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Articles from Southern Economic Journal (July 1, 1995)

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A brief note on thrift failures: a more rigorous analysis of causal factors. Cebula, Richard J. 3142
A Future For Socialism. Samuels, Warren J. Book Review 1064
A paradox of thrift or Keynes's misrepresentation of saving in the classical theory of growth? Ahiakpor, James C.W. 11190
Austrian Economics in America: The Migration of a Tradition. Garrison, Roger W. Book Review 1269
Bargaining With the State. Colburn, Christopher B. Book Review 1434
Bounded Rationality in Macroeconomics. Vaughan, Mark D. Book Review 1093
Business Cycles, Indicators, and Forecasting. Carroll, Michael C. Book Review 983
Cointegration of consumption and disposable income: evidence from twelve OECD countries. Jin, Fuchun 4142
Coming Full Circle: An Economic History of the Pacific Rim. Olsen, Bernard M. Book Review 529
Contrived Competition: Regulation and Deregulation in America. Hausman, William J. Book Review 717
Differences in state unemployment rates: the role of labor and product market structural shifts. Rickman, Dan S. 8671
Do women receive compensating wages for earnings uncertainty? McGoldrick, Kimmarie 5280
Efficiency wages: employment versus welfare. Carter, Thomas J. 5925
European Monetary Upheavals. Moersch, Mathias Book Review 1149
Female headship, feminization of poverty and welfare. Mbaku, John Mukum 4594
Government-mandated benefits, taxes, and wages. Melese, Francois 10578
Hayek on Hayek: An Autobiographical Dialogue. Prychitko, David L. Book Review 763
Illicit drug use and health: analysis and projections of New York City birth outcomes using a Kalman filter model. Topyan, Kudret 7682
Is the Economic Cycle Still Alive? Theory, Evidence and Policies. Black, Guy Book Review 567
Japanese Monetary Policy. Bronfenbrenner, Martin Book Review 678
Market Demand: Theory and Empirical Evidence. Neuberg, Leland G. Book Review 1407
Marxist Intellectuals and the Working-Class Mentality in Germany: 1887-1912. Bethune, John J. Book Review 679
Monetary policy and inflation uncertainty in the United States and Germany. Bohara, Alok K. 8015
Moral hazard in the agenda-setter model. Lee, Kangoh 7963
On vertical restrictions and the number of franchises: comment. Schaffer, Greg 1925
Private Choices and Public Health. Davidson, Audrey B. Book Review 1280
Quality Measurement in Economics: New Perspectives on the Evolution of Goods and Services. Gamble, Ralph Book Review 404
Quality premiums and the firm's production decision. Devadoss, Stephen 4561
Regulating Power: The Economics of Electricity in the Information Age. Lyman, R. Ashley Book Review 904
Spillovers, rivalry and R&D investment. Goel, Rajeev K. 2808
Stabilizing inflation in the open economy. Jansen, Dennis W. 6947
Static versus dynamic measures of aggregate concentration: the case of Fortune's 500. Silber, Jacques 7101
Testing for subadditivity of vertically integrated electric utilities. Gilsdorf, Keith 4342
The Economic Development of China: A Comparison with the Japanese Experience. Khactu, Dominique N. Book Review 968
The effects of exchange-rate volatility on U.S. exports: an empirical investigation. Arize, Augustine C. 5324
The Ethical Foundations of Economics. Gallaway, Terrel Book Review 577
The Future of Health Policy. McCready, Douglas J. Book Review 911
The impact of federal deposit insurance on savings and loan failures: a comment. Saltz, Ira S. 1093
The impact of federal deposit insurance on savings and loan failures: reply. Cebula, Richard J. 1166
The Macroeconomics of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies. Chowdhury, Abdur R. Book Review 826
The Political Economy of Industrial Policy. Hemphill, Thomas A. Book Review 992
The relative ability to tax coal in the western states. Gade, Mary N. 6050
The Return to Increasing Returns. Song, Frank Book Review 1120
The United States, Japan and Asia: Challenges for U.S. Policy. Barr, Saul Z. Book Review 695
Unhealthy Charities: Hazardous to Your Health and Wealth. Lee, Dwight R. Book Review 1070
Vertical restrictions and the number of franchises: comment. Schmidt, Torsten 3136
Which median voter? Mitias, Peter M. 3314
Why Doesn't Russian Industry Work? Patterson, Perry L. Book Review 611

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