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Articles from Spanish Journal of Psychology (January 1, 2015)

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A hierarchical (multicomponent) model of in-group identification: examining in Russian samples. Lovakov, Andrey V.; Agadullina, Elena R.; Osin, Evgeny N. 8314
A polytomous Rasch analysis of the English version of health-related quality of life for drug abusers test. Lozano, Oscar M.; Rojas Tejada, Antonio J.; Foresti, Katia; Zubaran, Carlos 7260
A Portuguese version of the student-teacher relationship scale--short form. Nunes Patricio, Joana; Barata, M. Clara; Calheiros, M. Manuela; Graca, Joao 9008
Adaptation and validation of the psychological need thwarting scale in Spanish physical education teachers. Cuevas, Ricardo; Sanchez-Oliva, David; Bartholomew, Kimberley J.; Ntoumanis, Nikos; Garcia-Calvo, To 5563
Adaptation and validation of the Sexual Assertiveness Scale (SAS) in a sample of male drug users. Vallejo-Medina, Pablo; Sierra, Juan Carlos 9646
Adaptation of the HIV stigma scale in Spaniards with HIV. Fuster-Ruizde Apodaca, Maria Jose; Molero, Fernando; Pablo Holgado, Francisco; Ubillos, Silvia 9622
Adversity and adjustment in children in institutions, family foster care, and adoption. Jimenez-Morago, Jesus M.; Leon, Esperanza; Roman, Maite 7718
An explanatory model of poverty from the perspective of social psychology and human rights. Perez-Munoz, Alfonso; Chacon, Fernando; Martinez Arias, Rosario 7890
Analyzing food-related life satisfaction and other predictors of life satisfaction in central Chile. Schnettler, Berta; Lobos, German; Orellana, Ligia; Grunert, Klaus; Sepulveda, Jose; Mora, Marcos; De 10460
Anxiety assessment: psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the burns anxiety inventory. Ortuno-Sierra, Javier; Rodriguez, Lorena; Debbane, Martin; Fonseca-Pedrero, Eduardo 5451
Assessing affective and deliberative decision-making: adaptation of the Columbia card task to Brazilian Portuguese. Kluwe-Schiavon, Bruno; Sanvicente-Vieira, Breno; Viola, Thiago W.; Veiga, Eduardo; Bortolotto, Vanes 6925
Assessing mindfulness on a sample of Catalan-speaking Spanish adolescents: validation of the Catalan version of the child and adolescent mindfulness measure. Vinas, Ferran; Malo, Sara; Gonzalez, Monica; Navarro, Dolors; Casas, Ferran 5323
Attention and response control in ADHD. Evaluation through integrated visual and auditory continuous performance test. Moreno-Garcia, Inmaculada; Delgado-Pardo, Gracia; Roldan-Blasco, Carmen 9828
Auditory verbal hallucinations: can beliefs about voices mediate the relationship patients establish with them and negative affect? de Gracia Leon-Palacios, Maria; Ubeda-Gomez, Juan; Escudero-Perez, Silvia; Dolores Barros-Albaran, M 5445
Can the acoustic analysis of expressive prosody discriminate schizophrenia? Martinez-Sanchez, Francisco; Muela-Martinez, Jose Antonio; Cortes-Soto, Pedro; Garcia Meilan, Juan J 6176
Class anxiety in secondary education: exploring structural relations with perceived control, engagement, disaffection, and performance. Gonzalez, Antonio; Failde Garrido, Jose Maria; Rodriguez Castro, Yolanda; Carrera Rodriguez, Maria V 6782
Clinical and sociodemographic factors associated with cognitive impairment and neuroprotection in diabetes patients. Valiente-Barroso, Carlos; Alvarado-Izquierdo, Jesus Ma; Garcia Garcia, Emilio 8810
Commitment in different relationships statuses: validation study of the personal commitment scale. Pego Monteiro, Ana; Costa-Ramalho, Susana; Ribeiro, Maria Teresa; Marques Pinto, Alexandra 8198
Comparative pessimism or optimism: depressed mood, risk-taking, social utility and desirability. Milhabet, Isabelle; Le Barbenchon, Emmanuelle; Cambon, Laurent; Molina, Guylaine 12198
Comparing cognitive, metacognitive, and acceptance and commitment therapy models of depression: a longitudinal study survey. Ruiz, Francisco J.; Odriozola-Gonzalez, Paula 5580
Dating violence among youth couples: dyadic analysis of the prevalence and agreement. Vicario-Molina, Isabel; Orgaz Baz, Begona; Fuertes Martin, Antonio; Gonzalez Ortega, Eva; Martinez A 8982
Deciding to cooperate in northern Ghana: trust as an evolutionary constraint across cultural diversity. Acedo-Carmona, Cristina; Gomila, Antoni 10467
Development and validation of the Escala de Actitudes Emprendedoras para Estudiantes (EAEE). Oliver, Amparo; Galiana, Laura 5653
Development of listening comprehension tests with narrative and expository texts for Portuguese students. Santos, Sandra; Leopoldina Viana, Fernanda; Ribeiro, Iolanda; Prieto, Gerardo; Brandao, Sara; Cadime 5399
Differences between alcoholics and cocaine addicts seeking treatment. Lopez-Goni, Jose J.; Fernandez-Montalvo, Javier; Arteaga, Alfonso 6583
Directionality effect in double conditionals. Espino, Orlando; Sanchez-Curbelo, Isana; Bolanos-Medina, Alicia 6797
Disentangling the effect of valence and arousal on judgments concerning moral transgressions. de la Vina, Luis; Garcia-Burgos, David; Okan, Yasmina; Candido, Antonio; Gonzalez, Felisa 7132
Dispositional differences of collegiate athletes' flow state: a cross-cultural comparison. Liu, Weina; Ji, Liu; Watson, Jack C., II 6534
Do I know what I'm doing? Cognitive dissonance and action identification theory. Fointiat, Valerie; Pelt, Audrey 4456
Does employee recognition affect positive psychological functioning and well-being? Merino, Ma Dolores; Privado, Jesus 4440
Does gender moderate the relationship between callous-unemotional traits and physical aggression? Nwafor, Chidozie E.; Onyeizugbo, Euckay U.; Anazonwu, Charles O. 6093
Does the relative strength of grouping principles modulate the interactions between them? Montoro, Pedro R.; Luna, Dolores 6270
Efficiency of arithmetic procedures modulates the problem-size effect in subtraction. Nunez-Pena, M. Isabel; Colome, Angels; Tubau, Elisabet 7508
Egalitarianism and sexual prejudice: the role of ingroup distinctiveness motives. Falomir-Pichastor, Juan Manuel; Berent, Jacques; Mugny, Gabriel; Faniko, Klea 6640
Emotional dimensions of music and painting and their interaction. Campos-Bueno, J.J.; DeJuan-Ayala, O.; Montoya, Pedro; Birbaumer, N. 7735
Examination about the effects of future career choice on time perspective in Japanese high school students. Tsuzuki, Manabu 3704
Expanding and adapting the protean career management scale for university students (PCMS-U). Liberato Borges, Ludmila F.; De Andrade, Alexsandro L.; Ziebell de Oliveira, Manoela; Martins Guerra 9688
Expanding research on decentering as measured by the Portuguese version of the experiences questionnaire. Gregorio, Sonia; Pinto-Gouveia, Jose; Duarte, Cristiana; Simoes, Luis 10551
Experiencing effects of cocaine and speed with self-regulation therapy. Amigo, Salvador; Ferrandez, Claudia 7150
Exploring drive for thinness as a perfectionistic strategy to escape from shame experiences. Ferreira, Claudia; Trindade, Ines A.; Ornelas, Luisa 4320
Exploring the relationship between family functioning and psycho-pathology in a sample in the pediatric age. Pepe, Silvia; Tortolani, Daniela; Gentile, Simonetta; Di Ciommo, Vincenzo M. 4695
Facing the adversity: the role of internal assets on well-being in adolescents with special needs. Simoes, Celeste; Gaspar Matos, Margarida; Morgan, Antony 10070
Factorial structure and measurement invariance of the PANAS in Spanish older adults. Buz, Jose; Perez-Arechaederra, Diana; Fernandez-Pulido, Ramon; Urchaga, David 8368
Gender differences in risk factors for Stice's bulimia in a non-clinical sample. Ruisoto, Pablo; Cacho, Raul; Lopez-Goni, Jose J.; Real Deus, Eulogio; Vaca, Silvia; Mayoral, Paula 6870
Group violence and migration experience among Latin American youths in justice enforcement centers (Madrid, Spain). Martinez Garcia, Jose Manuel; Martin Lopez, Maria Jesus 10217
High and low trait anger, angry thoughts, and the recognition of anger problems. Alcazar-Olan, Raul J.; Deffenbacher, Jerry L.; Hernandez Guzman, Laura; Jurado Cardenas, Samuel 6325
How search for meaning interacts with complex categories of meaning in life and subjective well-being? Figueiredo Damasio, Bruno; Koller, Silvia Helena 7203
Identification and characterization of adolescent internet user's profiles. Rial, Antonio; Gomez, Patricia; Picon, Eduardo; Brana, Teresa; Varela, Jesus 8045
Impulsive driving: definition and measurement using the I-Driving Scale (IDS). Perez-Moreno, Elisa; Hernandez-Lloreda, Maria Jose; Ruiz Gallego-Largo, Trinidad; Angel Castellanos, 7757
Incremental validity of personality measures in predicting underwater performance and adaptation. Colodro, Joaquin; Garces-de-los-Fayos, Enrique J.; Lopez-Garcia, Juan J.; Colodro-Conde, Lucia 6667
Individual recovery profiles in basketball players. Moreno, Jordi; Ramos-Castro, Juan; Rodas, Gil; Tarrago, Joan R.; Capdevila, Lluis 7736
Inequalities in mental health in the Spanish autonomous communities: a multilevel study. Rocha, Katia B.; Perez, Katherine; Rodriguez-Sanz, Maica; Muntaner, Carles; Alonso, Jordi; Borrell, 5759
Intensity of love in a community sample of Spanish couples in the region of Madrid. Cuenca-Montesino, Maria Luisa; Luis Grana, Jose; Daniel O'Leary, K. 6135
Internal structure and partial invariance across gender in the Spanish version of the reasoning test battery. Elosua, Paula; Mujika, Josu 4670
Internet abuse risk factors among Spanish adolescents. Carballo, Jose L.; Marin-Vila, Maria; Espada, Jose P.; Orgiles, Mireia; Piqueras, Jose A. 5192
Levels of visual stress in proficient readers: effects of spectral filtering of fluorescent lighting on reading discomfort. Loew, Stephen J.; Rodriguez, Celestino; Marsh, Nigel V.; Jones, Graham L.; Carlos Nunez, Jose; Watso 7367
Longitudinal study of cognitive variables in women with schizophrenia: 31-year follow-up study. Sanguino-Andres, Rosa; Lopez-Villalobos, Jose Antonio; Gonzalez-Pablos, Emilio; Guarido-Rivera, Viol 7026
Mother-youth acculturation gaps and health-risking/emotional problems among Latin-American adolescents. Wiesner, Margit; Arbona, Consuelo; Capaldi, Deborah M.; Kim, Hyoun K.; Kaplan, Charles D. 8950
Multiple goals and homework involvement in elementary school students. Valle, Antonio; Pan, Irene; Nunez, Jose C.; Rodriguez, Susana; Rosario, Pedro; Regueiro, Bibiana 7888
Naive tests of basic local independence model's invariance. de Chiusole, Debora; Stefanutti, Luca; Anselmi, Pasquale; Robusto, Egidio 5619
Patterns of emotion attribution are affected in patients with schizophrenia. Romero-Ferreiro, Maria Veronica; Aguado, Luis; Rodriguez-Torresano, Javier; Palomo, Tomas; Rodriguez 5515
Perceived control mediates the relations between depressive symptoms and academic achievement in adolescence. Moe, Angelica 4826
Perceived discrimination, internalized stigma and psychological well-being of people with mental illness. Perez-Garin, Daniel; Molero, Fernando; E.R. Bos, Arjan 6182
Perceived experience of fatigue in clinical and general population: descriptors and associated reactivities. Fuentes-Marquez, Sandra; Senin-Calderon, Cristina; Rodriguez-Testal, Juan F.; Carrasco, Miguel A. 6410
Perceived parenting and basic need satisfaction among Portuguese adolescents. Cordeiro, Pedro; Paula Paixao, Maria; Lens, Willy 9464
Personality traits, future time perspective and adaptive behavior in adolescence. Gil Gomes Carvalho, Renato; Ferreira Novo, Rosa 6035
Portuguese validation of the consideration of future consequences scale. Vasquez Echeverria, Alejandro; Esteves, Cristina; Vilares Gomes, Catarina; Ortuno, Victor E.C. 7700
Predicting alcohol-impaired driving among Spanish youth with the theory of reasoned action. Espada, Jose P.; Griffin, Kenneth W.; Gonzalvez, Maria T.; Orgiles, Mireia 5087
Predictors of beliefs in intergroup forgiveness in a Chilean general population sample. Cardenas, Manuel; Arnoso, Maitane; Paez, Dario 6991
Profiles of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in the elderly. Peraita, Herminia; Chacon, Jose; Diaz-Mardomingo, Carmen; Martinez-Arias, Rosario 8436
Psychological treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder in children and adolescents: a meta-analysis. Rosa-Alcazar, Ana I.; Sanchez-Meca, Julio; Rosa-Alcazar, Angel; Iniesta-Sepulveda, Marina; Olivares- 17665
Psychometric properties of the formal characteristics of behavior-temperament inventory in Chinese samples. Liu, Wen; Chen, Liang; Yang, Ying; Zhang, Shuai 6762
Psychometric properties of the Montgomery-Asberg depression rating scale in severely obese patients. Francielle Paiva-Medeiros, Paula; Severo Duarte-Guerra, Leorides; Aurelio Santo, Marco; Lotufo-Neto, 5953
Psychometric properties of the Spanish adaptation of the health care communication questionnaire (HCCQ). Leal Costa, Cesar; Gomez Sanchez, Rosario; Tirado Gonzalez, Sonia; Rodriguez Marin, Jesus; van-der H 4325
Quality of life and stressors in patients with chronic kidney disease depending on treatment. Martinez-Sanchis, Sonia; Bernal, M. Consuelo; Montagud, Jose V.; Abad, Anna; Crespo, Josep; Pallardo 6576
Rasch modeling and confirmatory factor analysis of the Systemizing Quotient-Revised (SQ-R) scale. Allison, Carrie; Baron-Cohen, Simon; Stone, Mark H.; Muncer, Steven J. 8167
Relationship between achievement goals and students' self-reported personal and social responsibility behaviors. Agbuga, Bulent; Xiang, Ping; McBride, Ron E. 5854
Sex and age differences in the endorsement of sex stereotypes associated with driving. Pravossoudovitch, Karyn; Martha, Cecile; Cury, Francois; Granie, Marie-Axelle 5893
Sexual cognitions in victims of childhood and adolescence/adulthood sexual abuse. Moyano, Nieves; Sierra, Juan Carlos 8027
Sharing in private and public situations: does this really matter for children? Rodrigues Sampaio, Leonardo; Neto Pires, Michelle Franca Dourado 4927
Social skills questionnaire for Argentinean college students (SSQ-U) development and validation. Moran, Valeria E.; Olaz, Fabian O.; Del Prette, Zilda A.P. 7765
Spanish adaptation of the Memory Characteristics Questionnaire (MCQ). Pegalajar, Joaquin; Acosta, Alberto; Castillo, Miguel; Higueras, Lorenzo; Padilla, Jose-Luis 6729
Spanish and Chilean standardizations of the personality assessment inventory: the influence of sex. Ortiz-Tallo, Margarita; Cardenal, Violeta; Ferragut, Marta; Santamaria, Pablo 8145
Spanish version of the avoidance-endurance questionnaire: factor structure and psychometric properties. Ruiz-Parraga, Gema T.; Lopez-Martinez, Alicia E.; Rusu, Adina C.; Hasenbring, Monika I. 10894
Stimulus modality and smoking behavior: moderating role of implicit attitudes. Ezeh, Valentine C.; Mefoh, Philip 4485
Strategic decisions in task-oriented reading. Salmeron, Ladislao; Vidal-Abarca, Eduardo; Martinez, Tomas; Mana, Amelia; Gil, Laura; Naumann, Johan 7088
Styles of counterfactual thoughts in people with and without signs of depression. Sarantopoulos Faccioli, Juliana; Waltz Schelini, Patricia 8309
Teacher support resources, need satisfaction and well-being. Domenech-Betoret, Fernando; Lloret-Segura, Susana; Gomez-Artiga, Amparo 8549
The 15-item systemic clinical outcome and routine evaluation (score-15) scale: Portuguese validation studies. Vilaca, Margarida; de Sousa, Bruno; Stratton, Peter; Relvas, Ana Paula 6768
The costs of policing: psychosocial capital and mental health outcomes in a Nigeria police sample. Ojedokun, Oluyinka; Balogun, Shyngle K. 6672
The DiViSA's predictive validity by age an objective online test of attention. Santacreu, J.; Quiroga, M.A. 7762
The effects of job demands and organizational resources through psychological need satisfaction and thwarting. Gillet, Nicolas; Fouquereau, Evelyne; Huyghebaert, Tiphaine; Colombat, Philippe 14667
The exchange relationship between work-family enrichment and affective commitment: the moderating role of gender. Marques, Antonio Manuel; Chambel, Maria Jose; Pinto, Ines 7982
The Loleva oral and written language test: psychometric properties. Peralbo, Manuel; Angeles Mayor, Maria; Zubiauz, Begona; Risso, Alicia; Fernandez-Amado, Maria Luz; T 7455
The promotion of executive functioning in a Brazilian public school: a pilot study. Martins Dias, Natalia; Gotuzo Seabra, Alessandra 9416
The role of values in attitudes towards violence: discrimination against Moroccans and Romanian gypsies in Spain. Alvaro, Jose Luis; Morais de Oliveira, Thiago; Rosas Torres, Ana Raquel; Pereira, Cicero; Garrido, A 7089
The Scree test and the number of factors: a dynamic graphics approach. Ledesma, Ruben Daniel; Valero-Mora, Pedro; Macbeth, Guillermo 5093
The thousand shades of the financial and economic crisis: a study of the social representations of the crisis in Portugal. Poeschl, Gabrielle; Pires Valentim, Joaquim; Pereira da Silva, Bruno 7170
Treatment of anxiety disorders in a psychology clinic. Labrador, Francisco J.; Estupina, Francisco J.; Bernaldo-de-Quiros, Monica; Fernandez-Arias, Ignacio 5819
Usefulness of WISC-IV in determining intellectual giftedness. Molinero, Clara; Mata, Sara; Calero, Ma Dolores; Garcia-Marin, Ma Belen; Araque- Cuenca, Arsenio 6781
Validation of a new instrument for self-care in Spanish palliative care professionals nationwide. Galiana, Laura; Oliver, Amparo; Sanso, Noemi; Benito, Enric 5963
Validity and reliability of the Spanish version of the revised self-monitoring scale. Paredes, Borja; Stavraki, Maria; Diaz, Dario; Gandarillas, Beatriz; Brinol, Pablo 6885
Youths in residential care perceptions about their group: psychometric properties of a measurement tool. Magalhaes, Eunice; Manuela Calheiros, Maria 5616

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