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Spain : The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities awards the Archimedes Awards.

The General Secretariat of Universities of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities has delivered today, at the Rey Juan Carlos University, the awards of the XVII Archimedes University Competition, which awards the best research projects in all areas of knowledge carried out by undergraduate students and master's degree from Spanish universities.

This seventeenth edition has the participation of collaborating entities of the event such as the Higher Council for Scientific Research, the Once Foundation and the Vencer el Cncer Foundation, to which this year the Rey Juan Carlos University joins.

In this edition 200 projects have been presented, of which 25% belong to the area of ??Social Sciences and Humanities, 20% to Engineering and Architecture, 33% to the area of ??Biological and Biomedical Sciences and 22% to Experimental Sciences, Exact and Environmental. These works, which reach an excellent scientific quality, represent a significant sample of the quality of the research that is being carried out in Spanish universities.

The Archimedes awards have a total of 104,500 euros, of which 100,000 euros are financed by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

Relation of Archimedes awards

Special Jury Prize, endowed with 8,000 euros: Independence tests for high-level genomic data, carried out by Fernando Castro Prado, from the University of Santiago de Compostela, and supervised by Wenceslao Gonzlez Manteiga.

First prizes of 6,000 euros each for the best jobs in all areas of knowledge:

Area of ??Biological and Biomedical Sciences : Consequences of grk2 regulation in DNA repair mechanisms and cellular senescence, carried out by ngela Albitre Sanz, of the Autonomous University of Madrid and supervised by Petronila Penela Mrquez.

Area of ??Experimental, exact and environmental Sciences : Spontaneous Formation of Nanoparticles Type Core-Shell of Au-SiO2 in the Point of Nanowires of Unveiled Si through Scanning Electron Microscopy at Very Low Voltage, realized by Laura Zarraoa Sardn, of the Autonomous University of Madrid, and tutored by lvaro San Paulo Hernando.

Area of ??Social Sciences and Humanities : The automation of the inspection activity of the Public Administration: legal implications of the change of paradigm in the digital context, carried out by Mara Elena Mnguez Enkovaara, of the University of Murcia, and supervised by Julin Valero Torrijos.

Engineering and Architecture Area : Hydro-geomechanical analysis of seismicity risks associated with the production of hydrocarbons. Application to the Azle - Texas earthquakes, carried out by Cristina de las Mercedes Vila Martnez, of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and supervised by Luis Cueto-Felgueroso and David Santilln Snchez.

Special Prize of 6,000 euros for the best research work in the area of ??Ecology and Biodiversity, commemorating the International Year of Coral Reefs (UN) to:

A new pattern of moisture transport for precipitation related to the drastic reduction of the Arctic sea ice extension, carried out by Luis Gimeno Sotelo, from the University of Santiago de Compostela, and supervised by Luis Gimeno Presa and Raquel Olalla Nieto Muiz.

Second prizes of 5,000 euros each to the second best works in each of the areas of knowledge:

Area of ??Biological and Biomedical Sciences: Lamina A / C: therapeutic Diana in immunotherapy against the development of tumors, carried out by Virginia Zorita Garca, of the Complutense University of Madrid, and supervised by Jos M Gonzlez Granado and Salvador Iborra Martn.

Area of ??Experimental, exact and environmental Sciences: Search of agrochemicals and edition of genomes to increase the resistance of plants to drought, carried out by Irene Garca Maquiln, of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and tutored by Jorge Lozano Juste and Pedro Luis Rodrguez .

Area of ??Social Sciences and Humanities: Qualitative reticular analysis of youth subjectivity in the face of the economic crisis, carried out by Alejandro Gonzalo Puyod, of the Complutense University of Madrid, and supervised by Reyes Herrero Lpez.

Area of ??Engineering and Architecture: Study of the role of the mechanical microenvironment in metastasis, carried out by Ins Bada Villacampa, of the University of Zaragoza, and supervised by M Jos Gmez Benito and Jos Manuel Garca Aznar.

Rey Juan Carlos University Award of 3,000 euros to: The evolutionary history of trees predicts its response to forest loss: a case study in peninsular Spain, carried out by Sonia Llorente Culebras, from the University of Alcal, and supervised by Miguel ngel Rodrguez Fernndez.

Acesces del Jurado with a prize of 2,000 euros each to:

Mechanical stress increases the metastatic potential of tumor cells, performed by Cecilia Lpez Martnez, from the University of Oviedo, and supervised by Guillermo Muiz Albaiceta and Ins Lpez Alonso.

Advanced low cost hydrogels of calcium alginate / carbon nanofibers with improved compression and water diffusion properties, carried out by Mar Llorens Gmez, of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and supervised by ngel Serrano Aroca.

Study of the intestinal microbiome in rats during the recovery of ferrodeficiency with fermented goat and cow products, carried out by Ana del Carmen Soriano Lerma, of the University of Granada, and supervised by M Inmaculada Lpez Aliaga and Jos Antonio Garca Salcedo.

Role of the biosynthesis of alginate and exopolysaccharide Pea in the biofilm of Pseudomonas putida: characterization and regulation, carried out by Marta Pulido Snchez, of the Pablo de Olavide University, and supervised by Fernando Govantes Romero and Aroa Lpez Snchez.

Ceramics of BaTiO3 doped with Eu (III): composition, structural elucidation and properties, made by Pablo Serna Galln, of the Jaime I University of Castelln, and supervised by Hctor Beltrn Mir and Elosa Cordoncillo Cordoncillo.

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Date:Nov 27, 2018
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