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Articles from Southern Economic Journal (October 1, 1994)

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A note on the viability of an "indirectly convertible" gold standard. Sumner, Scott 2006
Adam Smith Goes to Moscow. Blair, Roger D. Book Review 566
Adjusted P and F tests and the Keynesian-classical debate. Bischoff, Charles W. 7817
Aesthetics and Economics. McRae, Larry T. Book Review 875
Aggregate industry cost functions and the Herfindahl index. Dickson, Vaughan 4161
Anticipated shocks and the acceleration hypothesis: the implication of wage indexation. Lai, Ching-Chong 4857
As the Workforce Ages: Costs, Benefits and Policy Challenges. Dunson, Bruce H. Book Review 1320
Austrian Economics: Tensions and New Directions. Rothbard, Murray N. Book Review 1027
Better than Plowing and Other Personal Essays. Brady, Gordon L. Book Review 1555
Competition in transition economies: determinants of price-cost margins in private sector manufacturing in Eastern Europe. Bhandari, Sharad 5991
Culture, Gender, Race, and U.S. Labor History. Whaples, Robert Book Review 1026
Disequilibrium goods market model for the U.S.A.: a disaggregated approach. Rao, B. Bhaskara 4814
Do revenues or expenditures respond to budgetary disequilibria? McNown, Robert 5179
Economic behavior under temporal uncertainty. Larson, Bruce A. 7286
Economic Principles and Applications to Natural Gas Pipelines and Other Industries. Stewart, John F. Book Review 994
Economies of scale, natural monopoly, and imperfect competition in an experimental market. Elbaz, Gilad 8786
Effort levels in contests with two asymmetric players. Baik, Kyung Hwan 6227
Industrialization, convergence, and patterns of growth. Cho, Dongchul 7040
Institutional Economics Revisited. Kilpatrick, Henry E., Jr. Review 739
International Finance: Contemporary Issues. Ghosh, Sukesh K. Book Review 949
Manufacturing on the Move. Cebula, Richard J. Book Review 974
Mexico: The Remaking of an Economy. Ramirez, Miguel D. Book Review 1578
Microfoundations: A Critical Inquiry. Froyen, Richard Book Review 954
Models, Methods, and Applications of Econometrics: Essays in Honor of A.R. Bergstrom. Caudill, Steven B. Book Review 766
Ownership form and rate structure: an examination of cooperative and municipal electric distribution utilities. Claggett, E. Tylor, Jr. 4587
Paternalistic preferences, interpersonal transfers and reciprocity. Solow, John L. 4482
Paying the Piper: Productivity, Incentives, and Financing in U.S. Higher Education. Getz, Malcolm Book Review 950
Pensions and Corporate Restructuring in American Industry: A Crisis of Regulation. Burkhauser, Richard V. Book Review 1043
Post-Soviet-Type Economies in Transition. Elliott, John E. Book Review 971
Reducing U.S. vulnerability to oil supply shocks. Yucel, Mine K. 4686
Taking Property and Just Compensation. Porter, Philip K. Book Review 760
Telecommunications and cost savings in health care services. Mace, Beth Burnham 5510
The Business Cycle: Theories and Evidence. Wood, J. Stuart Book Review 1583
The Crisis in American Banking. Vaughan, Mark Book Review 1314
The determinants of residential property damage caused by Hurricane Andrew. Holtmann, Alphonse G. 5068
The Economics of Middle East Peace. Graves, Ronald L. Book Review 877
The effects of Korean wage hikes on Korean trade structures with the U.S. and Japan. Cho, Joonmo 8413
The expected utility hypothesis as immunity against the "legal" utilization of the money pump and underachiever methods. Persky, Allan 5580
The Growth of the Public Sector: Theories and International Evidence. Schap, David Book Review 1194
The returns to on-the-job training: are they the same for blacks and whites? Olsen, Reed Neil 5347
The Structure of a Modern Economy: The United States, 1929-1989. Amos, Orley M., Jr. Book Review 968
The United States and the Politicization of the World Bank: Issues of International Law and Policy. Mitchell, Shannon K. Book Review 1019
Third-degree price discrimination under economies of scale. Layson, Stephen K. 2906
Thomas Joplin and Classical Macroeconomics. Rashid, Salim Book Review 962
Trade policies and welfare in a Harris-Todaro economy. Choi, E. Kwan 3779
Understanding Thomas Jefferson. Cowen, Tyler Book Review 683

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