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Articles from Spanish Journal of Psychology (May 1, 2009)

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A longitudinal research on the development of emotional autonomy during adolescence. Parra, Agueda; Oliva, Alfredo Clinical report 6707
Academic goals and learning quality in higher education students. Valle, Antonio; Nunez, Jose C.; Cabanach, Ramon G.; Gonzalez-Pienda, Julio A.; Rodriguez, Susana; Ro Report 6946
Academic procrastination: associations with personal, school, and family variables. Rosario, Pedro; Costa, Marta; Nunez, Jose Carlos; Gonzalez-Pienda, Julio; Solano, Paula; Valle, Anto Report 6084
Anxiety and coping strategies in sport contexts: a look at the psychometric properties of Portuguese instruments for their assessment. Dias, Claudia; Cruz, Jose Fernando; Fonseca, Antonio Manuel Report 7359
Anxiety and depression in mothers of preterm infants and psychological intervention during hospitalization in neonatal ICU. Carvalho, Ana Emilia Vita; Linhares, Maria Beatriz Martins; Padovani, Flavia Helena Pereira; Martine 6640
Are women more empathetic than men? A longitudinal study in adolescence. Mestre, Maria Vicenta; Samper, Paula; Frias, Maria Dolores; Tur, Ana Maria Clinical report 4633
Assesment of social support dimensions in patients with eating disorders. Marcos, Yolanda Quiles; Cantero, Ma Carmen Terol Report 7672
Attitude similarity and stereotypicality in leader evaluation. Montes-Berges, Beatriz; Moya, Miguel Report 5532
Coach autonomy support and quality of sport engagement in young soccer players. Alvarez, Maria Sol; Balaguer, Isabel; Castillo, Isabel; Duda, Joan L. Report 7565
Construction and validation of the Brazilian Questionario de Respostas Socialmente Habilidosas Segundo Relato de Professores (QRSH-PR). Bolsoni-Silva, Alessandra Turini; Marturano, Edna Maria; Loureiro, Sonia Regina Report 7184
Daily activity and life satisfaction in older people living in rural contexts. Triado, Carme; Villar, Feliciano; Sole, Carme; Celdran, Montserrat; Osuna, Maria Jose Report 7015
Depression and quality of life for women in single-parent and nuclear families. Hernandez, Rene Landero; Aranda, Benito Estrada; Ramirez, Monica Teresa Gonzalez Report 9741
Determinants of leisure-time physical activity and future intention to practice in Spanish college students. Molina-Garcia, Javier; Castillo, Isabel; Pablos, Carlos Report 5947
Development of a questionnaire to evaluate coping strategies for skin problems. Hernandez-Fernaud, Estefania; Hernandez, Bernardo; Ruiz, Cristina; Ruiz, Antonia Report 6611
Early predictors of reading in three groups of native Spanish speakers: Spaniards, Gypsies, and Latin Americans. Lopez-Escribano, Carmen; Beltran, Jesus A. Report 8503
Efficacy of a social cognition training program for schizophrenic patients: a pilot study. Sanz, David Gil; Lorenzo, Marian Diego; Seco, Rosario Bengochea; Rodriguez, Marta Arrieta; Martinez, Report 4619
Electroencephalographic evidence on the strategies of adaptation to the factors of monotony. Aslanyan, Elena V.; Kiroy, Valery N. Report 9363
Empirical performance of optimal Bayesian adaptive estimation. Garcia-Perez, Miguel Angel; Alcala-Quintana, Rocio Report 4394
Facial affect recognition deficit as a marker of genetic vulnerability to schizophrenia. Alfimova, Margarita V.; Abramova, Lilia I.; Barhatova, Aleksandra I.; Yumatova, Polina E.; Lyachenko Report 6641
Group psychotherapy of psychosomatic outpatients--analysis of the ten first sessions. Avila, Lazslo Antonio Report 10272
Hemispheric differences for global and local processing: effect of stimulus size and sparsity. Blanca, Maria J.; Lopez-Montiel, Gema Report 5427
Love and emotional well-being in people with intellectual disabilities. Arias, Benito; Ovejero, Anastasio; Morentin, Raquel Report 9374
Ombudsing in higher education: a contingent model for mediation in university dispute resolution processes. Alcover, Carlos-Maria Report 10433
On-line assessment of comprehension processes. Martinez, Tomas; Vidal-Abarca, Eduardo; Gil, Laura; Gilabert, Ramiro Report 7496
Organizational leadership: motives and behaviors of leaders in current organizations. Marti, Margarita; Gil, Francisco; Barrasa, Angel Report 5030
Parental influences on students' self-concept, task value beliefs, and achievement in science. Senler, Burcu; Sungur, Semra Report 6976
Practice of biopsychosocial medicine in Portugal: perspectives of professionals involved. Pereira, M. Graca; Fachado, Alfonso Alonso; Smith, Thomas Edward Report 5467
Preliminary validation in Spanish of a scale designed to measure motivation in physical education classes: the Perceived Locus of Causality (PLOC) Scale. Murcia, Juan Antonio Moreno; Coll, David Gonzalez-Cutre; Garzon, Mariana Chillon Report 6719
Psychometric properties of a brief version of the Escala de Satisfacao com o Suporte Social for children and adolescents. Gaspar, Tania; Ribeiro, Jose Luis Pais; Matos, Margarida Gaspar; Leal, Isabel; Ferreira, Aristides Report 9618
Self-concept, self-esteem, personality traits and psychopathological symptoms in adolescents with and without visual impairment. Garaigordobil, Maite; Bernaras, Elena Report 8945
Statistical inference involving binomial and negative binomial parameters. Garcia-Perez, Miguel A.; Nunez-Anton, Vicente Report 7912
The "fashion-form" of modern society and its relationship to psychology. Fuentes, Juan Bautista; Quiroga, Ernesto 6483
The aggression questionnaire for Spanish preadolescents and adolescents: AQ-PA. Santisteban, Carmen; Alvarado, Jesus Ma. Report 3833
The effects of agonists of ionotropic [GABA.sub.A] and metabotropic [GABA.sub.B] receptors on learning. Zyablitseva, Evgeniya A.; Kositsyn, Nikolay S.; Shul'gina, Galina I. Report 5926
The role of connectives in the comprehension of spontaneous spoken discourse. Cevasco, Jazmin Report 6267
Young people's heroes in France and Spain. Gash, Hugh; Rodriguez, Pilar Dominguez Report 7428

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