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Southstream Seafooods, Inc. Announces its Latest Catch South African Cape Capensis Frozen at Sea Fillets.

WARWICK, R.I. -- Cape Capensis is a premium species caught by deep sea trawlers off the west coast of Southern Africa where the nutrient-rich, unpolluted, icy waters of the Benguela current are swept up the coast of Africa from the Antarctic. This frigid water is vital to the fish's firm texture and delicate, sweet flavor. These premium cape capensis fillets are processed and frozen at sea locking in quality and freshness. The demand for Cape Capensis is growing in the U.S. It is a popular alternative to species such as Cod, Haddock, Flounder, Sole, and Orange Roughy. Cape Capensis is well known world-wide for its premium quality, white flakes and great flavor.

Product Details
100% Net Weight
Wild caught
Frozen at sea
Deep Skinned / De-boned
MSC certified
No preservatives
Chemical Free
Packed: 1/10# IQF
Tightly Graded
Scientific Name: Merluccius Capensis, Merluccius Paradoxus

Market Segment

Restaurants, Retailers, Institutions, Caterers, Pubs, Fast Food Outlets and Processors

Culinary Tips

Cape Capensis has a delicate, mild to sweet flavor that is low in fat. It lends itself to any recipe that requires a firm white fish. It is the perfect choice for a tasty, healthy and nutritious meal. Treat Cape Capensis as you would cod or haddock. This high quality, versatile fish can be used for sauteing, steaming, poaching, baking, broiling, grilling or battered for light frying.

Call your local Southstream representative for sizes and pricing at 800.600.2300

Information Dependable, Supply Sustainable

Southstream Seafoods, Inc. is a leading frozen seafood importer with unlimited access to the raw materials. Southstream is the fish expert recognized for its ground fish supplies from both the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans, including Cod, Haddock, Atlantic Ocean Perch, Alaska Pollock, Sunfish, Turbot and Cape Capensis. Our distinct advantage in the industry is our control over the resource we import with quota holding organizations.

Southstream Seafoods' corporate headquarters are located in Rhode Island with additional sales offices in Florida, Illinois and California. Our national distribution centers are strategically located across the map in Seattle, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Boston and Miami. Southstream's customer base includes national broad line distributors, independent and seafood distributors, restaurant chains (national and regional), retail supermarket chains, casinos, wholesale grocers and processors

Our customer's loyalty and success with our products and services comes from our customized production for their menus, processing lines, and retail cases. Our ability to honor quantity and price programs for extended periods of time enables our distribution business to deliver quality goods consistently to their customers.

We recognize today's customer's demand for confidence in their suppliers' abilities to monitor quality and safety. Our FROSTMARK[TM] 100% Net Weight brand is the benchmark that satisfies these demands. Our world class standards and FROSTMARK[TM] brand have consistently and confidently grown business for our customers. Southstream Seafoods, Inc., an experienced importer and distributor pays attention to your present and future business needs. Depend on Southstream to offer you a high quality product, top service and SUPPLY, SUPPLY, SUPPLY.
Southstream Seafoods, Inc.
100 Metro Center Blvd.
Warwick, RI 02886
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 28, 2008
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