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Space-efficient kitchens.

Narrow kitchens can be efficient without feeling cramped. Thoughtful placement of storage, lighting, and major appliances makes these three seem bigger than they are. The broadest-the one at near right-is I I feet wide. In this kitchen, two tiers of open shelving taper downward over the counter, forming a wedge of storage that's both easy to reach and airy in appearance.

In the middle kitchen, a pitched ceiling and a band of windows create a feeling of spaciousness. A vintage gas range serves as a focal point on the far wall.

At far right, the refrigerator (see plan) occupies one end of a U-shaped counter to allow maximum unbroken work surface.

In all three kitchens, high ceilings contribute to the sense of openness in a limited space.
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Date:Oct 1, 1990
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