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Soviets join the club.

Soviets join the club

The Soviet Union agreed last month to take part in the international Ocean Drilling Program (ODP), becoming the 19th country to come aboard. The ODP explores the world's oceans by drilling holes into the seafloor, bringing up rock and sediments that offer glimpses of plate tectonics, evolution and climate change in previous periods of Earth's history.

The Soviets will pay $2.75 million a year for their participation in the program. The United States provides more than half of the $41 million annual ODP budget, with the rest paid by other member nations, says program director Philip D. Rabinowitz of Texas A&M University in College Station.

In 1987, the international scientific community invited the USSR to join ODP, but the Reagan administration scuttled the plan, reportedly because of concern over access to sensitive equipment on the program drillship.
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Title Annotation:Ocean Drilling Program
Publication:Science News
Date:Mar 23, 1991
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