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Articles from Southwestern Naturalist (September 1, 2009)

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2010 annual meeting/Reunion annual de 2010. 104
Abundance and diversity of seeds in digestive tracts of Terrapene carolina and T. ornata in southwestern Missouri. Stone, Matt D.; Moll, Don Report 2423
Agonistic and courtship behaviors in Dionda diaboli, the Devils River minnow. Phillips, Catherine T.; Gibson, James R.; Fries, Joe N. Report 2459
Back issue sale for the southwestern naturalist/Venta de tomos anteriores de the southwestern naturalist. 375
Branneria bonoculus (diplopoda: chordeumatida: brannerioidea): new to the milliped fauna of Texas. McAllister, Chris T.; Shear, William A.; Shelley, Rowland M. Report 950
Clark Hubbs student poster award. 388
Conserving species in fragmented habitats: population dynamics of the flat-tailed horned lizard, Phrynosoma mcallii. Barrows, Cameron W.; Allen, Michael F. Report 4888
Differences in timing of parturition, birthing sites, and bedding sites of fawns in sympatric populations of deer. Butler, David A.; Haskell, Shawn P.; Ballard, Warren B.; Wallace, Mark C.; Britton, Carlton M.; Hump Report 5258
Distinguished awards/Premios distinguidos. 171
Donald W. Tinkle research excellence award. 266
Effects of disturbance by humans on small mammals in a Chihuahuan desert ecosystem. Stacey, Clovis A.; Post, Diane M. Report 4197
Foraging ecology of peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) along the Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Arizona. Stevens, Lawrence E.; Brown, Bryan T.; Rowell, Kirsten Report 10933
Foraging strategy of a California kingsnake in searching for fledglings of the least bell's vireo. Clark, Kevin B. Report 987
George Miksch Sutton award in conservation research/El premio en investigacion de conservacion George Miksch Sutton. 163
Home ranges of sympatric mule deer and white-tailed deer in Texas. Brunjes, Kristina J.; Ballard, Warren B.; Humphrey, Mary H.; Harwell, Fieldling; McIntyre, Nancy E.; Report 5270
Howard McCarley student research award. 498
Husbandry methods for pocket gophers. DeVries, M. Susan; Sikes, Robert S. Report 2001
Late-summer aggregation of the foothill yellow legged frog (Rana boylii) in Central California. Leidy, Robert A.; Gonsolin, Earl; Leidy, Garrett A. Brief article 1017
Long-term occupancy of home ranges and short-term changes in use of habitat by California towhees (Pipilo crissalis). Benedict, Lauryn Report 3630
Meritorious service award. 162
Mount Lyell shrew (Sorex lyelli) in the Sierra Nevada, California, with comments on alpine records of Sorex. Epanchin, Peter N.; Engilis, Andrew, Jr. Report 1917
New distribution records of an endemic diving beetle, Heterosternuta sulphuria (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae: Hydroporinae), in Arkansas with comments on habitat and conservation. Longing, Scott D.; Haggard, Brian E. Report 2214
Rhadinaea myersi (squamata: colubridae) in Guerrero and Oaxaca, Mexico. Garcia-Vazquez, Uri Omar; Duran-Fuentes, Itzel; De Oca, Adrian Nieto-Montes; Smith, Hobart M. Report 733
Robert L. Packard outstanding educator award. 312
Seasonal dynamics of small mammals and vegetation in a gulf cordgrass community. Cameron, Guy N.; Williams, Jan M.; Kruchek, Beth L. Report 5733
Small mammals and ground-dwelling invertebrates associated with active and controlled colonies of black-tailed prairie dogs (Cynomys ludovicianus). McCaffrey, Rachel E.; Wallace, Mark C.; Ray, James D. Report 4562
Species richness, relative abundance, and habitat associations of nocturnal birds along the Rio Grande in Southern Texas. Skoruppa, Mary Kay; Woodin, Marc C.; Blacklock, Gene Report 4544
Speed and accuracy of methods for obtaining measurements of forests. Patterson, C. Joan; James, Douglas A. Report 2039
Spiders of Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, Nevada. Crews, Sarah C.; Stevens, Lawrence E. Report 5132
Strong-billed woodcreeper (Xiphyocolaptes promeropirhynchus) attempting to capture a mouse. Peak, Rebecca G.; Perez, Selvin E.; Herrera, Pablo Report 540
Student travel awards. 208
Survival and movements of fledgling western bluebirds. Wightman, Catherine S. Report 2835
Swan homepage/Pagina web de swan. 143
W. Frank Blair eminent naturalist award. 217
Wilks award. 702

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