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Articles from Southern Economic Journal (January 1, 1996)

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A test of strategic interaction in monetary policy. Knoop, Todd A. 10316
An Inquiry into Well-Being and Destitution. Field, Alfred J., Jr. Book Review 1306
Artificial Intelligence Frontiers in Statistics: AI and Statistics III. Linster, Bruce G. Book Review 637
Capital and Wages: A Lakatosian History of the Wages Fund Doctrine. Ekelund, Robert B., Jr. Book Review 1451
Cointegration for the Applied Economist. Hassan, Seid Y. Book Review 940
Convergence of Productivity: Cross-National Studies and Historical Evidence. Kendrick, John W. Book Review 1194
Cost savings from nuclear regulatory reform: an econometric model. Reading, Don 5306
Double marginalization and vertical integration: new lessons from extensions of the classic case. Mqasqas, Ibrahim 9451
Early American Technology: Making and Doing Things from the Colonial Era to 1850. Jacobs, Cindy A. Book Review 1055
Economic growth, energy prices and technological innovation. Joutz, Frederick L. 6156
Effects of wage discrimination on employment and firm's location. Shieh, Yeung-Nan 2942
Employment, Growth and Finance. Cate, Tom Book Review 1167
Imperfect hedging and export production. Wahl, Jack E. 3604
International intertemporal solvency in industrialized countries: evidence and implications. Tanner, Evan 4504
Knowledge and Persuasion in Economics. Yoon, Yong J. Book Review 988
Leontief versus Ghoshian price and quantity models. Oosterhaven, Jan 4470
Macroeconomic Linkage: Savings, Exchange Rates, and Capital Flows. Husted, Steven Book Review 950
Monetary Policy. Chowdhury, Abdur R. Book Review 1252
Money: Lure, Lore and Literature. Hafer, Gail Heyne Book Review 635
Monopolies that advertise with recyclable free samples: beware of professors selling gifts? Comment. Wang, Xinghe 1239
Monopolies that advertise with recyclable free samples: beware of professors selling gifts? Reply. Bremmer, Dale S. 1518
Monopolistic Competition Theory: Origins, Results, and Implications. Stewart, John F. Book Review 816
Natural Images in Economic Thought: Markets Read in Tooth and Claw. Neuberg, Leland G. Book Review 1653
New Directions in Analytical Political Economy. Samuels, Warren J. Book Review 1002
New evidence on workers' willingness to pay for job attributes. Reed, W. Robert 7991
On the estimation of short- and long-run elasticities in U.S. petroleum consumption: comment. Engsted, Tom 2359
On the estimation of short- and long-run elasticities in U.S. petroleum consumption: reply. Jones, Clifton T. 1660
On the Other Hand ... Essays on Economics, Economists, and Politics. Hoaas, David J. Book Review 992
Optimal government policy regarding a previously illegal commodity. Ostrom, Brian J. 8933
Paying the Piper: Productivity, Incentives, and Financing in U.S. Higher Education. Tuckman, Howard P. Book Review 672
Population and Development: Old Debates, New Conclusions. Shields, Michael P. Book Review 992
Post Keynesian Macroeconomic Theory: A Foundation for Successful Economic Policies in the Twenty-First Century. Malamud, Bernard Book Review 1000
Price uncertainty and the labor managed firm: comment. Paroush, Jacob 1019
Price uncertainty and the labor managed firm: reply. Feinerman, Eli 1097
Privatization in Europe: West and East Experiences. Gronberg, Timothy J. Book Review 861
Public capital and private production in Australia. Voss, Graham M. 7463
Rent shrinking. Leitzel, Jim 3417
Scope, learning, and cross-subsidy: organ transplants in a multi-division hospital - an extension. Kaserman, David L. 4123
Studies in the Economics of Aging. Grimes, Paul W. Book Review 566
Taxation and Democracy: Swedish, British, and American Approaches to Financing the Modern State. Marchand, James R. Book Review 398
Testing theories of real government size: U.S. experience, 1959-89. West, Edwin G. 8617
The Economics of Higher Education: An Analysis of Taxes Versus Fees. Frey, Donald E. Book Review 928
The Legacy of Keynes and Friedman. Tiwari, Kashi Nath Book Review 1019
The Regulated Economy: A Historical Approach to Political Economy. Thornton, Mark Book Review 932
The response of aggregate production to fertility-induced changes in population age distribution. Spencer, Byron G. 6625
Theories of Technical Change and Investment: Riches and Rationality. Gokcekus, Omer Book Review 1129
U.S. fiscal policy and trade deficits: a broad perspective. Skaggs, Neil T. 5230
Why do labor contracts offer guaranteed annual wage increments? Myles, Gareth D. 6649

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