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Spain's Ola Internet Chooses Lucent Technologies to Provide National Internet Protocol Network.

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MADRID, Spain--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 11, 2000

Spain's Ola Internet awarded Lucent Technologies a US$26 million contract to install an advanced Internet Protocol (IP) national network for voice and data communications for business customers.

Ola Internet is building the network to offer voice and data services - including multimedia services - to customers throughout Spain. Last week, Ola Internet was awarded a license by the Spanish government, and expects to invest an estimated US$90 million in its network.

"To be a market leader, it is necessary to offer competitive, advanced and unique services," said Juan Miguel Hitos, General Manager of Ola Internet. "Lucent provides us a new generation single technological platform, to offer our clients a wide range of telecommunication services, backed by Lucent's expertise in quickly implementing IP network buildouts."

Lucent will provide Ola with wide area network (WAN) switches, network management systems, and remote access and voice over IP systems, which will enable Ola to provide voice and data services over an IP network.

Ola Internet's national network will be comprised of 51 nodes across all provinces in Spain. During the third quarter of 2000, the installation of Ola Internet's national IP network will be completed, when it will be operational in 50 regional capitals of Spain.

Ola Internet said it will be able to offer a variety of telephony services to its customers. In addition, the end-to-end multimedia IP network Lucent will install will enable Ola Internet to offer its customers the same quality and reliability they have come to expect over the voice network - plus new, multimedia applications -- while using an IP network.

"We are delighted to be working with Ola Intenet, Spain's newest operator," said Miguel Fernandez-Ranada, Sales Director for New Operators. "Lucent will design, install, integrate and manage the network - an end-to-end offer that is unique to Lucent. Lucent has become the leading company to provide telephony and services for IP data for Internet, Intranet, extranet and multimedia applications, in the global market, including Spain. The high level of innovation in Lucent's research and development group, Bell Laboratories, has converted Lucent very quickly in the VoIP market leader for operators in 1999."

"The winning of the license B-1 means a series of advantages both for the telephony operator and for the final consumer," said Hitos. "For Ola Internet, its IP network will be considered as a public telecommunications network, so the company will be allow to public domain occupation and to share infrastructure with other operators. It will also be allowed to loan telephone line services to rent or resell the spare capacity to another operator."

Lucent's CBX 500(TM) and B-STDX-9000(TM) WAN switches will be deployed in Ola's network. The network will also include Lucent's NavisCore(TM) and NavisAccess(TM) network management systems, IP Navigator MPLS(TM) to route network traffic to the WAN switches, the MultiVoice(TM) for the MAX(TM) 6000 TNT(TM) switch which enables network providers to offer a variety of services, and APX(TM) VoIP gateway switches, which range from 24 up to 2,688 ports and will give Ola Internet the flexibility to service any size customer.

These solutions will help Ola Internet build an advanced high-capacity network with compatibility, reliability, scalability and interconnectivity, enabling Ola Internet to provide services to its customers for their needs of today and tomorrow.

About Ola Internet

Ola Internet, the core of the Ola Internet Group telecommunication area, has a 100% IP telecommunication network, offering its telephony with flat rate and high velocity Internet access services to medium and small companies.

Picking Pack Group (GPP) has established an agreement for the acquisition of Ola Internet (Ola). The joint of both companies marks an European milestone of traditional business and Internet integration in the offering of specialised services for professional customers, giving rise a pioneer group in Europe in this segment. GPP provides to the Ola technological infrastructure a wide client base -professional /medium and small companies--(more than 90,000 clients in Spain and 80,000 abroad) and an extensive points-of-services, formed by more than 350 establishments in seven countries.

About Lucent Technologies

Lucent Technologies designs and delivers the systems, software, silicon and services for next-generation communications networks for service providers and enterprises. Backed by the research and development of Bell Labs, Lucent focuses on high-growth areas such as optical and wireless networks; Internet infrastructure; communications software; communications semiconductors and optoelectronics; Web-based enterprise solutions that link private and public networks; and professional network design and consulting services. For more information on Lucent Technologies, visit its Web site at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 11, 2000
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