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Articles from Spanish Journal of Psychology (January 1, 2010)

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A bibliometric analysis of research in psychopharmacology by psychology departments (1987-2007). Portillo-Salido, Enrique F. 6201
A general equation to obtain multiple cut-off scores on a test from multinomial logistic regression. Bersabe, Rosa; Rivas, Teresa Report 5799
A structural model of goal orientation in sports: personal and contextual variables. Pablo Holgado Tello, Francisco; Navas Martinez, Leandro; Lopez Nunez, Manuela; Garcia Calvo, Tomas Report 6609
Aggressive responses to troubled situations in a sample of adolescents: a three-mode approach. Lorenzo-Seva, Urbano; Morales-Vives, Fabia; Vigil-Colet, Andreu Report 7181
Applying information theory to small groups assessment: emotions and well-being at work. Garcia-Izquierdo, Antonio Leon; Moreno, Blanca; Garcia-Izquierdo, Mariano Report 10900
Associated factors of unhealthy eating patterns among Spanish University students by gender. Sepulveda, Ana; Carrobles, Jose Antonio; Gandarillas, Ana M. Report 7616
Attachment style and adjustment to divorce. Yarnoz-Yaben, Sagrario Report 6567
Categorization and hierarchy of workplace bullying strategies: a Delphi survey. Rodriguez-Carballeira, Alvaro; Escartin Solanelles, Jordi; Visauta Vinacua, Bienvenido; Porrua Garci 7485
Chaos in human behavior: the case of work motivation. Navarro, Jose; Arrieta, Carlos Report 8621
Cognitive schemas and aggressive behavior in adolescents: the mediating role of social information processing. Calvete, Esther; Orue, Izaskun Report 8542
Confirmatory factorial analysis of the Brazilian version of the competitive State Anxiety Inventory-2 (CSAI-2). Coelho, Eduarda Maria; Vasconcelos-Raposo, Jose; Mahl, Alvaro Cielo Report 3880
Convergence of internal and external structure for the California Child Q-set. Bimler, David; Kirkland, John; Fitzgerald, Hiram E.; Zucker, Robert A. Report 9615
Differences and similarities among volunteers who drop out during the first year and volunteers who continue after eight years. Vecina Jimenez, Maria Luisa; Chacon Fuertes, Fernando; Sueiro Abad, Manuel J. Report 6723
Do Spanish children use the syllable in visual word recognition in learning to read? Jimenez, Juan E.; Garcia, Eduardo; O'Shanahan, Isabel Report 6915
Dysfunctional belief domains related to obsessive-compulsive disorder: a further examination of their dimensionality and specificity. Belloch, Amparo; Morillo, Carmen; Luciano, Juan V.; Garcia-Soriano, Gemma; Cabedo, Elena; Carrio, Ca Report 9381
Effect of the EMDR psychotherapeutic approach on emotional cognitive processing in patients with depression. Rosas Uribe, Myrna Estela; Lopez Ramirez, Ernesto O.; Jarero Mena, Ignacio Clinical report 5520
Effects of an instruction method in thinking skills with students from compulsory secondary education. Sanz de Acedo Lizarraga, Maria Luisa; Sanz de Acedo Baquedano, Maria Teresa; Pollan Rufo, Milagros Report 6951
Effects of family psychoeducation on expressed emotion and burden of care in first-episode psychosis: a prospective observational study. Gonzalez-Blanch, Cesar; Martin-Munoz, Vanessa; Pardo-Garcia, Gema; Martinez-Garcia, Obdulia; Alvarez Clinical report 3996
Emotional suppression and breast cancer: validation research on the Spanish adaptation of the Courtauld Emotional Control Scale (CECS). Dura, Estrella; Andreu, Yolanda; Jose Galdon, Maria; Ibanez, Elena; Perez, Sandra; Ferrando, Maite; Report 6950
Factor structure and invariance of the POMS mood state questionnaire in Spanish. Andrade, Elena; Arce, Constantino; Torrado, Julio; Garrido, Javier; De Francisco, Cristina; Arce, Ir 5935
Factor structure of the STAXI-2-AX and its relationship to burnout in housewives. Moral de la Rubia, Jose; Gonzalez Ramirez, Monica Teresa; Landero Hernandez, Rene Report 10168
Factorial invariance in a repeated measures design: an application to the study of person-organization fit. Ximenez, Carmen; Revuelta, Javier Report 5757
Factors associated with rape-supportive attitudes: sociodemographic variables, aggressive personality, and sexist attitudes. Carlos Sierra, Juan; Santos-Iglesias, Pablo; Gutierrez-Quintanilla, Ricardo; Paz Bermudez, Maria; Bu Report 5078
General Factor of Personality Questionnaire (GFPQ): only one factor to understand personality? Amigo, Salvador; Caselles, Antonio; Mico, Joan C. Report 8524
Goals during adolescence and their relationship with antisocial behavior. Lopez-Romero, Laura; Romero, Estrella 8510
Interindividual variability in vocabulary, sentence comprehension and working memory in the elderly: effects of cognitive deterioration. Lopez-Higes S., Ramon; Rubio Valdehita, Susana; Martin Aragoneses, Ma Teresa; Del Rio, David Report 6937
Justifications and comparisons in the division of household labor: the relevance of gender ideology. Martinez, Carmen; Paterna, Consuelo; Yago, Carmen Report 8727
Lerdahl and Jackendoff's grouping structure rules in the performance of a Hindemith sonata. Ordonana, Jose A.; Laucirica, Ana Report 5549
Linking national contexts with intellectual capital: a comparison between Spain and Morocco. Cegarra-Navarro, Juan-Gabriel; Sanchez-Polo, Maria Teresa Report 9333
Mechanisms of achromatic vision in invertebrates and vertebrates: a comparative study. Chernorizov, Alexander M.; Sokolov, Evgenii N. Report 4563
On the nature of motivational orientations: implications of assessed goals and gender differences for motivational goal theory. Alonso-Tapia, Jesus; Huertas, Juan A.; Ruiz, Miguel A. Report 7338
Predicting organizational citizenship behavior from the functional analysis and role identity perspectives: further evidence in Spanish employees. Davila, Ma Celeste; Finkelstein, Marcia A. Report 4607
Preliminary validation of the Spanish version of the multiple stimulus types ambiguity tolerance scale (MSTAT-II). Arquero, Jose L.; McLain, David L. Report 5760
Psychometric properties and latent structure of the Portuguese version of the Penn State Worry Questionnaire. Castillo, Cristian; Macrini, Leonardo; Cheniaux, Elie; Landeira-Fernandez, Jesus Report 8180
Rapid naming tests: developmental course and relations with neuropsychological measures. Albuquerque, Cristina P.; Simoes, Mario R. Report 9214
Teachers' attitudes and beliefs about homosexuality. Perez-Testor, Carles; Behar, Julia; Davins, Montse; Conde Sala, Jose Luis; Castillo, Jose. A.; Salam Report 7673
Team learning and effectiveness in virtual project teams: the role of beliefs about interpersonal context. Ortega, Aida; Sanchez-Manzanares, Miriam; Gil, Francisco; Rico, Ramon Report 6815
The frequency attenuation effect in identity and associative priming. Nievas, Francisco Report 22407
The psychological adjustment of children with asthma: study of associated variables. Lima, Ligia; Prista Guerra, Marina; Serra de Lemos, Marina Report 7411
The relationships of family and classroom environments with peer relational victimization: an analysis of their gender differences. Cava, Maria Jesus; Musitu, Gonzalo; Buelga, Sofia; Murgui, Sergio Report 7191
The temporal relation between regression and transition periods in early infancy. Sadurni, Marta; Perez Burriel, Marc; Plooij, Frans X. Report 8788
Working conditions, burnout and stress symptoms in university professors: validating a structural model of the mediating effect of perceived personal competence. Luisa Avargues Navarro, Maria; Borda Mas, Mercedes; Lopez Jimenez, Ana Maria Report 9249

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