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Articles from Spanish Journal of Psychology (November 1, 2011)

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A confirmatory factor analysis of the "autoconcepto forma 5" questionnaire in young adults from Spain and Chile. Garcia, Jose Fernando; Musitu, Gonzalo; Riquelme, Enrique; Riquelme, Paula 8526
A new approach for differential item functioning detection using Mantel-Haenszel methods. The GMHDIF program. Fidalgo, Angel M. 3210
Anticipated emotions and personal experience for predicting behavioral intentions and behavioral expectations. Carrera, Pilar; Caballero, Amparo; Munoz, Dolores; Oceja, Luis 8389
Assessing the impact of dispositional resistance to change on organizational attraction. Arciniega, Luis M.; Maldonado, Adriana 7004
Assessment of executive functions in a Brazilian sample of bipolar subjects. Oliveira, Silvana; Kapczinski, Flavio; Camey, Suzi; Trentini, Clarissa 6605
Avoidance and activation as keys to depression: adaptation of the behavioral activation for depression scale in a Spanish sample. Barraca, Jorge; Perez-Alvarez, Marino; Bleda, Jose Hector Lozano 8434
Consequences of job insecurity and the moderator role of occupational group. Miana, Beatriz Sora; Gonzalez-Morales, M. Gloria; Caballer, Amparo; Peiro, Jose M. 9286
Cost of mental set reconfiguration between digits and their photisms in synaesthesia. Milan, Emilio G.; Artacho, Maria Angeles Rodriguez; Moreno-Rios, Sergio; de Cordoba, Ma Jose; Pereda 4890
Drug awareness in adolescents attending a mental health service: analysis of longitudinal data. Arnau, Jaume; Bono, Roser; Diaz, Rosa; Goti, Javier 6544
Dynamics of the general factor of personality in response to a single dose of caffeine. Caselles, Antonio; Mico, Joan C.; Amigo, Salvador 11220
Eating habits, physical activity, consumption of substances and eating disorders in adolescents. Quiles-Marcos, Yolanda; Balaguer-Sola, Isabel; Pamies-Aubalat, Lidia; Jose Quiles-Sebastian, Maria; 8987
Effective behaviors to de-escalate organizational conflicts in the process of escalation. Medina, Francisco J.; Benitez, Miriam 5901
Effects of a play program on creative thinking of preschool children. Garaigordobil, Maite; Berrueco, Laura 8429
Exploring the role of national culture on knowledge practices: a comparison between Spain and the UK. Cegarra-Navarro, Juan Gabriel; Vidal, Ma. Eugenia Sanchez; Cegarra-Leiva, David 8666
Factorial validity of the job expectations questionnaire in a sample of Mexican workers. Villa-George, Fabiola Itzel; Moreno-Jimenez, Bernardo; Rodriguez-Munoz, Alfredo; Uribe, Jessica Vill 5022
Father involvement and marital relationship during transition to parenthood: differences between dual and single-earner families. Menendez, Susana; Hidalgo, Ma. Victoria; Jimenez, Lucia; Moreno, Ma Carmen 6414
Functions of the pointing gesture in mothers and their 12 to 36-month-old children during everyday activities. Ayala, Mercedes Amparo Muneton; Lopez, Maria Jose Rodrigo 7959
Hand gestures and perceived influence in small group interaction. Maricchiolo, Fridanna; Livi, Stefano; Bonaiuto, Marino; Gnisci, Augusto 6606
High and low trait anger, and the recognition of anger problems. Alcazar, Raul J.; Deffenbacher, Jerry L.; Guzman, Laura Hernandez; Wilson, Graciela I. 5937
I control therefore I am: effects of mortality salience on control attributions. Willis, Guillermo B.; Tapia-V., Alejandro; Martinez, Rocio 5359
Infant-mother attachment can be improved through group intervention: a preliminary evaluation in Spain in a non-randomized controlled trial. Torres, Barbara; Alonso-Arbiol, Itziar; Cantero, Maria Jose; Abubakar, Amina 6849
Inhibitory processes, working memory, phonological awareness, naming speed, and early arithmetic achievement. Navarro, Jose I.; Aguilar, Manuel; Alcalde, Concepcion; Ruiz, Gonzalo; Marchena, Esperanza; Menacho, 6283
Intelligence impairment, personality features and psychopathology disturbances in a family affected with CADASIL. Dominguez-Sanchez, Francisco Javier; Lasa-Aristu, Amaia; Goni-Imizcoz, Miguel 4672
Interference in visual perception by verbal and spatial cognitive activity. Perez-Moreno, Elisa; Conchillo, Angela; Recarte, Miguel Angel 9691
Latin-American immigrant women and mental health: differences according to their rural or urban origin. Kirchner, Teresa; Patino, Camila 4894
Learning about faces: effects of trustworthiness on affective evaluation. Aguado, Luis; Roman, Francisco J.; Fernandez-Cahill, Maria; Dieguez-Risco, Teresa; Romero-Ferreiro, 7039
Objective assessment of gender roles: gender roles test (GRT-36). Fernandez, Juan; Quiroga, Ma. Angeles; del Olmo, Isabel; Aroztegui, Javier; Martin, Arantxa 8133
Perceptions of breastfeeding in mothers of babies born preterm in comparison to mothers of full-term babies. Padovani, Flavia Helena Pereira; Duarte, Geraldo; Martinez, Francisco Eulogio; Linhares, Maria Beatr 10225
Personality and job stress: a comparison of direct effects on parenting. Blanch, Angel; Aluja, Anton 4790
Personality patterns of suicide attempters: gender differences in Ukraine. Rozanov, Vsevolod A.; Mid'ko, Andrey A. 5150
Predicting team output using indices at group level. Andres, Amara; Salafranca, Lluis; Solanas, Antonio 11012
Psychometric analysis of the catalan version of the Alabama parenting questionnaire (APQ) in a community sample. Molinuevo, Beatriz; Pardo, Yolanda; Torrubia, Rafael 8018
Psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the running addiction scale (RAS). Sancho, Antonio Zarauz; Ruiz-Juan, Francisco 7465
Psychometric properties of the Turkish adaptation of the mathematics teacher efficacy belief instrument for in-service teachers. Cetinkaya, Bulent; Erbas, Ayhan Kursat 6970
Psychometric update of the social anxiety screening scale (SASS/EDAS) in a Spanish adolescent population. Piqueras, Jose Antonio; Olivares, Jose; Hidalgo, Maria Dolores; Vera-Villarroel, Pablo; Marzo, Juan 8749
Psychosocial Correlates of condom use and their relationship with worry about STI and HIV in native and immigrant adolescents in Spain. Bermudez, Ma. Paz; Castro, Angel; Buela-Casal, Gualberto 6156
Risk profiles and peer violence in the context of school and leisure time. Valero, Rosa Pulido; Seoane, Gema Martin; Molina, Beatriz Lucas 7108
Semantic priming effects in a lexical decision task: comparing third graders and college students in two different stimulus onset asynchronies. Holderbaum, Candice Steffen; de Salles, Jerusa Fumagalli 8167
Spanish validation of the Acceptance of Modern Myths about Sexual Aggression scale (AMMSA). Megias, Jesus L.; Romero-Sanchez, Monica; Duran, Mercedes; Moya, Miguel; Bohner, Gerd 9638
Spanish validation of the affective neuroscience personality scales. Abella, Victor; Panksepp, Jaak; Manga, Dionisio; Barcena, Carmen; Iglesias, Jose A. 7154
Testing equivalence with repeated measures: tests of the difference model of two-alternative forced-choice performance. Garcia-Perez, Miguel A.; Alcala-Quintana, Rocio 19159
The classification of Spanish adolescents based on substance consumption patterns and the analysis of the relationships within their social developmental contexts. Ramos, Pilar; Moreno, Carmen; Rivera, Francisco; Lopez, Ana 8636
The contingent negative variation laterality and dynamics in antisaccade task in normal and unmedicated schizophrenic subjects. Kirenskaya, Anna V.; Myamlin, Vadim V.; Novototsky-Vlasov, Vladimir Y.; Pletnikov, Mikhail V.; Kozlo 8377
The contribution of social rank and attachment theory to depression in a non clinical sample of adolescents. Puissant, Sylvia Pinna; Gauthier, Jean-Marie; Van Oirbeek, Robin 7102
The five and seven factors personality models: differences and similitude between the TCI-R, NEO-FFI-R and ZKPQ-50-CC. Aluja, Anton; Blanch, Angel 5016
The semantics of 'unless' conditionals: Evidence from 'unless' and disjunctive inferences. Garcia-Madruga, Juan A.; Carriedo, Nuria; Moreno-Rios, Sergio 8091
The use of the effect size in JCR Spanish journals of psychology: from theory to fact. Garcia, Juan Garcia; Campos, Elena Ortega; Sanchez, Leticia De la Fuente 3713
Thermal sensitivity and cardiovascular reactivity to stress in healthy males. Conde-Guzon, Pablo Antonio; Bartolome-Albistegui, Maria Teresa; Quiros, Pilar; Cabestrero, Raul 5464
Validity of the parenting stress index-short form in a sample of Spanish fathers. Diaz-Herrero, Angela; Lopez-Pina, Jose Antonio; Perez-Lopez, Julio; de la Nuez, Alfredo G. Brito; Ma 4597

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