also provides a field splicing service using up-to-date equipment giving rapid, reliable repairs and minimising downtime. The company's technical personnel are pleased to deal with queries, while its operations are international, with distributors in U.K., U.S. and France.

Bandas, S.A., San Martin Areas, 36700 Tuy (Pontevedra), Spain, Apdo. 103. Ph: +34 986 600902. Fx: 601786.

Circle RSC No 292

Guria manufactures a range of hydraulic excavators and has recently introduced two new models in backhoe configuration -- the 547 and 523. The former, with a maximum weight of 47 t and rated at 213 kW/290 hp is powered by a Cummins LTA10 -- C290 diesel engine, water-cooled and turbocharged with an intercooler. Crawler-mounted, it has a travelling speed of -2.4 km/h. Maximum digging depth with standard boom and bucket is: 2.28 m stick -- 6.7 m; and 5.50 m stick -- 9.8 m. The standard bucket is 2,900 litres SAE.

The smaller 523 excavator is powered by a John Deere model 6359 T diesel, water-cooled and turbocharged. Travelling speed is 0-3 km/h on the tractor-type undercarriage. Maximum digging depth with a standard boom and bucket is: 2.0 m stick -- 5.5 m; and 4.0 m stick -- 7.5 m. Maximum weight is 23 t and the standard bucket capacity 1,200 litres SAE.

Both excavators have a roomy operator's cab with control and instrument panel within the driver's field of view. Comfort is ensured by internal soundproofing, heating and ventilation. A range of clamshell buckets is also available for the 523.

Guria, S. Coop. Ltda, Alto de Arretxe, 20300 Irun (Guipuzcoa), Spain. Ph: +34 43 629100. Fx: 629176.

Circle RSC No 293

S.A. Metalogenia specialises in a range of consumables for the mining industry, particularly opencast, which it sells domestically and outside Spain. The product range includes excavator bucket teeth, adapters, blades, end-bits and pins for earthmoving equipment in general.

S.A. Metalogenia, Ctra. Nac. II, Km. 636'6, 08330 Premia De Mar, Barcelona, Spain. Ph: +34 3 752 4020. Fx: +34 3 752 3866.

Circle RSC No. 294
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