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Soviet fish catch off Latin America.

The Soviet distant-water fleet caught a record 1.0 million metric tons (t) of fish off Latin America during 1987, surpassing the previous record (0.8 million t, set in 1986) by over 20 percent. Latin American grounds are some of the few grounds in which the Soviets have reported significant catch increases in recent years.

Almost 10 percent of the total Soviet fisheries catch was taken off Latin America in 1987. Much of the 1987 increase was a result of higher catches in the eastern Pacific outside the 200-mile zones of Peru and Chile, where about 85 percent of the 1987 catch (over 0.8 million t) was taken. Most of this catch was Chilean jack mackerel. The remainder of the Soviet catch off Latin America, totalling nearly 0.2 million t, was taken in the Southwest Atlantic, mostly in Argentine waters.

Reflecting the growing importance of Latin American grounds, the Soviet Union seeks access to fishing grounds off several Latin American countries. The Soviets are particularly interested in access to Argentine and Peruvian grounds. The Soviet Union began operating in Argentine waters during May 1987, under the auspices of a bilateral fishing agreement that allows the Soviets to catch almost 0.2 million t of fish annually. Most of the Soviet catch in the southwest Atlantic was squid, southern blue whiting, and grenadier. The Argentine-Soviet agreement was renewed in October 1988. Soviet efforts to sign agreements with Peru and Uruguay have been stymied by strident local political opposition and demands by the Latin Americans for a large share of the Soviet catch. Nevertheless, Peru reportedly signed a bilateral agreement with the Soviets in early December 1988.
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Publication:Marine Fisheries Review
Date:Jan 1, 1989
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