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Articles from Southern Economic Journal (April 1, 1992)

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A History of Macroeconometric Model-Building. Garrison, Roger W. Book Review 1264
Adam Smith's Theory of Value and Distribution: A Reappraisal. Caravale, Giovanni Book Review 2380
Brand-name investment of candidates and district homogeneity: an ordinal response model. Dalton, Thomas R. 6117
Carl Menger and the Origins of Austrian Economics. Buechner, M. Northrup Book Review 1136
Competitive Advantage on the Shop Floor. Shiman, Daniel R. Book Review 1019
Debt and Transfiguration? Prospects for Latin America's Economic Revival. McDonald, Judith A. Book Review 1459
Does contractual wage rigidity play a role in determining real activity? Spencer, David E. 7088
Economic Complexity: Chaos, Sunspots, Bubbles, and Nonlinearity. Kehoe, Timothy J. Book Review 1095
Economic Reform in China: Problems and Prospects. Cheng Jen-Chi Book Review 813
Energy efficiency, fuel switching, and environmental emissions: the case of high efficiency furnaces. Robison, H. David 2948
Entry, collusion, and capacity constraints. Nowell, Clifford 4674
Estimating a non-minimum cost function for hospitals: comment. Halvorsen, Robert 1599
Estimating a non-minimum cost function for hospitals: reply. Kniesner, Thomas J. 1484
Evolutionary stability in the infinitely repeated prisoners' dilemma played by two-state Moore machines. Linster, Bruce G. 10655
Evolving Technology and Market Structure: Studies in Schumpeterian Economics. Samuels, Warren J. Book Review 700
Explorations in Political Economy: Essays in Criticism. Dugger, William M. Book Review 654
Implementing the share economy. Pirog, Robert L. 4203
Income Taxation and International Mobility. Salazar-Carillo, Jorge Book Review 643
Liberalizing Foreign Trade, vol. 7, Lessons of Experience in the Developing World. Tower, Edward Book Review 939
Long-Wave Rhythms in Economic Development and Political Behavior. Schaniel, William C. Book Review 1052
Marx and the Ancients: Classical Ethics, Social Justice, and Nineteenth-Century Political Economy. Meacci, Ferdinando Book Review 826
Monetarist Economics. Hafer, R.W. Book Review 779
On the privatization of excludable public goods. Hwang Hae-Shin 5563
Pacific Basin Developing Countries: Prospects for the Future. Khactu, Dominique N. Book Review 1374
Parameter-estimation uncertainty, risk aversion, and "sticky" output decisions. Horowitz, Ira 4541
Perspectives on Positive Political Economy. Munger, Michael C. Book Review 1060
Protection with static collusion. Hartigan, James C. 7307
Race and Schooling in the South, 1880-1950: An Economic History. Milkman, Martin Book Review 1013
Rational ignorance: the strategic economics of military censorship. Brennan, Timothy J. 4587
Reforming the Ruble: Monetary Aspects of Perestroika. Hosseinzadeh, Esmail Book Review 1174
Regulatory Finance: Financial Foundations of Rate of Return Regulation. Kilpatrick, Henry E., Jr. Book Review 716
Safety regulation and the risk of workplace accidents in Quebec. Lanoie, Paul 6490
Scale and Scope: The Dynamics of Industrial Capitalism. Speir, John P. Book Review 931
Social Security's Looming Surpluses: Prospects and Implications. Windsor, Duane Book Review 1060
Social surplus and profitability under different spatial pricing policies. Thisse, Jacques-Francois 7556
The adjustment of dividends to permanent earnings. Chunchi Wu 6271
The Crisis of Argentine Capitalism. Ramirez, Miguel D. Book Review 2184
The effects of a disability on labor market performance: the case of epilepsy. Famulari, Melissa 6857
The eleven principles of economics. Transcript 7944
The Political Economy of American Monetary Policy. Smyth, David J. Book Review 1194
The substitutability of monetary assets in Taiwan. Charles Lin Shun-Ying 5285
Value and Capital: Fifty Years Later. Clower, Robert W. Book Review 886
Variable returns to scale, urban unemployment and welfare: comment. Yabuuchi, Shigemi 2088
Variable returns to scale, urban unemployment and welfare: reply. Ingene, Charles A. 880
Virtual prices and a general theory of the owner operated firm. Eakin, B. Kelly 7041
Wilderness Preservation and the Sagebrush Rebellions. Harper-Fender, Ann Book Review 1023

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