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Articles from Spanish Journal of Psychology (January 1, 2013)

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A meta-analysis of the diagnostic accuracy of the SCOFF. Botella, Juan; Sepulveda, Ana Rosa; Huang, Huiling; Gambara, Hilda Report 5421
A psychology of liberation for Central America: the unfinished work of Ignacio Martin-Baro (1942-1989). Gondra, Jose Maria Report 12976
A smile radiates outwards and biases the eye expression. Fernandez-Martin, Andres; Gutierrez-Garcia, Aida; Calvo, Manuel G. Report 7509
Academic performance and social competence of adolescents: predictions based on effortful control and empathy. Zorza, Juan P.; Marino, Julian; de Lemus, Soledad; Mesas, Alberto Acosta Report 8478
Adaptation of the questionnaire of Hahn, Cella, Bode, and Hanrahan in Spanish patients affected by asbestos poisoning. Clemente, Miguel; Reig-Botella, Adela Report 4223
Age differences in executive functions within a sample of Brazilian children and adolescents. Dias, Natalia Martins; Menezes, Amanda; Seabra, Alessandra Gotuzo Report 10291
Aggressive behavior in children: the role of temperament and family socialization. Gonzalez-Pena, Paloma; Egido, Begona Delgado; Carrasco, Miguel A.; Tello, Francisco Pablo Holgado Report 7993
An analysis of the relationship between victimization and violent behavior at school. Estevez, Estefania; Jimenez, Teresa I.; Moreno, David; Musitu, Gonzalo Report 9063
An integrative study of autobiographical memory for positive and negative experiences. Garcia-Bajos, Elvira; Migueles, Malen Report 7866
Associations between psychosocial problems and personality disorders among Egyptian adolescents. Elbheiry, Abd-Elraqeep; Emam, Mahmoud Report 6742
Associative relationships in human predictive learning. Gamez, A. Matias; Martos, Rafael; Abad, Maria J.F.; Rosas, Juan M. Report 8045
Autonomy, coping strategies and psychological well-being in young professional tennis players. Carrasco, Alicia Elena Romero; Campbell, Rolando Zapata; Lopez, Alejandra Letelier; Poblete, Ixa Lop Report 7194
Black and white or shades of Grey? comparing social representations centrality models. Wachelke, Joao Report 7583
Body image and subjective well-being in Portuguese adolescents. Borges, Antonio; de Matos, Margarida Gaspar; Diniz, Jose Alves Report 9551
Bullying in Spanish secondary schools: gender-based differences. Fernandez, Maria Victoria Carrera; Fernandez, Maria Lameiras; Castro, Yolanda Rodriguez; Garrido, Jo Report 11402
Cardiovascular response to psychosocial repeated stress in caregivers of offspring with schizophrenia. Gonzalez-Bono, Esperanza; de Andres-Garcia, Sara; Romero-Martinez, Angel; Moya-Albiol, Luis Report 8119
Confirmatory factor analysis of the generalized self-efficacy scale in Brazil and Portugal. Leme, Vanessa B.R.; Coimbra, Susana; Gato, Jorge; Fontaine, Anne Marie; Del Prette, Zilda A.P. Report 6101
Construction and validation of the community and Socio-Political Participation Scale (SCAP). Moreno-Jimenez, M. Pilar; Rodriguez, M. Luisa Rios; Martin, Macarena Vallejo Report 5722
Context of treatment and therapeutic alliance: critical factors in court-mandated batterer intervention programs. Boira, Santiago; del Castillo, Maria F.; Carbajosa, Pablo; Marcuello, Chaime Report 9217
Contextual variables associated with psychosocial adjustment of adolescents. Sbicigo, Juliana Burges; Dell'Aglio, Debora Dalbosco Report 7542
Depression and neighborhood violence among children and early adolescents in Medellin, Colombia. Velez-Gomez, Paulina; Restrepo-Ochoa, Diego Alveiro; Berbesi-Fernandez, Dedsy; Trejos-Castillo, Eliz Report 7708
Development patterns of executive functions in children. Juric, Lorena Canet; Richards, Maria M.; Introzzi, Isabel; Andres, Maria Laura; Urquijo, Sebastian Report 9784
Differences in psychosocial risk variables for HIV as a function of sexual experience. Ramiro, Maria Teresa; Sillero, Lidia Jimenez; Bermudez, Maria Paz Report 4293
Dimensionality of the inventory of parent and peer attachment: evaluation with the Spanish version. Gallarin, Miriam; Alonso-Arbiol, Itziar Report 9124
Dimensions of familial Allocentrism in Brazilian mothers from state capitals and small cities. Seidl-de-Moura, Maria Lucia; Ziviani, Cilio; Oliva, Angela Donato; Fioravanti-Bastos, Ana Carolina; Report 8583
Disability profile/clinician-rated: validity for Brazilian University students with social anxiety disorder. de Morais Abumusse, Luciene Vaccaro; Osorio, Flavia L.; Crippa, Jose Alexandre S.; Loureiro, Sonia R Report 5934
Discriminant profile of young adulthood driving behavior among Brazilian drivers. Dotta-Panichi, Renata Maria; Wagner, Adriana; Sarriera, Jorge Castella Report 6828
Do cigarette smokers have different personality patterns than non-smokers? Becona, Elisardo; del Rio, Elena Fernandez; Lopez-Duran, Ana; Martinez, Ursula; Pineiro, Barbara; Mi Report 6719
Emotional intelligence and self-efficacy: effects on psychological well-being in college students. Costa, Hilda; Ripoll, Pilar; Sanchez, Miguel; Carvalho, Carla Report 6320
Employability and temporary workers' affective commitment: the moderating role of voluntariness. Espada, Mafalda; Chambel, Maria Jose Report 7350
Explaining social discrimination: racism in Brazil and xenophobia in Spain. Camino, Leoncio; Alvaro, Jose Luis; Torres, Ana Raquel R.; Garrido, Alicia; Morais, Thiago; Barbosa, Report 8054
Expressed and perceived criticism, family warmth, and symptoms in schizophrenia. Medina-Pradas, Cristina; Navarro, J. Blas; Pousa, Esther; Montero, M. Isabel; Obiols, Jordi E. Report 6413
Facial affect recognition in myasthenia gravis. Lazaro, Esther; Amayra, Imanol; Lopez-Paz, Juan Francisco; Jometon, Amaia; Martin, Natalia; Caballer Report 4945
Factor structure and reliability of the depression, anxiety and stress scales in a large Portuguese community sample. Vasconcelos-Raposo, Jose; Fernandes, Helder Miguel; Teixeira, Carla M. Report 7142
Family relations, stressful events and internalizing symptoms in adolescence: a longitudinal study. Hess, Adriana Raquel Binsfeld; Teodoro, Maycoln Leoni Martins; Falcke, Denise Clinical report 5355
High trait anger Mexican youth: characteristics, parental anger, and counseling needs. Alcazar-Olan, Raul J.; Deffenbacher, Jerry L. Report 7681
HIV- and AIDS-related stigma: psychosocial aspects in a representative Spanish sample. Fuster, Maria J.; Molero, Fernando; de Montes, Lorena Gil; Agirrezabal, Arrate; Vitoria, Amaia 5933
Incidental encoding of the serial order of visual-spatial events in working memory. de Santana, Jeanny Joana Rodrigues Alves; Galera, Cesar Report 4734
Interaction with the game and motivation among players of massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Fuster, Hector; Carbonell, Xavier; Chamarro, Andres; Oberst, Ursula Report 6541
Labelling improves false belief understanding. A training study. Sellabona, Elisabet Serrat; Sanchez, Carles Rostan; Majoral, Eduard Valles; Guitart, Moises Esteban; Report 10630
Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) and innovation climate: the role of LMX differentiation. Tordera, Nuria; Gonzalez-Roma, Vicente Report 5863
Learning of facial responses to faces associated with positive or negative emotional expressions. Aguado, Luis; Roman, Francisco J.; Rodriguez, Sonia; Dieguez-Risco, Teresa; Romero-Ferreiro, Veronic Report 6597
Learning to read: the case of Moroccan students who learn Spanish. Aguilera-Jimenez, Antonio; Delgado, Carmen; Luque, Alfonso; Moreno-Perez, Francisco J.; R. Rodriguez Report 6837
Less time, better quality. Shortening questionnaires to assess team environment and goal orientation. Alcaraz, Saul; Viladrich, Carme; Torregrosa, Miquel Report 9729
Loneliness of homosexual male students: parental bonding attitude as a moderating factor. Chen, I-Chieh Report 6485
Meaningfulness in work in Brazilian and French creative industries. Bendassolli, Pedro F.; Borges-Andrade, Jairo Eduardo Report 10380
Measurement invariance study of the Training Satisfaction Questionnaire (TSQ). Sanduvete-Chaves, Susana; Holgado-Tello, F. Pablo; Chacon-Moscoso, Salvador; Barbero-Garcia, M. Isab Report 7434
Measuring subjective resilience despite adversity due to family, peers and teachers. Alonso-Tapia, Jesus; Nieto, Carmen; Ruiz, Miguel A. Report 7673
Memory for radio advertisements: the effect of program and typicality. Martin-Luengo, Beatriz; Luna, Karlos; Migueles, Malen Report 4952
Millon clinical multiaxial inventory III (MCMI-III) and communication styles in a sample of university students. Caparros, Beatriz Caparros; Hoz, Esperanza Villar Report 7942
Mindful attention and awareness: relationships with psychopathology and emotion regulation. Gregorio, Sonia; Pinto-Gouveia, Jose Report 6692
Multi-informant perception of quality of life and adaptation in chronic schizophrenia. Poc, Olga Gabaldon; Ruiz-Iriondo, Maria; Bobowik, Magdalena Report 5122
Multilevel models in the explanation of the relationship between safety climate and safe behavior. Cheyne, Alistair; Tomas, Jose M.; Oliver, Amparo Report 7975
Nationwide survey on HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitudes and risk behavior in university students of Portugal. Reis, Marta; Ramiro, Lucia; de Matos, Margarida Gaspar; Diniz, Jose Alves Survey 7971
Normative data for a Spanish version of the Rey Auditory-Verbal Learning Test in older people. Marques, Nuria Ortiz; Caro, Imanol Amayra; Valiente, Juan M. Uterga; Rodriguez, Silvia Martinez Report 8094
Obsessive-compulsive symptoms among Spanish adolescents: prevalence and association with depressive and anxious symptoms. Noorian, Zahra; Granero, Roser; Ferreira, Estrella; Romero-Acosta, Kelly; Domenech-Llaberia, Edelmir Report 8231
Parental stress and children adjustment in kinship foster families. Jimenez, Jesus M.; Mata, Estefania; Leon, Esperanza; Munoz, Alicia Report 7410
Pathological gamblers and a non-psychiatric control group taking gender differences into account. Echeburua, Enrique; Gonzalez-Ortega, Itxaso; de Corral, Paz; Polo-Lopez, Rocio Report 5932
Perceived self-efficacy during an emergency situation reduces posttraumatic stress symptoms. Saccinto, Elisa; Valles, Lola; Hilterman, Ed; Roiha, Malin; Pietrantoni, Luca; Perez-Testor, Carles Report 6585
Perceptions of the self and most people's reactions towards innocent and noninnocent victims. Alves, Helder; Correia, Isabel Report 8576
Positive and negative affect schedule: psychometric properties for the Brazilian Portuguese version. Pires, Pedro; Filgueiras, Alberto; Ribas, Rodolfo; Santana, Cristina Report 5791
Pre-service science teachers' teaching self-efficacy in relation to personality traits and academic self-regulation. Senler, Burcu; Sungur-Vural, Semra Report 13165
Prespeech vocalizations and the emergence of speech: a study of 1005 Spanish children. Karousou, Alexandra; Lopez-Ornat, Susana Report 14598
Prevalence of oppositional defiant disorder in a sample of Spanish schoolchildren. Meisel, Victoria; Servera, Mateu; Cardo, Esther; Garcia-Banda, Gloria Report 6663
Professional training in the workplace: the role of achievement motivation and locus of control. Suarez-Alvarez, Javier; Campillo-Alvarez, Angela; Fonseca-Pedrero, Eduardo; Garcia-Cueto, Eduardo; M Report 7513
Protective factors for adolescent violence against authority. Ibabe, Izaskun; Jaureguizar, Joana; Bentler, Peter M. Report 9254
Prototypicality and intensity of emotional faces using an anchor-point method. Sanchez, Alvaro; Vazquez, Carmelo Report 8038
Psychometric evaluation of the sociocultural attitudes towards appearance questionnaire-3 among Brazilian young adults. Amaral, Ana C.S.; Ribeiro, Mario S.; Conti, Maria A.; Ferreira, Clecio S.; Ferreira, Maria E.C. Report 7237
Psychometric properties of a test for ADHD based on binocular rivalry. Amador-Campos, Juan Antonio; Aznar-Casanova, J. Antonio; Moreno-Sanchez, Manuel; Medina-Pena, Antoni Report 5033
Psychometric properties of the screen for child anxiety related emotional disorders for socially anxious and healthy Spanish adolescents. Hale, William W. III; Raaijmakers, Quinten A.W.; Garcia-Lopez, Luis Joaquin; Fernandez, Lourdes Espi Report 4652
Psychometric properties of the social physique anxiety scale (SPAS-7) in Spanish adolescents. Saenz-Alvarez, Piedad; Sicilia, Alvaro; Gonzalez-Cutre, David; Ferriz, Roberto Report 6789
Psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the children assertive behavior scale. Mesa, Juani; Garcia, Dolores; Betancort, Moises; Segura, Manuel Report 5302
Psychometric properties of the Turkish version of the composite scale of morningness. Onder, Ismail; Besoluk, Senol; Horzum, Mehmet Baris Report 5310
Psychoticism and disruptive behavior can be also good predictors of school achievement. Flores-Mendoza, Carmen; Widaman, Keith; Mansur-Alves, Marcela; Bacelar, Tatiane Dias; Saldanha, Rena Report 9908
Quality of life in disability: validation of Schalock's multi-dimensional model in the Portuguese context. Loja, Ema; Costa, Maria Emilia; Menezes, Isabel Report 8243
Reappraisal of threat value: loss of blocking in human aversive conditioning. Boddez, Yannick; Baeyens, Frank; Hermans, Dirk; Beckers, Tom Report 7076
Relapse situations according to Marlatt's Taxonomy in smokers. Pineiro, Barbara; Becona, Elisardo Report 9533
Relationship between stress symptoms and drug use among secondary students. Frade, Iracema Francisco; De Micheli, Denise; Andrade, Andre Luiz Monezi; de Souza-Formigoni, Maria Report 9254
Representations and antinomies: rural and city social objects in a Brazilian peasant community. Bonomo, Mariana; de Souza, Lidio; Trindade, Zeidi Araujo; Menandro, Maria Cristina Smith Report 9646
Retiring from elite sports in Greece and Spain. Dimoula, Fani; Torregrosa, Miquel; Psychountaki, Maria; Fernandez, Maria Dolores Gonzalez 7913
Romantic attachment in Chilean adults: development of a short-form version of the experiences in close relationships. Spencer, Rosario; Alonso-Arbiol, Itziar; Fresno, Andres Report 6493
Satisfaction with life scale in a representative sample of Spanish adults: validation and normative data. Vazquez, Carmelo; Duque, Almudena; Hervas, Gonzalo Report 8113
Self-generated explanations on the question demands are not always helpful. Cerdan, Raquel; Gilabert, Ramiro; Vidal-Abarca, Eduardo Report 7862
Sense of coherence and biopsychosocial health in spanish adolescents. Garcia-Moya, Irene; Moreno, Carmen; Rivera, Francisco 7082
Social intelligence as a predictor of loneliness in the workplace. Silman, Fatos; Dogan, Tayfun Report 3847
Spanish adaptation of the structural empowerment scale. Roman, Maria J. Jaimez; Bretones, Francisco D. Report 4766
Spanish version of the eating attitudes test 40: dimensionality, reliability, convergent and criterion validity. Rivas, Teresa; Franco, Karina; Bersabe, Rosa; Montiel, Carmen Berrocal Report 7914
Spanish version of the meta-cognitions questionnaire 30 (MCQ-30). Ramos-Cejudo, Juan; Salguero, Jose M.; Cano-Vindel, Antonio Report 5300
Spanish version of the new ecological paradigm scale for children. Corraliza, Jose A.; Collado, Silvia; Bethelmy, Lisbeth Report 5473
Structure and invariance of executive functioning tasks across socioeconomic status: evidence from spanish-speaking children. Aran-Filippetti, Vanessa Report 11528
Surviving childhood cancer: relationship between exercise and coping on quality of life. Castellano, Carmina; Perez-Campdepadros, Marta; Capdevila, Lluis; de Toledo, Jose Sanchez; Gallego, Report 5891
Teacher psychological needs, locus of control and engagement. Betoret, Fernando Domenech Report 8330
Temperament and behavior problems in toddlers born preterm and very low birth weight. Klein, Vivian Caroline; Rocha, Luciana Cosentino; Martinez, Francisco Eulogio; Putnam, Samuel P.; Li Report 6696
Temperament and behavioral problems of preschool children with headache--a controlled study. Correia, Luciana Leonetti; Linhares, Maria Beatriz Martins Report 5854
The importance of supporting adolescents' autonomy in promoting physical-sport exercise. Moreno-Murcia, Juan Antonio; Hernandez, Elisa Huescar Report 6866
The influence of leadership style on subordinates' attachment to the leader. Molero, Fernando; Moriano, Juan A.; Shaver, Phillip R. Report 6366
The irritation scale as an instrument to measure stress among university students. Merino-Tejedor, Enrique; Boada-Grau, Joan; Sanchez-Garcia, Jose C.; Hontangas-Beltran, Pedro Miguel Report 7207
The Perceived Stress Scale (PSS): normative data and factor structure for a large-scale sample in Mexico. Gonzalez-Ramirez, Monica Teresa; Rodriguez-Ayan, Maria Noel; Hernandez, Rene Landero Report 5283
The Portuguese version of the Depressive Experiences Questionnaire (DEQ): results from a validation program in clinical and non clinical samples. Campos, Rui C.; Besser, Avi; Blatt, Sidney J. Report 9724
The role of morphology in reading in Spanish-speaking children with dyslexia. Suarez-Coalla, Paz; Cuetos, Fernando Report 4924
Think Manager--Think Male in adolescents and its relation to sexism and emotions in leadership. Garria-Ael, Cristina; Cuadrado, Isabel; Molero, Fernando Report 8106
Unpredictability and context conditioning: does the nature of the US matter? Meulders, Ann; Boddez, Yannick; Vansteenwegen, Debora; Baeyens, Frank Report 5639
Using learning potential to evaluate children with specific language impairment. Robles-Bello, Ma Auxiliadora; Garcia, Ma Dolores Calero Report 7561
Verification of ingroup identity as a longitudinal mediator between intergroup contact and outgroup evaluation. Gomez, Angel; Eller, Anja; Vazquez, Alexandra Clinical report 7185
When interdependence shapes social perception: cooperation and competition moderate implicit gender stereotyping. de Lemus, Soledad; Bukowski, Marcin Report 5213
When the care ends: emotional state of Spanish bereaved caregivers of persons with dementia. Crespo, Maria; Piccini, Ana T.; Bernaldo-de-Quiros, Monica Report 5889
Working memory as separable subsystems: a study with Portuguese primary school children. Campos, Isabel S.; Almeida, Leandro S.; Ferreira, Aristides I.; Martinez, Luis F. Report 6772
Workplace attachment and meaning of work in a French secondary school. Rioux, Liliane; Pignault, Anne Report 10559
Zung scale factor invariance in male coronary patients and healthy people. Perez, Antonio del Pino; Fernandez, Ignacio Ibanez; Ojeda, Francisco Bosa; Gonzalez, Ruth Dorta; Mei Report 5253

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