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Southern Baptist Historical Society.

In summary, 1998 was a good year for the SBHS. Unofficial income (contributions, memberships, sale of products, endowment, etc.) was $100,622.74, almost $12,000 over budget. The endowment fund, including all accounts, ended the year totaling more than $210,000. Membership total is now 943, which includes 704 regular members (including regular, life, seniors, students, churches, associations, and societies/commissions/state conventions), 196 institutions, 7 complimentary memberships, 29 exchanges and one subscriber to BH&H. Again, SBHS members are encouraged to get their churches to become members by either putting the SBHS in the library budget or by giving a gift subscription for the church. If we all would do this it would result in an increase of several hundred members.
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Publication:Baptist History and Heritage
Date:Jan 1, 1999
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