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Soviet Union will be whistlin' Dixie as beer arrives.

Soviet Union will be whistlin' Dixie as beer arrives

The Dixie Brewing Co. announced that it will begin selling its Dixie Beer in the Soviet Union through Zeiger International, Inc., of New Jersey.

An initial shipment of more than 600 cases is scheduled to leave a New Jersey port and arrive in Leningrad sometime later this month, according to Dixie president Kendra Bruno. The beer will then be shipped into Moscow.

"We were approached by a distributor who works with Zeiger," Bruno explained, "and he made us aware of the opportunity. There's no partnership between us, we're just selling them beer."

Bruno believes that Dixie will be the first American-brewed beer to be offered for sale anywhere in the Soviet Union. However, this is not the first international expansion for the brand, as it is already selling in Great Britain, France, Sweden and New Zealand.

The first shipment will go on sale in the Tren-Mos Restaurant, one of the most fashionable American eateries in Moscow. As the brew is accepted, distribution will follow at other Moscow outlets.

One reason Dixie might have been approached instead of a national beer producer, Bruno reported, is the way Soviet consumers view American brewers.

"The Soviets aren't aware of American brewery size or national scope," Bruno said. "However, they do recognize specific regions - the American South and New Orleans, and we're a part of that."

The Dixie president added that her brewery is large enough to produce enough beer if Dixie becomes a hit in Russia.

"We have no intention of building a huge brewery, but if the opportunity is there, we'd certainly grow larger," Bruno noted, adding that the brewery's current output is far under its total capacity. "However, we never want to lose our identity," she said.

Bruno concluded that this venture and the possible introduction of a new brand in the near future will put the financially-troubled brewery in the best position its been in years.

"We've got our fingers crossed," Bruno said. "We're more optimistic now than we've ever been."
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Title Annotation:Dixie Beer Brewing Company Inc.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 12, 1990
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