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Our three main activities are:

* Courses on music cataloguing, etc.

* Professional meetings in our national area.

* Publishing on musical documentation and Spanish musical sources.

Last year several courses took place organized by AEDOM. The first one was in Valencia at the Instituto Valenciano de la Musica, entitled Internet para catalogadores y documentalistas musicales (November, 2006). Later, there was a meeting in Madrid of the Spanish cataloguing group "Gardano" (December, 2006), working on a Spanish list of subjects headings, and another one in Madrid (Universidad Autonoma, March, 2007), with the title Musico logos, interpretes y documentalistas, una colaboracion necesaria. The papers of that last meeting will be published next year. In the last annual assembly of AEDOM (Valencia, February, 2007), Florence Getreau was invited to read a paper on musical iconography and a new Spanish Working Group on Musical Iconography was created, coordinated by Cristina Bordas, a teacher at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid.

Last February we published a new number of our Bulletin (Volume 10). We also published the fourth volume--but first in a digital edition, with cumulative index--of our abstracts bibliography BIME (Bibliografia Musical Espanola = Spanish Musical Bibliography) published by AEDOM with the kind support of the Musical Documentary Centre of the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

I'm very proud to introduce you to the new facsimile publication in AEDOM-SEDEM (Spanish Musico logical Society) co-edition. The first title is El cancionero de la Colombina, (January, 2007); a fourteenth century chansonier in the Colombina Library in Sevilla. We are working now on other titles for this project of a facsimile collection of the most important Spanish historical sources: music and theoretical works of past centuries by Herrando, Bermudo, Corselli, etc.

You can find more information about our publications and activities in our webpage (

Speaking about the near future. Two courses will be organized by AEDOM next month: one of them concerning uniform titles and music subject headings, to be held in Pais Vasco and Salamanca, and another one in Madrid about music in the new Spanish Intellectual Property Law (2006).

Our branch has today nearly two hundred institutional and individual members, many of them fine professionals linked via internet in three enthusiastic working groups: on music cataloguing, orchestral archives and, now, musical iconography. I invite you to visit our web site (WWW to follow our activities.

Jose Carlos Gosalvez Lara

IAML (Spain)
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Date:Jan 1, 2008
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