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Hubble Telescope Celebrates 30th Anniversary. Jun 1, 2020 724
WFIRST Mission Could Find 1,400 New Planets. Brief article Apr 1, 2019 303
MONSTER SCIENCE: The next generation of superscopes will have truck-size instruments and universe-size science projects. Schilling, Covert Dec 1, 2018 4473
New Life for the Great Melbourne Telescope: Australian groups are restoring what was once the world's largest equatorially mounted telescope. Bell, Trudy E. Oct 1, 2018 3805
Evolution of the eye on the sky: The stringent requirements for ground and space-based telescopes are driving the development of innovative materials and optical systems, Matthew Dale finds. Dale, Matthew Apr 1, 2018 2335
TESS: The Transiting Exoplanet Hunter: NASA's next planet mission will survey roughly 200,000 nearby stars for signs of alien worlds. Seager, Sara Mar 1, 2018 2872
THROUGH A GLASS, BRIGHTLY: Exploring the Wilderness Above. Miller, Jeremy Jan 1, 2018 3380
7-Year Radio Survey Begins Observations. Barbuzano, Javier Brief article Dec 29, 2017 134
KEPLER'S Unknown Legacy: The world's best planet hunter is also peering deep within stars, enabling astronomers to better understand how both stars--and the galaxy--evolved. Hall, Shannon Dec 29, 2017 3975
SUPER SCOPE. Brief article Sep 1, 2017 150
Space telescope could be assembled by robot. Jun 1, 2017 348
Mirror done for hubble's successor. Dickinson, David Brief article Jun 1, 2016 103
WFIRST: next decade's space telescope. Dickinson, David Brief article Jun 1, 2016 252
Black holes: how flares happen. Carlisle, Camille M. Brief article Feb 1, 2016 300
September 1990: Hobbled Space Telescope. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief article Sep 1, 2015 161
Hooray for Hubble. Brief article Jun 13, 2015 109
Dissecting the optics of a cosmic superlens. Crockett, Christopher Brief article Jun 13, 2015 240
How Hubble changed the face of astronomy: the first of the "Great Observatory" space telescopes transformed what astronomers knew--and didn't know--about the universe. Schilling, Govert Jun 1, 2015 2614
Looking ahead to Hubble's future: telescope will probe cosmic expansion, alien atmospheres. Crockett, Christopher May 16, 2015 707
Twenty Five Years Of Hubble. Apr 25, 2015 638
25 years of Hubble: the orbiting telescope has transformed our view of the cosmos. Crockett, Christopher Apr 18, 2015 1485
April 1990. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief article Apr 1, 2015 116
Crowded systems not safe for planets: many worlds discovered by Kepler telescope survived culling. Crockett, Christopher Mar 21, 2015 407
How the Web Saved the Webb: a group of enthusiasts helped rescue an $8 billion national treasure. Howes, Nick Mar 1, 2014 557
The science of space art. Fisher, Diane K. Mar 1, 2014 391
Laser constructs mirror by pushing particles together technique may lead to giant, lightweight space telescopes. Grant, Andrew Feb 22, 2014 533
So many worlds, but is anybody home? Kepler's findings of Earth-like worlds furthers the motivation for SETI. Grinspoon, David Feb 1, 2014 541
Action at Jupiter. Jan 1, 2014 1732
13 Death of a planet hunter: Kepler ends successful mission. Grant, Andrew Brief article Dec 28, 2013 301
Herschel kicks the light bucket. Carlisle, Camille M. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 130
Kepler down and probably out. Beatty, J. Kelly; MacRobert, Alan Aug 1, 2013 502
Are we alone? A special space telescope searches for alien worlds. Barone, Jennifer May 1, 2013 698
Black hole's veil peeled back to reveal bases of powerful jets: peek at M87 shows promise of new telescope network. Drake, Nadia Nov 3, 2012 637
NuSTAR probing the energetic universe: NASA's newest X-ray mission will bring an exotic menagerie of objects into focus. Young, Monica Oct 1, 2012 1081
Astronomers' new spy scopes. Craft, Stephen P. Sep 1, 2012 447
Watch Slooh Space Camera Video Of Blue Moon August 2012 Here [LIVE STREAM]. Aug 31, 2012 376
Space telescopes reveal heartbeat of newborn star. Jul 4, 2012 578
Why we should build Webb: by pushing beyond Hubble's limits, Webb will inspire a new generation. Hammel, Heidi B. Dec 1, 2011 567
Will the James Webb Space Telescope be canceled? Oct 1, 2011 334
Thunderstorms that shoot antimatter. Apr 1, 2011 340
JWST late and over budget. Brief article Feb 1, 2011 160
Poetry in the motion: good balance is key to smooth moves. Seronik, Gary Feb 1, 2011 528
NASA's WISE Probe Catches Speeding Star. Jan 25, 2011 327
Big plans for astronomy's next decade. Nov 1, 2010 1750
A very wide eye. Brief article Oct 1, 2010 147
Corot nearly doubles its planet count. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 234
Hubble's greatest scientific achievements: now that Hubble has been in space 20 years, a leading astrophysicist reflects on its most significant accomplishments. Livio, Mario Jun 1, 2010 3154
April 1985: Hubble heritage. Robinson, Leif J. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 121
Potentially Life-enabling molecules found in the Orion Nebula. Brief article Mar 5, 2010 176
Galaxies may be most distant yet: potential Hubble findings push limits of current technology. Cowen, Ron Jan 30, 2010 853
New planet-hunter captures quarry: Kepler mission spots five extrasolar orbs in first six weeks. Cowen, Ron Jan 30, 2010 471
WISE sees its first stars. Grossman, Lisa Brief article Jan 30, 2010 164
Black holes seen dancing in pairs: merging galaxies play host to astrophysical pas de deux. Grossman, Lisa Brief article Jan 30, 2010 313
Elbit Exhibits 'Jupiter' Space Camera. Brief article Jan 27, 2010 87
The Hubble space telescope. Jan 8, 2010 2731
Is the James Webb Space Telescope a good thing? Naeye, Robert Editorial Jan 1, 2010 475
Hubble's new finds go the distance: galaxies discovered nearly 13.1 billion light-years from Earth. Cowen, Ron Oct 10, 2009 528
Windows on the universe: astronomy's multiwavelength revolution paints a more complete picture of the cosmos. Cowen, Ron Oct 10, 2009 2458
Hubble's fix a huge success. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 272
Seeing again through Hubble's eyes. Cowen, Ron Brief article Sep 26, 2009 166
Hubble update. McDowell, Jonathan Brief article Sep 1, 2009 166
Spitzer enters warm phase. McDowell, Jonathan Brief article Sep 1, 2009 242
The glorious eagle: many lesser-known clusters and nebulae swarm around the mighty Eagle Nebula. French, Sue Aug 1, 2009 1486
Kepler opens up. McDowell, Jonathan Brief article Jul 1, 2009 226
JWST under construction. McDowell, Jonathan Brief article Jun 1, 2009 196
Seeing better: in 400 years, telescopes advance from rooftops to mountains to orbit. Chronology May 23, 2009 618
New eyes on the cosmos: the next constellation of telescopes will dramatically extend and sharpen scientists' view of the universe. Raloff, Janet May 23, 2009 2390
Space telescopes may soon start detecting air-breathing aliens in exoplanets. May 18, 2009 424
Astronauts complete first spacewalk to repair the Hubble telescope. Brief article May 14, 2009 206
Surprising trove of gamma-ray pulsars. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 161
Exoplanets imaged at last: two teams of astronomers have finally achieved one of astronomy's holy grails. Naeye, Robert Mar 1, 2009 1557
Meade's LightSwitch technology. di Cicco, Dennis Product/service evaluation Mar 1, 2009 359
Venus at its 8-year best: follow the thinning crescent of Venus even as it passes due north of the Sun. Flanders, Tony Mar 1, 2009 463
Imaging planets ... this time for sure. Feb 1, 2009 496
Telescope mirrors of antifreeze? Brief article Feb 1, 2009 174
Obsession's 12 1/2-inch Truss-tube Dob. Seronik, Gary Product/service evaluation Feb 1, 2009 723
Binocular highlight: the Cetus Seyfert. Seronik, Gary Feb 1, 2009 522
A slippery slope: to lube, or not to lube (your Dob): that is the question. Seronik, Gary Feb 1, 2009 571
Hubble lives on. Sohn, Emily Jan 21, 2009 1266
Fermi opens new window on high-energy universe: gamma-ray telescope detects bursts and pulsars. Cowen, Ron Jan 17, 2009 1137
A gamma-ray-only pulsar. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 183
The segment of Perseus: the Perseus Milky Way contains an abundance of fascinating star clusters and nebulae. French, Sue Jan 1, 2009 1676
Pushing glass: the joy that comes from making a telescope mirror is timeless. Seronik, Gary Jan 1, 2009 803
GLAST begins work, gets new name. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 116
The infrared eye of WISE. McDowell, Jonathan Brief article Dec 1, 2008 271
Incredible accuracy. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 241
An unforgettable night on Mount Wilson. Naeye, Robert Nov 1, 2008 455
The big picture: gazing at the full Moon, you can tell a lot about its origins. Wood, Charles A. Nov 1, 2008 926
Delving into Hubble's Hoard: now, raw space-telescope data is available to everyone. Goldman, Stuart Nov 1, 2008 516
Fixing Hubble one last time: the beloved space observatory is due for a final service call by astronauts. If all goes well, Hubble will be the best it has ever been. Blades, J. Chris Oct 1, 2008 2353
Binocular highlight: planetary nebula M27. Seronik, Gary Oct 1, 2008 499
Baffle your scope's focuser: here's a simple way to keep stray light out of your eyepiece for high-contrast views of planets and deep-sky objects. Seronik, Gary Oct 1, 2008 824
Astro-Tech AT80EDT refractor. di Cicco, Dennis Sep 1, 2008 473
Baby tak. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 147
Not the Stellafane way: here's how to whip up a giant telescope mirror in the 21st century. Levy, David H. Sep 1, 2008 1056
NASA's new Gamma-Ray trailblazer GLAST: a soon-to-be-launched satellite promises to provide our best look at the most powerful beacons in the universe. Naeye, Robert Cover story Jun 1, 2008 2350
Big plans for hubble. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 275
Next light: tomorrow's monster telescopes: the next generation of enormous observatories is about to leave the drawing board and become reality. Lowe, Jonathan Cover story Apr 1, 2008 2528
GLAST at last. McDowell, Jonathan Brief article Mar 1, 2008 276
Joining the Borg: two new refractors from Borg make resistance futile for astrophotographers wanting optics with wide, flat fields. Dyer, Alan Product/service evaluation Mar 1, 2008 1945
The new Slooh: for pennies per night, you can take photos using a mountaintop telescope. Goldman, Stuart J. Mar 1, 2008 1012
An exoplanet's very hot afternoon: screaming winds like nothing ever seen apparently displace this world's hot spot. MacRobert, Alan Aug 1, 2007 497
Agile. McDowell, Jonathan Brief article Aug 1, 2007 289
Carina's stellar cauldron: the Hubble Space Telescope's newest panorama highlights stages of starbirth in the Carina Nebula. Villard, Ray Aug 1, 2007 1218
The best way to find Exoplanets. MacRobert, Alan Jul 1, 2007 442
Hot-Jupiter water after all! MacRobert, Alan Brief article Jul 1, 2007 159
Serene mysteries: a dark mare border and a strange crater ray invite investigation. Wood, Charles A. Table Jun 1, 2007 805
A solar system's wreckage in the Helix's heart. MacRobert, Alan Brief article May 1, 2007 222
Hubble's main camera dies. McDowell, Jonathan May 1, 2007 366
Hubble gets a new lease on life: NASA's administrator has announced that shuttle astronauts will service the Hubble Space Telescope in 2008. Fienberg, Richard Tresch Feb 1, 2007 422
NASA selects IBM software for James Webb Space Telescope. Brief article Jan 22, 2007 214
Hubble sees dark cloud on Uranus. Coffey, Valerie C. Jan 1, 2007 322
Hubble Space Telescope. McDowell, Jonathan Brief article Jan 1, 2007 217
F/number game. di Cicco, Dennis Brief article Jan 1, 2007 209
Detwinkling starlight on Mauna Kea: using cutting-edge technology, ground-based astronomers are now able to tame the atmosphere. Wainscoat, Richard J. Dec 1, 2006 1107
"IS" Astrographs. Brief article Nov 1, 2006 137
Heavy-duty scope covers. Brief article Nov 1, 2006 108
Braking news: disks slow down stars. Cowen, R. Brief article Aug 12, 2006 211
Vega mystery solved: astronomers are gaining new insights on stars by measuring their diameters with telescope arrays. Naeye, Robert Apr 1, 2006 534
LBT sees first light. Brief article Feb 1, 2006 106
Hubble Space Telescope. McDowell, Jonathan Brief article Feb 1, 2006 193
Violence within Virgo. Roth, Joshua Brief article Jan 1, 2006 241
NASA's other space telescopes: these four spacecraft are chronicling baby solar systems, whirling neutron stars, and the biggest explosions since the Big Bang. Roth, Joshua Brief article Jan 1, 2006 186
Galex: seeing starbirth, near and far: NASA's plucky GALEX spacecraft is chronicling starbirth throughout space and time. Roth, Joshua Jan 1, 2006 908
Giant African scope sees first light. Brief Article Dec 1, 2005 194
Keeping Hubble from being hobbled. Brief Article Sep 24, 2005 206
Hubble's anniversary present. MacRobert, Alan M. Sep 1, 2005 648
An exo-asteroid belt. Naeye, Robert Aug 1, 2005 516
Panning distant dust: the hunt for extrasolar planets gets dirty. Cowen, Ron Cover Story Jul 2, 2005 2238
Peering into a disrupted stellar nursery. Cowen, R. Brief Article Jun 11, 2005 117
Exoplanets: the heat is on: two teams have made history by detecting light from extrasolar planets. Naeye, Robert Jun 1, 2005 702
Thick disks discerned beyond the Milky Way. Roth, Joshua Jun 1, 2005 407
Glimpsing Starbirth with Spitzer. Roth, Joshua Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 231
50 & 25 years ago. Robinson, Leif J. Jun 1, 2005 340
Planetary picture? Criteria for planethood cloud object's identity. Cowen, R. May 7, 2005 459
Missed opportunities. Fienberg, Richard Tresch May 1, 2005 672
Distant dust: asteroid belt or boiling comet? Cowen, R. Apr 23, 2005 474
Hubble repair mission in doubt. Brief Article Mar 22, 2005 299
Puny Parent? Planets may form around tiny orbs. Cowen, R. Feb 5, 2005 497
People, not robots: panel favors shuttle mission to Hubble. Cowen, C. Dec 18, 2004 505
Disks of dust: planet-stuff surrounds other sunlike stars. Cowen, R. Dec 11, 2004 418
III: A hexagonal observatory. Stowbridge, Marc Nov 1, 2004 528
One of Hubble's tools fails: observatory loses a sharp ultraviolet eye. Cowen, R. Aug 14, 2004 499
Plan B for saving Hubble. Fienberg, Richard Tresch Aug 1, 2004 668
An old friend in a new light. Hodge, Paul Aug 1, 2004 421
TMB monocentric eyepiece. Seronik, Gary Aug 1, 2004 2499
Introducing the Tri-Dob. Bartels, Mel Aug 1, 2004 1753
End of the line for Hubble? Astronomers ponder space telescope's final years. Cowen, Ron Jul 24, 2004 1791
Hubble hangs on. Fienberg, Richard Tresch Jun 1, 2004 537
Save Hubble! Levy, David H. Jun 1, 2004 783
In a mechanism far, far away: the Webb telescope will go almost a million miles out to see how stars were born, so there's only one chance to make it right. Apr 1, 2004 1339
NASA seeks to give Hubble the heave-ho. Fienberg, Richard Tresch Apr 1, 2004 1152
The heat is on: thanks to infrared images from NASA's newest space telescope, we are seeing the cosmos in an entirely different light. Tytell, David Apr 1, 2004 1574
Hubble in limbo. Fienberg, Richard Tresch Mar 1, 2004 603
Orbiting telescope views infrared universe. Cowen, R. Dec 20, 2003 513
Deciding the fate of Hubble. Finberg, Richard Tresch; Tytell, David Nov 1, 2003 1014
NASA's Space Infrared Telescope Facility: Seeking Warmth in the Cosmos. Waller, William H. Feb 1, 2003 3379
Light show. (Science Times). Leary, Warren E. Brief Article Jan 10, 2003 123
The Hubble Space Telescope: a cosmic time machine: once ridiculed as a billion-dollar embarrassment, NASA's premier orbiting observatory has bounced back to show us one breathtaking cosmic vista after another. Jan 1, 1997 3694

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