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SpaceTag Opens English Website for Free Distribution of SpaceTag Server 1.0.05 Integrated Open Source Package for Windows.

Tokyo, Japan, July 26, 2005 - (JCN Newswire) - SpaceTag, a leading open-source developer known for its de facto WAMP standard, has added an English language website ( with free download functions, providing SpaceTag Server, improved and easy to install XOOPS for SpaceTag Server and other applications. SpaceTag software has already demonstrated its overwhelming popularity, with more than 80,000 downloads since the opening of its Japanese and Korean language websites in February, 2005.

SpaceTag Server is the integrated Open Source Package for Windows that runs applications like "XOOPS for SpaceTag Server" (an improved version of XOOPS with an original easy-to-install feature). With many other high-powered open source based applications in the pipeline, SpaceTag is confident in achieving the goal of over one million downloads by March, 2006.

Free Download & Services

* SpaceTag Server for Windows

* XOOPS for SpaceTag Server

* DDNS Client Program

* PostgreSQL for Windows

* Updated Monitor

Distribution/service site at

Updates Service & Client Functions

* Update Service--

-Japanese Yen 12,800/year

-The open source software applications, that consist in and run on SpaceTag Server, are provided with incremental patches for various bugs and security holes.

-Just a click is all you need to benefit from this service.

-You can maintain the safe and smooth running of your server and applications without having to reconstruct the whole environment.

* Server Control Plug-In--

-Japanese Yen 3,000/per computer (30-day Free Trial before purchasing)

-This Web-based remote server control tool, which allows you to manage SpaceTag Server via Web browser, is a unique innovation created by SpaceTag.

* Dynamic DNS Service--

-Japanese Yen 300/month (Basic Service is now on 30-day free trial)

-The service provides a specific host name for a dynamic IP address so that you can maintain your server via ADSL/FTTH lines.

Updates/functions site at

[Prices in US$ will become available shortly]

XOOPS for SpaceTag Server

Transforming the superior software applications developed by the open source community into user-friendly tools is one of SpaceTag's main commitments.

Based on the latest XOOPS, version, the content management system has been improved for easy installation in our version, "XOOPS for SpaceTag Server". CMS (Content Management System) is a software application that integrally manages the text, graphics and other various data from which websites are constructed. "XOOPS for SpaceTag Server" enables you to create and run a serious Web site without advanced knowledge of HTML, Perl, PHP and other Web-oriented specialist applications.

Making it even easier, "XOOPS for SpaceTag Server" is a customized version of XOOPS to run on SpaceTag Server. Equipped with the installer for Windows, "XOOPS for SpaceTag Server" can be installed onto a Windows environment with just a double click on the icon, just like any other Windows applications. Pre-installed with Apache, MySQL and PHP, SpaceTag Server has been configured as an indispensable server environment to run XOOPS. All you need is to set up your ID and Password for database access and site administrator privileges. "XOOPS for SpaceTag Server" is then ready to go.

SpaceTag Server

Configured and tuned by SpaceTag for the Windows environment, the SpaceTag Server is the easy-to-install server package with top-of-the-line server software applications developed by the open source community. For the first time, what is referred to commonly as WAMP, the package of Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP, has been added with a commercial update service (Japanese Yen 12,800/year).

The popular server software applications that are assembled in SpaceTag Server are:

-Apache (Web server)

-Tomcat (Web application server)


-MySQL (database server)

-Xmail (mail server)

-BIND (DNS server)

Also available:

-Multiple computer languages, such as PHP, Perl and java

-Web statistics tool, such as Webalizer

-Eclipse3, the software development tool

With Eclipse3, the integrated development environment using various Linux-like commands, your Windows machine can be used as a Linux-like development environment. Enabling Linux commands to be used with a Shell command prompt, the tool is ideal for Linux beginners.

SpaceTag Server can also be equipped with the Web based remote server control tool (Server Control Plug-In), original to SpaceTag, enabling you to manage the Server from remote via a Web browser. The server control tool is on 30-day free trial after the installation before purchasing a Plug-In key (Japanese Yen 3,000 per computer).

As a client function, Dynamic DNS Service provides a specific host name for a dynamic IP address, allowing you to maintain your SpaceTag Server without a static IP address (30-day free trial before purchasing it at Japanese Yen 300 a month).

SpaceTag Server Features

-Fully integrated with the indispensable components for running a server--

SpaceTag Server is packaged and integrated with popular Web server, database server, computer languages and other various tools. Created with such an environment, SpaceTag Server is designed for an easy installation of applications like "XOOPS for SpaceTag Server" and for the easy running of various blog tools and Web applications.

-Easy to install, Easy to use--

SpaceTag Server is an easy-to-install software for Windows, just like any other Windows applications. While it is a cumbersome task, taking hours to install and set up an open source software, even for an experienced engineer, 20 to 30 minutes is all you need for SpaceTag Server, following the step by step instructions from the installer. SpaceTag Server can also be installed with various applications in accordance with the user's needs.

-Introducing Open Source Server environment onto the Windows environment--

The open source software applications, that have been mainly developed for the Unix and Linux oriented OS, are adopted onto the Windows environment with ease.

-Ensuring Security with Update Service--

The Update Service provided via SpaceTag Online ensures swift security measures for your system against security holes and bugs. Also to protect private information, SpaceTag is run under user rights separated from Windows administrator rights. Should the system be invaded from outside, the contents of the Server remain intact.

-Using Linux commands with Windows prompt--

Having transported various Linux commands onto Windows, Linux commands can be used with a Shell command prompt: making SpaceTag Server an ideal learning tool for beginners in Linux. With addition of Eclipse, the integrated development environment, a Linux-like development environment can be created on your Windows machine with SpaceTag Server.

-Directory structure in compliance with Unix standard--

While the directory structure differs according to each directory in Linux, SpaceTag Server is equipped with the standard Unix directory, making the directory structure easy to understand.

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Publication:JCN Newswires
Date:Jul 26, 2005
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